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Death's Design

Updated on July 23, 2016

Renee walked through the graveyard that evening, hoping that the spirits would ease the loneliness of living inside a motel room. She wondered

if her best days were behind her.

Suddenly, she noticed a man beckoning to her, from on top of the hill. He was standing inside an archway, next to a set of stone stairs, slippery

with moss, and ivy. The guy appeared to be the love of her life; that she lost contact with, long ago. She smiled, and waved at him, before turning

around to leave. After taking a couple steps, she took a closer look, to see if he as real. This time, he pulled out a wedding ring. He seemed to be

proposing to her.

As Renee slowly climbed the stairs, she thought of the times they spent together. Sometimes, when she would visit him, he would tell her

funny stories, or she would share her own bizarre tales. Other times, they would listen to music, or cuddle in the park. She could never forget the way

they made love!

When she finally reached the top of the steps, she ran toward him, to hug him. "Jim!"

Her hands went right through him, and he disappeared in a plume of smoke.

He reappeared a couple feet away. "Don't you understand that I am dead?! I killed myself after you left me, all those years ago."

Renee was dumbfounded. She was frozen in shock.

"Follow me a couple yards to the east," Jim's apparition said. "Maybe we can make sense of things."

Little did she realize that her former lover had led her to her death, (She had no idea there was a cliff nearby.) as punishment for his suicide.


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