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Life & Other Works of Fiction. Part IV

Updated on November 10, 2011

Finally the day arrived. It is never as romantic as it is meant to be, more stressful.
But there is usually a window, one small moment in the day, when thoughts of ripped dresses, family feuds and dropping the cake all melt away.
And in the future, that window is what is remembered, all the rest is more like a dream.

For those two it was the entrance, and each before in their allotted places, waiting.
She stood behind the huge white doors. Nerves engulfed her, as she stood, in her beautiful white dress. Arm in arm with the first man she had ever loved, about to be given to the last.
And for his part, just as nervous, as he stood, waiting.
With the eyes of all he knew focused on him, as he stood fiddling with his buttonhole.

At that moment, before the doors opened, they both wished the same thing. They both wished that they could be alone, with the only person who made them feel safe, and comfortable. The only person they couldn't see. Eachother.

Then the doors opened, and she began her march. They both looked simultaneously, their eyes met, and they smiled, their nerves evaporated. As she reached her beloved, and placed her hands in his, they knew, without words, that this was it.

And as they spoke their promises to eachother, and meant every word, they both knew that after today, after this moment, neither of them would ever need anything more ever again, because all they needed, they had. In eachother.

And that was the moment they each would remember, forever.


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