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Life & Other Works of Fiction. Part V

Updated on November 10, 2011

Looking back on it, he didn't remember the fear, the screaming, or the panic. Just what came next.

Just nine months before, when they had watched hand in hand as that little blue line appeared, and cried with joy. It seemed like mere moments had passed, and now it was time.

It began on a Wednesday, at 02:17 in the morning, as he watched her scream and curse him for inflicting this pain on her, he held on tight to her hand and didn't let go, even when he thought his own was broken.

As she screamed and howled, he was filled with terror, a million thoughts raced through his mind. 'Surely it wasn't meant to hurt this much? Something must be wrong!'

But then the screaming stopped, and he stared, dazed, as the doctor gently placed this tiny person, into the cradled arms of the woman he loved. And he stared at his wife, the girl he lent his umbrella to all those years ago.

He stared at her, sweaty and smiling with her hair wet and stuck to her face, holding this human being that they had created together. He was filled with more love and pride than ever before, and as he watched her, with tears running down his cheeks, he realized she had never looked as beautiful as she did at that moment.

As a mother.


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