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The Past Returns

Updated on September 9, 2013


The sun had sunk below the horizon, shades of blue, purple, and orange painted the sky, as the first star appeared. Harper’s Lake looked so peaceful, crickets chirped, owls hooted, and other creatures came out for the night within the woods surrounding the lake. A slight breeze picked up, causing the red and brown leaves to form a tornado.

Ash appeared staring at the lake and everything around it, he was dressed in a pair of biker boots, blue jeans, black t-shirt, and his long black trench coat. Amber appeared by his side, she wore blue corset, black pants, and boots.

“Something is coming… something bad…” Amber commented

“You felt it to?” Ash asked it surprised him how much she had come into her abilities over the last year. She had grown into a very talented demon that now looked eighteen years old in mortal years.

“I did…can’t tell what… it moves fast like were-animal.”

“It doesn’t feel like a were-animal.”

“This is giving me… huge headache.”

“Calm down, don’t get yourself all worked up.”

She nodded, but gasped to see someone ride up on a black Harley Davison motorcycle. Drake removed his helmet and waved at Amber. Ash looked over his shoulder, as Drake walked up to them.

“Well look who decided to rejoin the population.” Amber commented

“It’s nice to see you too, cupcake.” Drake smirked

“Did you feel that force to?” Ash asked

“I picked up the scent of something, but couldn’t tell if it was evil or good.” Drake growled

“Someone’s losing his touch…” Amber laughed

Ash placed a hand on her shoulder, and immediately she fell silent.

“Whatever it is, we have to make sure everyone knows.” Ash continued

“I already alerted my pack. Will you tell the others?”

Ash nodded, Drake turned and walked back over to his bike. Soon he rode off; Amber turned to Ash and sighed.

“Someone’s coming…” She whispered

They turned to see the ‘Jades’ walking up to them. Jade S wore her black boots, blue jeans, and long sleeved gray t-shirt. Her “sister” dressed in black pants, dark red buttoned shirt, over a short leather coat.

“We felt the force too.” They said together

“Ash what is it?” Jade S asked

“He doesn’t even know…” Amber blurted out

“How…” Jade H paused

“Can that be possible?” Jade S continued

“It moves to quickly and I can’t get a fix on it. Whatever it is, it’ll be here tomorrow night.” Ash replied

“We’ll make sure everyone knows.” Jade S commented

“Be alert and keep in contact.” Ash commanded

The ‘Jades’ nodded and hugged Ash and Amber then left to open the lounge. Amber stretched her small black wings extended from her back.

“So what should we do now?” Amber asked

“Go back to the mansion and rest. I may need you later tonight.” Ash replied

“What about you? Someone needs to watch your back.”

“I’ll be fine.”

“Stubborn ass; remember I’m only a call away.”

He smiled as she disappeared. Elsewhere, Vicky was standing before her full length mirror, wearing a pair of dark blue jeans and pink t-shirt with a black rose pattern going across her chest. Aaron came up behind her, wrapping his arms around her waist. He placed a kiss on her neck, she leaned back against him. He wore a red t-shirt and blue jeans.

“I’m going to be late for work.” She commented

“You’ve been late before…” He replied

“I’ll see you later, unless you want to come in with me.”


She turned around and conjured his car keys. “You’re driving.” She smiled. As they walked out of her apartment building, she stopped to see two girls. They looked to be fourteen, one blond and the other a red head. The redhead was dressed in a pair of black sneakers, blue skinny jeans, and white thermal shirt, while the blond wore brown cowboy boots, pencil jean skirt, and ‘Wonder Woman’ t-shirt.

A chill went up her spine, as the two girls turned to see them.

“Are you two lost?” Aaron asked

The girls didn’t answer, as their blue and green eyes began to glow. A green dumpster rose into the air and within a blink of an eye, shot right towards the couple. Vicky immediately took Aaron’s hand and flashed out of the path of the dumpster. They reappeared behind the girls.

“We’re not going to hurt you.” Vicky whispered

Both girls exchanged looks and the dumpster rose again. Vicky immediately held out both hands, vines slowly wrapped around the dumpster, bringing it down to the ground. The redhead then sent Aaron flying, and the blond cut the vines, Vicky had disappeared and caught Aaron before hitting a tree.

“Let’s get out of here!” She shouted

She flew higher into the air, and then let Aaron shift into a blue jay. They flew right to the lounge, just as the ‘Jades’ arrived in their separate cars. As Aaron and Vicky landed, the ‘Jades’ walked up to them, while the couple caught their breath.

“You’re early Vicky…” Jade S commented

“Thought you’d be an hour late…” Jade H added; “What happened?”

“We were attacked.” Aaron replied

“Who the hell…” Jade H paused

“Would do this?” Jade S continued

They unlocked the front door and walked inside. Vicky and Aaron sat down at the first section of couches. Jade S brought over two bottles of water, while Jade H sat down across from them.

“They were two girls, with awesome telekinetic powers.” Vicky began taking a sip of her water

“We’ve never seen them before. They tried to smash us with a dumpster.” Aaron continued

“Maybe this was the force…” Jade S interrupted

“That Ash was telling us about.” Jade H finished her sister’s sentence

“What force?” Aaron and Vicky asked together

The ‘Jades’ explained about what Ash and Amber sensed was coming.

“This sounds serious. What should we do?” Aaron asked

“Stay alert and if you see them again…” Jade S replied

“Don’t try to make contact.” Jade H added


Ash appeared downtown, near the historical buildings. He stopped by a fountain which stood outside a new hotel. As he stared up at the clear night sky, admiring the numerous constellations, he sensed someone was close by.

“Ash it’s been a long time. How have you been?” Myra asked appearing next to him

She wore a long sleeve brown sweater, blue jeans, and brown boots. Her white hair was braided down her back as her eyes glowed in the dim light.

“It has been, and I have been fine. Amber has been a handful, but she’s eager to learn.” He replied

“That’s wonderful; are we waiting for someone else?”

“Yes, they should be here right about now.”

As he finished his sentence, an older woman appeared from the shadows, dressed in a pair of black pants and deep red coat, over a solid black shirt. Her dirty blond hair was short and spiked up in the back as her gray eyes gave off a gold tint. A man appeared beside her, dressed in a dark blue buttoned down shirt, blue jeans, and brown cowboy boots. His long dark brown hair was tied back into a ponytail.

“Sorry we’re late.” They said together

“No you’re right on time, Myra meet Claudette, head of the vampire council, and Victor who represents the shifter and fairy community.” Ash replied

“It’s nice to meet you.” Myra bowed her head

“It is a pleasure, elder of the were-tiger clan.” Victor smiled

“So let’s get down to business, I would like to catch an early supper.” Claudette commented

“I asked you all here, because Amber, Drake, and I have picked up a mysterious force. We aren’t sure what it is, if it means us harm. I wanted to bring this to your attention, making sure everyone throughout the community was aware.” Ash paused

“This sounds serious. What should anyone do if they come across this force?” Claudette asked

“Just observe and see what powers they possess. I already spoke to the ‘Jades’ and I know word will spread quickly.”

“Hopefully we’ll be able to keep the peace.” Myra added

“Did you see anything in your stones?” Ash asked

“I saw something was coming. It looked like chaos a mixture of powers, but I couldn’t tell what. “Myra replied

“For now, just observe. Do not try to make contact with them. I will be in contact with all of you.” Ash bowed his head

Everyone else nodded and Claudette immediately ran off in search of her meal. Victor morphed into a crow and flew off. Myra flashed leaving Ash by himself. He stared up at the sky, until he saw a little girl walking with another girl who looked about fifteen. Both were dressed in gray and blue flannel shirts, over white t-shirts, blue jeans, and flats. The small girl had short blond hair, while her companion had short black hair with pink highlights.

Ash immediately sensed they had some power and just watched them walk by.

“Ash…” Someone called

He turned to see Max and Alex walking up to him, hand in hand. Max hugged him tightly, and then he shook hands with Alex.

“How have you two been? How are Samantha and Sierra?” He asked

“We have been good. Sierra and Samantha came into their powers over Christmas break; thankfully it was in front of family.” Max replied

“I’m glad everything is going well. Do you still speak to Selena or Raul?”

“No, not since Andrew got remarried. It felt like I pushed myself out, once Alex and I got back together. But I don’t let it interfere when the twins visit with them.” Max sighed

“That’s good. Have you two noticed any young girls walking around here?”

“Yeah we thought they were sisters, they went over to the park across from Town Hall.” Alex replied

“Something wrong Ash?” Max asked

“This evening Amber, Drake, and I picked up on a strange force making its way here. We’re not sure if they mean any harm or something else. Do not try to make contact with them; just observe what powers they possess, if they display any.”

“We understand Ash.” Alex nodded

They waved good bye and left Ash to look up at the night sky. He flashed and appeared floating over the park. He looked down to see no one was around, the girls probably left. ‘Damn it…’ he growled.

By last call, Jade H had finished putting away some glasses, while Jade S swept the floor. Aaron and Vicky cleaned the tables off; once everything was done they left together. As Jade H locked the door, she stopped as Vicky, Aaron and her sister stood beside her.

“Something or someone…” Jade H paused

“Is close by… must be hiding…” Jade S continued

“Relax it’s just me…” A female voice echoed

They looked to see Amber floated down to them sitting with her legs crossed.

“I just wanted to make sure you all were ok.” She began

“Thanks, we were...” Jade S paused

“All ready to head home.” Jade H added

“Good. I’d better get back on patrol, stay safe.”

They waved as she floated into the air and flew off into the night. By two in the morning, Jade H pulled up to her home. Talon appeared beside her car with a smile on his face.

“Evening darling, how was work?” he asked

“It was alright; Ash, Amber, and Drake picked up on a strange force heading towards town. Two girls already attacked Vicki, Aaron, I’m worried.” She replied

“Claudette called and explained; we’ll just have to be careful.”

She nodded as they ran off to hunt for their meal.

The next afternoon Dannie pulled up in front of Aiden’s house, it was a shock to her family when Aiden asked her to move in; even to her. After a month, she was starting to call this house, ‘home’. The garage door was open and Aiden was changing the oil on his car. As she got out, the heels of her boots ‘clacked… clacked…clacked...’ against the driveway. She stopped as he slid out from beneath the car, with oil stains on his jeans and blue shirt.

“Hey you, how was lunch with your sister?” He asked

“It was good, Alyssa says hi. Anyway I have to shower and get ready for work.” She replied

She walked inside and straight into the bathroom. As she began running the water, Aiden appeared in the doorway. He walked up behind her, just as she stepped out of her panties and jeans. She turned around and jumped, wrapping her legs around his waist. He leaned her up against the wall of the shower; she snapped her fingers, removing his pants. Slowly the steam from the hot water began to rise and fog up the mirror.

An hour later, she kissed him goodbye and left to open the lounge. As she pulled into the parking lot, Drake was standing outside the entrance.

“Well, look who decided to join the rest of the population.” She commented walking up and unlocking the front door.

“Wow that’s original. Too bad Amber already beat you to it, kitten.” He replied rolling his eyes

“What brings you here so early?”

“Have you spoken to Myra?”

“Yeah, my sister told me all about the strange force. So what are you doing here?”

“Security detail…”

“Behave yourself wolf… because we will rip you to shreds.”

He nodded as she turned on the lights and began checking the fridges. She peaked into the kitchen to see Victor and Marcus beginning to prep for service. As she walked into the ‘Jades’ office Drake appeared in the doorway.

“So kitten, how are tricks?”

“Tricks are for kids, you silly dog. And no I haven’t turned Aiden; I doubt he’ll ever want to become a tiger.”

“Maybe with this strange force coming, he might change his mind.”

“Again I doubt it. He’s happy being mortal. Anyway get back out to the lounge area, customers will be coming soon.”

She walked right past him and went behind the bar. He appeared sitting at his usual spot watching the door. Jade S walked in and stopped before going into her office.

“Hey Dannie, Drake what are you doing here so early?” She asked

“Security detail…” Dannie replied

“Ash asked me to…” Drake added

“Fine, but behave yourself or else…”

“I know, kitten already told me you’d rip me to shreds.”


Amber appeared sitting at the bar, sucking on a cherry lollipop. She wore a pair of knee high boots, black skirt, and purple buttoned shirt.


“What’s your poison miss?” Dannie asked

“A chocolate milkshake please…” She smiled


“Ash thought I was overworking myself again.”

“What happened?” Drake asked

“I picked up on the force briefly and lost it… I tried to pick it up again and got nothing.”

“You’ll find it again.” Dannie smiled

In town the blonde and redhead girls walked into the park, across from town hall. They sat down at the first swing set.

“That fairy seemed really powerful, but she was holding back.” The blonde commented

“I agree; the shifter didn’t even transform, I was hoping for a challenge.” The redhead added

“What we should be concerned about is finding the vampire and her sister.” A male voice interrupted

A man appeared floating above them. He wore a black robe, the hood concealing his face.

“We’ll find them… promise.” The girls replied together

“Find them quickly or I’ll get someone else to do the job.” The man growled

The girls nodded as a young girl appeared sitting on top of the swing set.

“Hello…” She waved

“Kayla why aren’t you with Mason?” The man asked

“It was too loud in the arcade.” Kayla sighed

The man disappeared as Kayla began giggling.

“Where is your brother?” The redhead asked

“Right here…”

A boy appeared beside Kayla, his short black hair was spiked. His dark brown eyes had a gold sparks; he wore a pair of sneakers, blue jeans, and black long sleeve t-shirt.

“Mason… you know how to make an entrance.” The redhead smirked

“Thanks Ashley, did the boss give you and Lacey a hard time, finding the sisters?” He asked

“No…” Ashley replied

Mason laughed and Kayla joined in with him. Lacey’s eyes widened, sending Mason flying. Kayla climbed down and watched as her brother hit an oak tree.

“C’mon Ashley let’s go.” Lacey suggested

Ashley got to her feet and followed Lacey out of the park. Kayla appeared holding Lacey’s hand.

“You’re coming with us?” Ashley asked

“My brother is boring me…” Kayla replied

“For now…” Lacey muttered

As they walked by Town Hall, they stopped to see a couple walking together. Kayla squeezed Lacey’s hand causing the three girls to stop.

What’s wrong?” Lacey asked through her thoughts

That woman with that guy… she’s one of the sisters.” Kayla replied

Should we attack?” Ashley asked

“I wanna play…” Kayla whined

Let her, you don’t want to see her angry.” Ashley commented

Go… we’ll be close by… to help.

Jade and Aiden were walking down the street to meet up with Alyssa who was waiting at a local jewelry store. Kayla conjured an energy ball and threw it, Jade stopped and turned to see the small girl launch her attack. Her eyes widened and she caught the ball, like a baseball, Aiden stood in shock.

“How you wonder?” Jade asked; “Tell your friends to stay back.”

The small girl watched as Alyssa ran up to her friends. Jade threw the ball on the ground letting it extinguish.

“Where did you come from?” Jade asked

“What you should be asking, is the mortal going to live or die.” Kayla replied

“Aiden!” Alyssa screamed

Lacey had Aiden floating in midair, his clothes torn, bruises covered most of his body. Alyssa transformed and tackled Lacey to the ground. Ashley joined Kayla; Jade sent them both flying down the street.

“Let me go…” Lacey pleaded

Alyssa roared as Jade ran up to her and Lacey. Aiden had fallen to the ground, right beside the girls.

“He looks pretty beat up.” Jade commented; “Alyssa get out of here now.”

Kayla and Ashley got up and started flying down the street. Jade stepped in front of her friends and with a pushing motion, let a wave of energy loose sending the girls straight into the air. Alyssa roared as she was lifted into the air, letting Ashley escape. She transformed back, seeing Jade kneeling beside Aiden.

“That was weird. They were part of that force Myra told us about.” Alyssa commented

“They were, but I think this is only the beginning.” Jade replied

“How’s Aiden?”

“We need to get home, and tell Dannie what happened.”

Her cell phone rang; it slowly rose from her coat pocket.

“What happened?” Jade S asked

“Part of that strange force attacked me, Alyssa, and Aiden.” She replied

“It was a demon and the two girls who attacked Vicki and Aaron. Is Aiden…?”

“No he’s not, but is pretty beaten up. Tell Dannie we’ll bring him home, I think he’s ready.”

“You think so?”

“I do, don’t tell…”

“I won’t, I don’t have a big mouth…”

“Very funny, tell Dannie, then call Ash and Amber, meet me at my house.”

“Alright, I’ll see you…”

“In twenty minutes.”

She hung up and slowly Aiden’s body rose into the air.

“Do you think you could flash us to the house?” Jade asked

“No problem as long as we’re all touching.” Alyssa smiled

They flashed into the bedroom, Jade set Aiden down gently onto the bed. Alyssa went into the bathroom and came back with a wet wash cloth. She began cleaning off some of the dried blood and dirt. Dannie appeared beside Jade.

“Baby…” Aiden whispered

“I’m right here. How are you feeling?” She asked kneeling beside the bed

“Awful that girl was pretty powerful.” He replied

Alyssa handed Dannie the cloth, she finished cleaning him off. She changed him into a gray t-shirt and red plaid pajama bottoms, then stepped out into the kitchen with Alyssa and Jade.

“Thanks for bringing him home. “ Dannie commented

“No problem…” Both girls replied

“Let’s leave them alone Alyssa, they have something to discuss.” Jade continued

“Call us if you need anything.” Alyssa smiled

Dannie nodded as they flashed, she walked back into the bedroom and lied down beside Aiden.

“Babe… I’m ready…” Aiden whispered

Her eyes bugged out as she sat up, looking down at him. For months she tried to convince him to become immortal. He always was against the idea, but she thought maybe tonight made him change his mind.

“Aiden are you sure, once I do this… there’s no going back.” Dannie asked

“At least I’ll be able to protect myself and you…” He replied

She smiled and snapped her fingers, removing his shirt. Slowly she lied down beside him and then bit into his right shoulder. He screamed from the pain, but it subsided for a brief moment. She cut herself on her hand, letting her blood fall into the wound.

The wound began to heal; she watched the other cuts and bruises gradually disappeared. He began to breathe heavily, trying to catch his breath, his fangs began to form.

“Rest babe, tomorrow we begin your training.” Dannie whispered

Jade appeared outside of her house, just as Ash, Amber, Jade S, and Talon were stepping out onto the porch.

“Is the mortal alright?” Amber asked


“Aiden will be ok. I wanted to talk to all about tonight.” Jade H replied

“What happened? I felt this great wave of energy, knew something was up when your sister called.” Ash asked

“I never felt anything like it. The demon and one telepath were flying down the street and I sent then flying high. Do you think my powers have evolved?”

“It’s possible you know vampire blood does boost your powers.” Talon commented

“Maybe you’ve been…” Jade S paused

“Holding back, I think I was afraid I’d hurt someone.” Jade H continued; “But there was something else…”

“A connection, someone was trying to make with us.”

“Why?” Amber asked

“Not sure.” The sisters replied together

“If this force is after you two, you’d better lay low until we figure out what they want.” Talon suggested

“We can’t do that…” Jade S protested

“We’d be letting them scare us.” Jade H added

“I agree with them.” Ash interrupted

“Alright, we’ll stick together.” Jade S continued; “On that note, Ryan is waiting for me, Amber can you flash me home?”

“Sure…your chariot awaits my lady…”

She held out her small hand, and Jade took it waving as they disappeared. Ash followed, Jade turned to Talon, taking him into her arms.

“It’ll be alright darling…” He whispered

“I hope so…”

They stepped back and went off to hunt for their meal. Elsewhere, Jade walked into her house to see Ryan asleep on the couch. She bent down and kissed the top of his head; he woke up and smiled up at her.

“Hey…” He whispered

“Hi, c’mon let’s go to bed.” She replied

They walked into the bedroom; he took off his pants and put on an ‘Army’ t-shirt. She changed into a white long sleeve t-shirt and pink plaid pajama bottoms. He fell onto the bed; Jade stopped staring out the window.

“What’s wrong?” He asked

“Someone’s outside…” She whispered

She stepped outside, Ryan stood beside her. Lacey appeared dressed in a pair of pink flats, black leggings, and long pink shirt.

“What are you doing here?” Jade asked

“I wanted to see if you were as powerful as your sister. Most of your friends held back except for her.” She replied with a smile.

Lacey waved her hand sending Jade and Ryan up into the air. Jade grabbed Ryan’s hand, landing on their feet behind her.

Jade’s eyes widened pushing Lacey. She slid on the ground scraping her arms and legs. She got up and pulled a knife from its holster. As she ran towards Jade, she made the same pushing motion her sister did. Lacey flew back into the woods. Her knife fell into Jade’s hand. Ryan conjured some crystals; Jade sent them to surround the house.

I guess my powers are evolving too.” She thought to herself

“Let’s go to bed baby. No one is getting past the crystals.” Ryan suggested

She nodded and followed him back into the house. As they came into the bedroom her cell phone rang. She picked it off the night table.

“Everything is alright; Ryan put crystals around the house.” She began

“And what about your powers?” Jade H asked

“They’re evolving… want to meet…”

“Tomorrow night… I’ll call Ash.”

“See you tomorrow night.”

At dawn, Jade H and Talon returned home to sleep. As she drifted off, Talon wrapped his arms around her, kissing the back of her neck.

Later that morning Vicki was driving over to Jade H’s house to get her mail.

As she turned off the main road her cell phone rang and she saw Dannie’s number on the screen.


“Hey what’s up?” She asked

“Not much, besides a change in tonight’s schedule.” Vicki replied

“Oh? Something come up?”

“They’re meeting with Ash tonight. They asked if we could open.”

“That’s no problem. I’ll see you at four.”

“Cool I’ll see you later.”

She hung up and arrived at the house. She opened the mailbox and took out a small pile of mail. As she walked inside, she put the pile on the desk in the living room. In the dark bedroom, Talon wrapped his arms around Jade; she began to move in her sleep.

I’m done. Things have changed and not for the better.” She began

“He’s not going to let you go that easily.” Mason replied

“I don’t care. Come with me, we can start over somewhere new.”

“Neither of you are going anywhere.” A male voice growled; “You turn your back on the family and you’ll be hunted forever. Come home Jade you belong with us…”

One letter fell onto the floor, there was no return address and it was sealed with a black heart. Something didn’t feel right, as she opened it to read.

Revenge will be sweet...

“Freaky…” She muttered to herself

“Vicki…” A male voice called

“Ash; what are you doing here?”

Ash had appeared beside her.

“Where’s the letter?” He asked

“Here…” She replied

The shades began to come down, the door shut behind them. Once the house became dark, Jade and Talon appeared at the top of the stairs. Jade was shaking in Talon’s arms, bloody tears running down her face.

“Ash… they’ve come back…” Jade whispered

“I know... he sent you this...” Ash replied

“Who?” Vicki asked

“They call themselves Makers. The leader is named Rev. And before meeting Ash and you all I was Rev’s girlfriend. I hid my powers from them and before college I began to separate myself from the family. Rev found out about my powers and it really pissed him off when I left to start over again. He wants me and my sister to join them.” Jade hugged Talon tightly

“Go back to sleep you two. I’ll see you and your sister later.” Ash suggested

Talon picked her up, her hands wrapped around his neck. Vicki watched as they disappeared into the shadows of their bedroom. She followed Ash outside as the door shut and locked behind them.

“You and Dannie, just be careful tonight. Drake will be there for security.” Ash began

“If any of them show up… we’ll be ready.” Vicki replied


Back at the park, Ashley and Kayla were sitting beneath a large tree across from a soccer field.

“She knows we’re here for her and her sister.” Ashley commented

“It’s about time she stopped holding back. Vampire’s blood is supposed to boost her powers.” Kayla sighed

“Well, her sister isn’t immortal and attacked me pretty hard.” Lacey continued as she sat on a large tree branch above the other two girls.

“I doubt she’ll ever want to be turned. But there’s something about her, I can’t seem to get a read on it.” Kayla muttered

“Whatever it is, Rev will be happy when we bring them to him.” Lacey smiled

“And how are you going to do that?” Kayla asked

“Mason is going to do it for us. If you remember, he has history with her. I told him he could take the credit for bringing them. Besides we’ll have fun destroying their friends.”

“Hopefully it won’t be too painful for him. He loved her…”

At six the ‘Jades’ arrived at Harper’s Lake to meet up with Ash. Talon and Ryan joined them, but stayed a few feet away. Ash led them over to the lake and had set up ten glass vases for targets; each one floated above the water.

“Can you two show me how you released that energy?” Ash asked

“Yeah…” They replied

They made a pushing motion, shattering two vases making the water ripple. Ash looked impressed as they broke the others without looking.

At the lounge Dannie had served Drake a glass of water, when Aiden appeared beside him. Drake’s jaw dropped as he picked up on the change in the air.

“What made you change your mind?” He asked

“Her…” He replied pointing to Dannie

She blushed as she began refilling a glass of ‘Blue Moon’. Vicky came behind the bar to close out a tab, but stopped. Her wings unfolded and began to flutter.

“Welcome to our world Aiden.” She commented

“Thanks.” He smiled

“Vicky…”Dannie tapped her on the shoulder

She turned to see Amber and Aaron leaning against her. As they walked in, Vicky followed them in the ‘Jades’ office. Dannie came in handing Vicky a wet cloth.

“What the hell happened?” She asked

“Those two girls were attacking him for fun. We sent them running, after I got there.” Amber replied

“Come on Amber; let’s leave them to get cleaned up.” Dannie suggested

Amber nodded as they walked out into the lounge. Vicky handed Aaron the cloth, he began wiping his face and arms.

“Are you okay?” She asked

“Yeah…can’t believe I got beaten by girls…”

She hugged him tightly, but then Amber appeared at the door.

“We’ve got company.”

“Stay here; don’t argue with me, you need to heal.”

Amber took her by the hand, dragging her out to the parking lot. Kayla stood on top of a street light with Lacey and Ashley standing below.

“Let’s play…” Kayla whispered

Back at the lake Mason appeared floating above the water. Jade H turned to see him, she slowly walked toward him.

Stay back...” She whispered to the others; “Mason… I thought… Rev said he killed you the night we tried to leave.” She began

“It was all a setup. He got you back, didn’t he?” Mason replied

“Not for long; I left the next day. I started over with a clean slate. What are you doing here?”

“Jade… always want to get to the point… I’ve come for you…”

His eyes glowed and it reflected in Jade’s eyes.

Remember what we had… we can have it again my love…” He whispered in her thoughts

“Sister!” Jade S screamed

She ran over with Talon, Ryan, and Ash behind her. Mason took Jade into his arms, and then flashed Jade S beside them. They disappeared within a blink of an eye.

“Now what?” Talon asked

“We need to get over to the lounge.” Ash replied

At the lounge Ashley, Lacey, and Kayla retreated as Ash, Talon, and Ryan arrived.

“Looks like we arrived too late?” Ryan commented

“No we held them off.” Vicky replied

“Sent them running with their tails between their legs.” Amber added

“Weren’t the Jades with you?” Dannie asked

“They were captured. The girls were a distraction.” Ash replied

This is bad…” Amber sighed

“Together they’re unstoppable. I speak from personal experience.” Drake muttered

“We have to get them back. Look at what they created.” Ash interrupted; “They did so much and brought all of us together. We can’t run, no let’s go inside and strategize.”

They followed Ash inside and sat in the first section of couches.

Mason arrived with the ‘Jades’ at an abandoned house, as Kayla, Ashley, and Lacey arrived. White paint was chipping off the wooden exterior, black shutters hung sideways from their hinges on the windows.

“That was quick; how did you get them to…” Kayla paused

Jade H glared at her, as Mason led them inside. Candles were lined throughout the living room, sitting on shelves. Wood flooring ran through the hall and into the bedrooms where black curtains acted as doors.

Rev appeared with a girl snuggling against his arm. He had not shirt on, exposing his toned body and wore a pair of black jeans. His blue eyes glowed in the candle light; his brown hair was spiked up. His companion was shorter, long purple hair and brown eyes. She wore a long black t-shirt.


“Welcome home…” He smiled

Jade H clung to Mason, while Jade S stared down at the floor.

“You haven’t changed at all.” Jade H replied

“Take them in the back; make sure the window is boarded up. We wouldn’t want someone to burn to death.” Rev commanded

Mason took them to the end of the hallway and into a large bedroom. The walls were painted a dull blue with two beds on both sides of the room.

Jade S lied down and fell asleep, while Mason led Jade H back outside. He wrapped his arms around her hugging her tightly.

“I’ve missed you.” Mason whispered

“I have too, but why did you stay away for so long? You could’ve come with me.” Jade replied

“After you left, Rev took me back. On the condition I didn’t go and track you down.”

“You found me…”

“I did…”

He spun her around and held her close. She looked up at him and then stepped back.

“Dawn approaches, I need to rest.”

She walked inside, he followed. He stopped her before walking down the hall. In one move, he pinned her against the wall, his hand holding hers above her head. He leaned in and kissed her soft lips. She pushed him into his room. Posters of ‘Slipknot’, ‘Black Sabbath’, and various super models covered the white walls.

He fell onto the mattress covered with a dark blue sheet and comforter. A wooden board appeared over the window on the outside. She straddled him exposing her fangs.

His hands caressed her thighs beneath her blue jeans. She leaned down and kissed him, but then stopped. He gasped as she bit into his shoulder.

“Does someone not like a little pain with his pleasure?” She asked

She slowly got up and sent him flying out of the room.

“Too bad… this is my room now.”

He hit the wall, got up and walked back in. She took him into her arms. As they lied down he held her tightly.

Jade S awoke to an empty room, feeling as if she got hit by a truck. She remembered being taken, but where was her sister? Her sense told her she was here, but down the hall sleeping. Immediately she had to tell the others where they were. But her captures would probably find out if she was using her powers. “Great…” she thought. She curled up and fell back asleep.

The next night, Jade H awoke to an empty room. She got up and saw fresh clothes sitting beside the mattress. After changing into a black t-shirt and matching leather pants, Mason walked in.

“Good morning…” He began

He wrapped his arms around her waist; she smiled and leaned back against him.

“Morning…I’m going to hunt for my meal. Care to join me?” She replied

“I can’t; I promised Kayla I’d take her out.”

“I’m shocked she hasn’t tried to kill me while I slept. She was never fond of us being together.”

“Don’t worry about her; she’ll warm up to you.”

“Alright, I’ll be back soon. “

She kissed him on the cheek and ran out of the house. Kayla appeared in the doorway, wearing a blue t-shirt dress, white leggings, and blue flats.

“Rev seemed pleased that you were able to bring the sisters back. Especially since you didn’t have any help from the rest of us.” She began sarcastic tone

“Lacey said I could have full credit. I used my memory spell and it should have taken effect by now, with their bond being so strong. Now I’m just basking in the glory.” He replied with a smirk

“Yeah and falling in love with her all over again. I don’t think that was part of the plan.”

“She’s back and not going anywhere, so just drop it.”

He flashed out of the room, she followed. Lacey, came out of her room after hearing the argument between the two siblings; and curiosity got the better of her. If what Mason said was true then the effects of his spell, should have worked. She walked down the hall, the door opened to see Jade S sitting on the floor beneath the window.

“Are you going to behave or do we have to keep you locked in here?” She asked

“I was wondering when you were going to let me out. I don’t think my sister would appreciate it, being treated so badly.” Jade S replied

Her eyes widened sending Lacey flying down the hall, Jade S smiled when she heard a crash. Lacey got to her feet as Jade came into the living room.

“Not bad, just try not to destroy the place. Rev would blow up.” Ashley commented as she walked in with Kayla.

“I’ve got an idea; let’s give our newest family member a little make over.” Kayla suggested

Jade H walked in with Mason by her side to see Ashley, Lacey, and Kayla sitting around her sister. They all stood up and Jade H smiled. Her hair had been cut and colored a dark auburn, while she wore a pair of blue jeans and a long sleeved purple shirt.

“You look beautiful…” Jade H whispered

“Thanks. Where have you…” She paused

“I was out feeding. Mason caught up with me on my back.”

“Oh. Well I’m starving, who wants to get something to eat?”

“Let’s go into town.” Mason suggested

They left flashing with Mason and Kayla. Talon woke up to sense someone was in the house. He got dressed and walked downstairs to see Vicky and Dannie, followed by Ash, Aiden, Drake, Ryan, and Aaron.

“What’s going on?” He asked

“After you left last night, Ryan started scrying for them and got an accurate location. Drake and Amber found an abandoned house where they’re being held.” Vicky replied

“So where’s Amber?”

“I told her to stay hidden, but close by.” Ash continued

They walked into the study standing in a circle.

“So what’s the plan?” Talon asked

“We surround the house and send Amber in to get the Jades out. Once they’re out we attack.” Ash began

“And just in case this goes on into the daylight hours, I have something for you and Jade.” Vicky continued.

She conjured to large vials of a clear liquid with bits of red rose petals. Talon took them and examined them.

“What is this?” He asked

“It’s a mist that will coat your skin and protect you from the sun. Just throw this at Jade’s feet and she won’t be burned by the sun. It won’t last long, hopefully we’ll get you two back here in time.” Vicky replied

“Thanks Vicky. They’ll sense us coming if we go near the house.” Talon continued

“I can cloak us long enough to surround the house.” Ryan interrupted

“I’m sorry that I’m being so negative. The way that demon stared at Jade…” Talon muttered

“We’ll get them back. Let’s go everyone.” Ash began

He placed a hand on Talon’s shoulder. One by one they joined hands and flashed to rescue the sisters.

Amber hovered above the house as everyone returned from dinner. Her eyes widened in shock to see the sisters getting along with the enemy. She then saw they were being manipulated with one of the demon’s powers. “I can fix that.” She smirked. Her eyes lit up as her friends arrived. Ryan began chanting a spell; she flew down landing beside Drake.

“Amber where are the sisters?” Ash asked

“Getting really friendly with the bad guys…” She replied

“You’re kidding right?” Dannie asked

“Sort of; the one named Mason used a memory spell; he scrambled the vamp’s memories and what happens to her, it happened to Jade S.” She sighed

“Their telepathic bond is strong. These guys did their research. How do we break the spell?” Talon asked

“Get one of them to remember. Or I’ll do it myself.” Amber grinned

“Somehow your method scares me.” Vicky commented

“Thanks pixy… you’re sweet.”

“Amber flash inside and try to them out.” Ash interrupted

She nodded and flashed into the room where Jade S was. She was sitting on her bed reading, but looked up to see Amber and gasped.

“Jade it’s me… come on I’m busting you out.” Amber whispered

“Amber?” Jade S replied

Amber’s eyes began to glow silver as she stared into Jade’s eyes.

Wake up… remember your friends… who you are…” Amber’s voice echoed


Kayla appeared beside Jade S, as Mason and Jade ran into the room. Jade H waved her hand, causing Amber to hit the wall. Jade S awoke from her trance and stepped back towards her sister.

“She’s good Mason.” Kayla commented

“Thanks Kayla...” Jade S paused

“We thought you didn’t like us.” Jade H continued

The ‘Jades’ stepped up and their eyes widened, sending Amber flying out the window. She rolled on the ground right up to Talon’s feet.

“They know we’re here.” She began

He helped her up as the ‘Makers’ appeared with Rev standing on the roof of the house.

“Jade…” Talon whispered

“Destroy them!” Rev shouted

Kayla conjured two energy balls, one in each hand and began to throw them. Amber blocked them and flew right at Kayla tacking her to the ground. Vicky punched the ground; vines grew up tying Lacey’s feet together. Ashley came up behind her, but was tackled to the ground by Dannie.

Amber appeared behind Jade S and grabbed her. Before Jade H could stop them, they disappeared and reappeared beside Ryan. Amber’s eyes began to glow silver and gradually reflected in Jade’s. As the glow faded from her eyes, she looked around.

“Ryan? Amber? What the hell happened?” She asked

“That demon Mason had you and Jade under a spell. And since your telepathic bond was so strong it affected you once Jade was under his control.” Ryan replied

“You’re welcome by the way…” Amber interrupted

“Where’s Jade?”

“Over there…” Amber pointed

Jade H was standing with Mason, as he conjured fireballs and let Jade launch them into the air. Ryan chanted another spell, shielding everyone. Aiden transformed and ran with Talon as they made their way over to Mason and Jade H. Aiden tackled Mason to the ground, as Talon appeared beside Jade.

You’d better hurry Talon…” Aiden said through his thoughts

“Jade are you alright?” He asked

Jade H tried to run to help Mason, but Talon pulled her back.

“Let me go… he needs my help.” She growled

“Jade it’s me…” He began

She felt a sharp pain in her head and then stared into Talon’s eyes.

“Talon?” She whispered

Mason kicked Aiden off and conjured a fireball, throwing it towards Talon. He fell to the ground, Jade H gasped.

“Talon!” She screamed

She knelt down, putting his head into her lap. Tears formed in her eyes as she looked down at the burn mark that pierced his chest.

“Talon… please don’t leave me…” She whispered

“I’m not going anywhere, my love.” He replied in a hoarse voice


He slowly sat up and threw Vicky’s mist at her. They hugged tightly; Mason watched seeing his spell was broken.

“How are you? I don’t understand.” She paused holding back her tears

“Thank Vicky. We have to finish this battle.” He replied.

“Amber… get Talon out of here.” Jade called

Amber snapped her fingers bringing Talon over to her, Jade S, and Ryan. Jade H got to her feet, seeing Vicky had stripped Ashley and Lacey of their powers and memories. Drake had killed Kayla, her body turned to black dust. Mason and Rev were the only two left. Jade S came up by her sister as the two men stepped up.

“Rev you’ve sunk to a new low.” Jade H commented

“It’s what I do best Jade; using the dirtiest tricks I know.” He laughed

“Jade… ” Mason began

“Shut up Mason!” Rev growled; “This ends now…”

Rev and Mason combined their powers to form a massive energy ball and fired it right at the sisters. The ‘Jades’ exchanged looks and made a pushing motion, sending the attack right back. Mason leaped out of the way; Rev tried to, but got caught. They watched as his body exploded.

As the smoke cleared, everything appeared quiet. The others ran up to the two sisters, but Jade H put her hand up; stopping everyone.

“He’s still alive.” She began

He appeared, but then flashed into the shadows of the early morning.

“Where is he?” Jade S asked

“Up there…” Jade H replied; “Everyone get out of here, Talon you too. Don’t argue with me, I know what I’m doing.”

“Jade you have at least an hour before my mist wears off.” Vicky began

“Amber will stay and take me home once I’m done here.” Jade H continued


Everyone left, Amber sat by the broken window as Jade H leaped up sitting beside Mason. He stared down at the ground.

“Don’t apologize, you were only following orders.” She whispered

“Once he knew how powerful you and your sister had become, he wanted you two to join us. He was shocked you hid your powers for so long. Even I was amazed. Seeing you again brought back all the good times, so I cast the memory spell.” He continued

“We had fun, though magic brought back those good times. None of it was real. Mason… I’m so sorry.”

“So what happens now?”

“Drop the knife…” Amber commanded

She appeared beside Jade, helping her stand up. The knife fell in Jade’s hand, Mason got to his feet. He suddenly flashed and the two girls followed. They appeared in the dark bedroom, seeing Mason and Talon fighting. They exchanged punches, Amber conjured an energy ball, but couldn’t throw it; she was afraid she’d hit Talon. Jade waved her hand pinning Mason to the wall near the boarded windows.

“Mason...” Jade growled

“Jade… I love you… come with me and it can just be like old times.” He whispered

“If you leave Talon alone I’ll go with you. It’ll just be you and me.” She replied

“Jade! What the hell are you doing?” Amber screamed

Jade lowered Mason to the floor, Talon and Amber watched as the knife rose out of Jade’s back pocket. She pulled him in for a passionate kiss, within a blink of an eye; the knife drove itself into Mason’s heart. “Goodbye Mason…” She whispered.

She walked back towards Talon and Amber. They watched as Mason’s body turned to dust. Talon took her into his arms; Amber waved and flashed to go home.


Harper’s Lake was lit up by string lights that were tied to various tree branches. The full moon reflected on the lake’s surface as Ash appeared with Ryan standing in front of three rows of chairs.

“I’m surprised you kept the new hair color.” Jade H commented

“I like it. It’s definitely new…” Jade S replied

“And different…” Jade H continued

“Everyone is here, are you ready Jade?” Vicky asked

Jade stood up and turned to face her sister and friend. She wore a white tea length dress and matching flats. A headband came onto her head and the small mesh veil covered her face to her chin. Jade H wore a long crinkled chiffon dress with fluttered sleeves. Vicky handed them their white roses as they made their way over to the ceremony.

Amber signaled the small violin quartet, as music filled the air. Jade H walked down the aisle, standing on the other side of ash. Everyone stood up as Jade S walked down the aisle to stand with Ryan, Ash signaled everyone to be seated.

“Friends we are gathered here this evening to join this man and woman; in marriage. If anyone objects to this union let them speak now or forever hold your peace.” Ash paused; “Jade and Ryan have written their own vows, go ahead Jade.”

Jade took Ryan’s hands into hers, “I Jade Smith, take you Ryan Jacobs to be my partner in life. I promise to love and honor you for as long as I live.”

“Ryan…” Ash continued

“I Ryan Jacobs, take you Jade smith to be my partner in life. You’re my best friend and I will love you forever.”

“Jade the rings please…”

Jade H let a small white bag leave her hand and two white gold rings landed in Ash’s hands. Both Jade and Ryan put the rings on their fingers.

“Now repeat after me, with this ring I thee wed.” Ash began

“With this ring, I thee wed.” Ryan and Jade said together

“And with the power vested in me, I pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss your bride.”

They embraced and kissed, everyone applauded. Vicky had set up her D.J station and started to play what she called ‘Wedding Mix’. Everyone was dancing; Jade H slowly walked over to the lake and just stared out at the peaceful scene.

“What are you doing here all by yourself?” Talon asked

“Thinking…” She replied


He wrapped his arms around her waist, squeezing her tightly. He placed a kiss on her shoulder.

“Care to share my love?” He asked

“I realized that this is the happiest I’ve been in a long time. My sister and I opened a lounge that has become a success. I met you and am yours for all eternity. When my past came back, being with them, I realized that I made the right choice in moving on and starting over. Just know I’m not going anywhere either.” She replied

“Talon! Jade! C’mon the limousine is here, Jade and Ryan are leaving.” Dannie called

They walked over to where everyone was gathering around Jade and Ryan. The limousine was packed with their luggage. The Jade’s hugged and then Jade H hugged Ryan.

“You take good care of her.” She smiled

“He will…” Jade S replied

“If he knows what’s good for him.” Jade H laughed

Jade and Ryan climbed into the limousine and it slowly drove out of the park.

“So how does it feel to be one of us?” Amber asked walking up to Aiden

“I’m still adjusting.” He replied

“Remember he wasn’t born a tiger, I made him.” Dannie commented

“I know. I was just curious.” Amber sighed

They had begun to fold up the chairs; Vicky flew up to take the lights down and Dannie was guiding the rental truck to back up. Jade H sent the chairs into the back of the truck; she looked around seeing everything was finished. Ash appeared beside Jade and placed a hand on her shoulder.

“I was wondering if you could look after Amber for me. I have to take a trip for a week and she definitely needs someone to keep her in line.” He began

“Of course; where are you going?” She asked

“Personal business… let’s just leave it at that.”

“Fair enough…”

Talon appeared behind her, sweeping her off her feet. She laughed as he began walking over to her car.

“Amber … come on; let’s get you settled at our house.” She called

“Coming!” Amber replied

Ash flashed himself onto the white marble balcony overlooking a beach, crystal clear water slowly rushing towards the shore. He set his backpack down on the white glass top table and began to admire the view.

“Ash… what a surprise…” A woman’s voice began

“It’s been a long time my lady…”


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