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Poems for Food Lovers

Updated on September 5, 2014

Foodie Poetry - Food Poems for the Soul

Prepare to explore the world of food through my original poems about food, drink, cooking and dining. You'll also look at songs about food and poetry about other foodie topics such as the various sources of what we eat as well as catering.

If you are also searching for a great recipe to make for dinner, check out my husband Peter's Spaghetti Bolognese, pictured above.


Copyright Mindy Makuta (aka MyFairLadyah) Reprint with Permission

The Hungry Ear - Poems about Food and Drink

Savoring the Foods We Eat

Savoring the foods we eat

Makes our eating more a treat

Whether with chopsticks or a fork

Maybe a nice red wine to uncork

Throughout the world are many a food

For every shape and manner and mood

Delight in Each Morsel

Delight in each morsel

Delight in each bite

You can buy what's for sale

Just cook it up right!

What a Bounty

What a bounty there is of foods to eat

Tangy and salty and spicy and sweet

It's little wonder we have trouble saying no

How easily we shovel the food down below

If we all ate what our bodies need

"Everything in moderation"

should be our creed

Then we'd go for lots of lovely walks

And enjoy eating more than celery stalks

Omnivore or Vegetarian

Are You an Omnivore or a Vegetarian (or Something in Between) ?

See results

Comfort Food

Cuddle up in your favorite chair

Have some comfort food right there

Healthy foods can be your fix

Like Cheerios or a pretzel mix

Raid the Fridge

Raid the fridge if you dare

You may not know what lurks in there

Before a "science experiment" starts

Clean your fridge for healthy hearts

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