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The Wilson Chronicles

Updated on August 28, 2008

Volume 1

*The following events are based on actual accounts taken from stories my grandfather used to tell me when I was young, some of the events were recorded from journals that were found in the attic of the actual home, and are events that myself and my cousins' witnessed first hand. Names were changed to protect the privacy of the families involved.

Most of you may or may not believe in Ghost's or mysterious happenings, but what you're about to read is something that haunts me and my cousins to this day.

Let's start with a brief back-story...

There's a small town in Eastern Tennessee called Elizabethton. It was settled in the early 1800's. As with many towns and its founding fathers, you have settlers who find a new area to call their home. This held true for a young couple named Tom and Marie Wilson.

Tom was a farmer that saw Carter County having very fertile ground. Marie was your typical house wife that you seen early on.

They found a lot that they thought that drew them in- almost like a magnet. Quickly, Tom started working on building their new home. Marie, though being a house wife, dabbled in home remedies. Taking herbs and leaves from around the area and creating quick fixes to most ailments.

Finally, in 1828, Tom finished the modest home for him and his wife, they quickly began working on a family.

Both grew depressed as they couldn't seem to produce an offspring,. Tom was under greater pressure as his vision of blossoming farmland depleted each and every day after his crops would die as soon as they bloomed.

They both became recluse, feeling shame for their misfortunes and the legend says that strange noises could be heard by passersby. No one could pinpoint what was going on, but left the family to their business as they didn't want to intrude.

In 1856, the legend says, they spotted a younger teenaged boy outside, but once he noticed he was seen, he went running back inside... The boy was never seen again.

The area started to grow and new settlers came to the area, one of them being my ancestor. Paul Peters I. My grandfather used to tell me stories that Paul used to tell him. It was almost like a boogeyman story. Strange sounds, candle light masses held in the wee hours of the morning, animals trembling in fear when they had to walk by the house.

Paul said that nobody went to the Wilson Home and nobody left. On a summer day in 1897 my grandfather said that a vulture flew around the house and continued to do so for several days afterwards.

In 1905, my grandfather was 6 years old and he said that he remembered laying in bed and hearing a light scratching on his window and on the side of the house. He got out of bed and the only thing he said that he saw was a human-like shadow running through the light of the moon.

At this moment you're reading this and you're probably saying, "yeah right" or "there's too many holes in the story." Well, my friend, I'm telling you this as I remember the old stories... Let's continue, shall we?

My grandfather said that though his childhood and young adulthood that he continued to hear strange noises at night and even witnessed a candle light mass in the field about 100 yards away from the Wilson House. It was only a single candle light turning in deep circles. At that point he said that he felt a strong fear consume his body. He felt really uneasy about what he was witnessing until the light went dim. He also stated that this was on Halloween 1918.

After that night, no one heard any noises or saw any strange candle lights dancing across the deep blackness of night.

Then on May 18th, 1919, my grandfather said it would be a date that he'd never forget. His dad came inside holding his chest saying something was wrong. When he was asked what happened, he said that the family dog had ran across the street and somehow got the door open to the Wilson home. After my great grandfather entered the home and grabbed the dog, he said he felt the hair on his neck raise and felt some sort of energy fly through him, but it was quick and sudden like striking a lighter once.

Days after that, my great grandfather continued to grow ill and was having more vivid recollections of what happened that night. Saying the dog squealed just before this apparent feeling and that he seen a dark figure standing in the door way as he fell to his knees.

After a few days he started wandering around, almost like he was lost. My grandfather said the only thing the doctor would do was tell him and my great grandmother that they should probably lock him in a room to himself until the illness would hopefully pass over.

I got goose bumps when my grandfather told me that he couldn't sleep at night, because he would hear my great grandfather late at night scratching at the door, saying, "I'm going to get you Marie. I promise, I'm going to get you." Hearing the crack in my grandfather's voice at that point, I knew that this was more than just a good old fashioned ghost story. This was something he believed in.

On Halloween Night 1988. I was 10 years old. I decided that I was going into the Wilson house, which was still standing in a condemned state, but the county officials were real reluctant to tear down the house and would usually change the subject if it was brought up by folks who weren't from around this area during that time. Went a little off subject, but let's move forward...

I wanted to go inside the home, but after hearing the stories, felt a little uneasy about doing it alone. My 12 and 13 year old cousins said that they would go with me.

We waited until it was dark and told everyone we were going trick-or-treating . When we got to the house the door was unlocked. Once inside the home, we were hit by a stale odor. A foul odor. We took our flashlights and shined it through the house and what we saw was probably the strangest thing one person would ever witness in their entire life...

But that, my friends, is another story...


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