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The Thinker Worker

Updated on February 10, 2019
Uru Ruchi profile image

Uruaka Uchechi, popularly known as 'Uru Ruchi. Is a creative writer, He has been in the business of writing for about four years.

'The Quicker Money'

Episode one

Pete hovered aimlessly in his tiny room that seems a pigeon cage, for the past three months; if hes not mistaken, he had not tasted the fruit of his labor. Was it that he is not man enough to command his salary? He had toiled all this while, but it seem he is working for the double benefit of his boss. He made at least an amount which is able of taking care of his limited wants, but it’s just that the boss won’t release the petty cash he had worked for. He felt so crazy and very much pissed off, looking at the whole thing, everybody will blame the boss and of course support him, but the reverse is the case. Pete had been an object of pity and of course ridicule, not that he deserve it; but because he is seen as nobody; the nobody comes with a perilous feelings that Pete could hardly adapt with. He surveyed his room.The tattered thing that he normally sit on, also known as couch, the dirty curtain that hung a bit above his door; not that the curtain is not clean, but the years of being washed and re-washed had made it look so rag-like. And of course the floor and the bed that seems a twin in color, the bed isn't a foot above the floor. To be frank, the worthless properties aren't his at all, but of a fellow that left the apartment years ago. That alone will make you understand what is going on with him. Most of the people had classified him as unfortunate creature, and often call him lack and want.

“What is going on…?” Pete asked himself, the roof that he suddenly took a look at made his voice trail off_ the ceiling seem tired of attaching to the roof and had decided to trip off itself,which is not the best option for it either, especially this time of penury.

Episode two

“Chief,” Pete bellowed before being offered a seat by the pot bellied man undoubtedly at his early 70s. Pete sat as he was instructed but was not convinced by the chief’s hospitality; for it’s his mode of deceit_

“young man, how may I help you?” Chief David ubom said, not feeling a bit concerned; nor did he look at Pete. Pete seem more like a moron before the chief, he smiled and started his word all over again_

“chief, if I can remember quite well, I would boldly say that you haven’t paid any of your workers coming from the input unit of this industry for the past three months_” Chief David glanced at him through his glasses that he wore a bit below his nose bridge and continued his work in his laptop; of which hes not paying attention to. Pete made a gesture to attract the old mans attention, but that also; was a waste of time. Chief relapsed into his massive couch looking at his laptop, still not giving Pete the audience he so much desired. “Sir, Am a graduate like you! Why do you act so less concerned, what am asking for, is what I worked for; am not begging you for a fortune neither am I trying to reap where I did not sow. You and I know that I deserve what I ask for, was it not you that read my ‘c.v’ and approved it? How come you act this strange…?” Chief David ubom didn't even stir up a bit nor did he reply, he only sat up from his seat, closed his laptop; took his brief case and tried to walk out on Pete, but Pete flared up the more_ “sir, what is all this about? My own money! In-fact what is your problem, okay fine, I understand my misfortune as a pauper. Will you please hand me back my c.v, so that I can look for job elsewhere…?” Chief Ubom seemed pissed off by Pete mentioning his c.v, he returned his mischievous gaze at Pete; took at least four step from where he was standing towards Pete who seem bewildered. “You made mention of your c.v, how sure are you that I will give it back to you? Pete looked at him holding back his wicked temper and trying to know what he meant, yet chief chipped in again_

“listen, Pete, since you came to my company and submitted that damned c.v of yours; from that day it became mine. And unless I give it back to you, you are not getting it, because I've not sacked you, you can’t get it.” Chief Ubom finished speaking and walked out gently not giving a look at the astonished Pete. Pete gently sat back on his seat feeling dejected; he gathered some courage and stood up, looked at the richly furnished office of the chief, and shambled off.

Episode three

The whiff that paraded the dense room of the spirit man; made Pete twitch his nose from side to side trying to get a clear breath, but it seems that the room had been thoroughly spread by the unbearable smell, he therefore sat back on the floor awaiting the spirit man, since he can not do a thing to his allergy towards the odor. For a while, the spirit man appeared from a hullo calabash before Pete. The calabash bore a crystalline liquor from which the spirit man appeared and stood. Pete didn't stir a bit, but greeted the man trice and the man spoke not looking at him_

“where is the sacrifice, young one? If you have it; bring it forward at once, if you don’t, you’re more than a dead man…” Pete cut the man short, suggesting that he should not speak further. Pete had traveled two days to the ‘ogu’ndon’ forest through the direction given to him by an old friend, who he ran into few weeks ago. His present predicament and all that which his boss had done to him and of course the influence of his friend made him took the decision which is a result of the journey he had embarked on.

“…my lord, you don’t have to mention those words, of course i came fully prepared.” Pete stood up and went outside, and returned within seconds, with him was a young boy of about two to four years bound on both leg and mouth. The boy seem well taken care of, his tender skin was what the spirit man envied but didn't made mention of it. Pete walked the boy and stood him beside the massive platter at the dreaded mask of the deity. The spirit man gave him a substance to chew, which he did chewed; and swallowed, then he was offered a blunt knife, which he used to hit the boy on the head. Suddenly, the boy turned into a little panda. The spirit man instructed him to take it home and make a comfortable room for it; where it will be his money machine. Pete stood up with his joy hidden under his heart, he took hold of the panda trying to go away, but the spirit man called him back_

“you shall not feed the panda with anything, the day you do; you’ll loose all your fortune and also you will loose whatever you cherished most. Have I made it clear to you?” Pete nodded his head in accord and went off.

Episode four

Chief David sat motionlessly before his august visitor that was guarded by heavily built men in black suit and tinted glasses that fit right into their eye socket_ “so chief, how’s the company going…? Have you paid your workers this month? You know what; I decided to come and see you and the old company, hope I am not intruding…? Pete said and grinned at him, looking just great in his fashionable pencil suite and a little white glass he wore to match his outfit. Chief David seems perplexed and suspicious at once. He therefore asked in a gentle tone, for he feared a hullabaloo. “Sir Pete, how is this your riches possible…?” Pete stared at the latter sheepishly and spoke in a relaxed tone. “Did I just hear you say; ‘how was my riches possible’? If I may ask, how was your own possible?” Chief looked at him and chuckled nervously, that alone reminded him how rich men talk; carelessly. He reluctantly asks Pete what he could offer him, Pete waved it off and repeated his question again_ “David ubom, have you paid your workers of recent…?” at this time Pete had removed the official title_`chief.’ The latter nodded continuously like a lad before his teacher, Pete seem not so much convinced. He therefore requested one of his men; if he would please usher one of the staff in. the man went off immediately and returned with a young lady. Pete smiled and asked with a gesture_ “have he paid you your money for the just services you are doing for him?” the ‘he’ was meant for chief ubom, but even though the staff knew it was for him, she didn't answer nor did she look at them either.

Pete laughed slightly for a while and then became mean. His appearance threatens the Chief so much. He stood up and went close to the door, and his bouncers went at once to open the door for him. He smiled looking at the chief, the chief could see wickedness in those eyes; he knew that Pete is up to something but not sure what it is. “Chief,” Pete began. “I need you to pay all your workers now! I am waiting.” The chief moved his finger over the computer in front of him, Pete know what he is doing; transferring the cashes to the hungry workers. For a little while, an alert came into the workers cell phone. Pete smiled and the lady laughed unknowingly, that irritated Chief David, but he could not do anything than to hide his shame. The lady went off; still in a good mood, and Peter held the door, ready to deliver his farewell.

“I have become rich,” Pete said emphatically, looking at the latter. “I will be around in this state henceforth, and I’ll be in the look out for you. If by any means, you forget to pay your workers; then you are going to jail! I will make sure you go to jail.” Pete said almost threatening the old Chief. After enough starring at the chief he went off.

“Acquiring riches is not a crime, but use it for the double benefit of your people, state and nation. Don’t acquire riches to intimidate people; don’t scare them with it! If you do, or continue to do; nemesis will catch up with you soon.

Although Pete gained his riches from a bad source, but he did not use it to oppress, rather, he saved lives with it. I am not saying you should go acquire your riches from a bad source! Don’t quote me wrong. Help those around you to be successful, you were made rich because of them; help!”

"The vision of a man is a mission to many_ please achieve your dreams, so that others will have vision."

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Uru Ruchi


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    • profile image


      6 months ago

      nice one bro, keep the trend going.... I will love to see more of your articles.

    • Uru Ruchi profile imageAUTHOR

      Uru Ruchi 

      8 months ago from Lagos, Nigeria

      I've made another post, please read through and comment. thank you so much.


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