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Thirukural The Classic Tamil Literature

Updated on August 23, 2017

Thirukural Masterpiece of Tamil Literature

Tamil literature Thirukural is adored by Tamil people, as a sacred book. It was written by saint poet Thiruvalluvar during the first century BC.

In fact, the whole Thirukural comprised of 133 chapters and each chapter consists of ten couplets. So totally there are 1330 couplets in this literature book.

Even Thirukural is evaluated to be the Holy book of Tamils the book itself is global in nature. Thirukural educates people the core values of life.

In a way, it is an expanded decipherment of Ten Commandments. Almost all who come across this book will fall in love with it, due to its purposefulness and conventionality of articulation of thoughts.

Dr. Albert Schweitzer admired Thirukural as one grandest achievement of the human mind. I hope you will certainly take a look into this captivating classical tamil literature book "Thirukural".

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Author sukkran


Thirukural Book
Thirukural Book

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The author of Thirukural communicates over what is significant to different groups of society and establish such concepts only as is common to all. He has kept away from the monotonous features of practices observed in Manu and the various inscriptions.

Thus, in common, the Kural maintains an impressive way, even if it must be regarded that Thiruvalluvar's majestic work now and then. It is also crucial that such jobs should be remembered that we may not disclose our extremely own selves to the dislikes of the prepared religiosity by blemish and unsubstantiated charges.

In Tamil language, Thiru denotes Holy and Kural brand voice. These sacred texts consist of only 7 words short couplets.

It is regarded in the first level of writings from which either for evaluation or writing, there is no doubt. The Kural has a firm statement upon our perception as a part of the literature of Tamil Nadu and as a piece of domestic realization.

How regularly has it been attested that the religions being totally ruined of response have no rhetoric by which to tell it. Will it be closed that Tiruvalluvar has a dedicated chapter on thanksgiving.

Thirukural (First Kural) - Praise the Lord

First Thirukural
First Thirukural

Thirukural's first Chapter tells us of the importance of God's Holy Feet, of rain and of virtuous living and more.

The Thirukural of Thiruvalluvar serves as a poetic work on morals, of valuable advantage of a literary efficiency. Thirukural has truly honored among Tamils when it comes to the richness its language and of course the accuracy of its sentiments.

The author, Thiruvalluvar begins his work with remembrance of God, in a style which, in the production of an atheist, we will be powerless but seriously worship and all through the wholesome he express an unparalleled degree of autonomy from many the strong prejudices of the Tamils.

However, he often shows his positions by allusions to the testimonies and philosophy of the myth of his own people.

To-day's Thirukural



Chapter. 55. The Right Scepter

Kural - 542

Aarth looks up to ll eheav'n whence raindrops fall;

All subjects look to king that ruleth all.

Meaning: When there is rain, the living creation thrives; and so when the king rules justly, his subjects thrive.

Daily Kural Courtesy: World Colleges Information

Pearls of Wisdom

Pearls of Wisdom from Thirukkural
Pearls of Wisdom from Thirukkural

The author illustrates how the pearls of wisdom embedded in each couplet of the ancient book are directly applicable as solutions for the present day problems and crises in the world. This book is not a mere translation of the original book of poems. The chapters in this book are in the form of essays that deal with the essential concepts of the various sections in the book of poems.

Thiruvalluvar  (Author of Thirukural) Statue
Thiruvalluvar (Author of Thirukural) Statue

Thiruvaluvar Statue

Photo Courtesy: Wikipedia under creative commons license

Thirukural - The Sacred Book of Tamils. - The Ethical Bible Of The Tamil People.

Thirukural - #31 (The Power of Virtue)
Thirukural - #31 (The Power of Virtue)

Thirukural encloses no-nonsense insights on life, educating us how to get different feelings and resources that we study in one's personal life and interactions with others.

In this sense, the Tirukural is the most accessible and relevant scriptural text, applying to every-day matters and public concerns. Even at this fast world, we can refer Thirukural for all right that we have to do to live a happy life.

It's celebrated author Thiruvalluvar beams every minute of it! This classical work has written in Tamil and has translated in more than 60 languages of the world. Thirukural discusses in fathomless, yet applied basis of love and intimate relationship, of haleness and death, of joy and sorrow.

The utter perspicuous of Thiruvalluvar's words, his crystal clear verbal communication, accurate and convincing, his briefness, his choice articulation, no less his heart, his learning, acculturation and ideas have made his work as a great one.

His universality and eclecticism, his kind wittiness, and trustworthy advice road made him a target of awe, for all time and his writing, has deliberated the Sacred scripture of the Tamils.

Remarkable Scripture

One of the most remarkable scriptures in all Asia,

Thirukural has celebrated, as one of the most prestigious literary works in Tamil. This remarkable book has written by Thiruvalluvar using two line poems (couplets) clarifying various aspects of life.

The best value of Thirukural is its universal emotional argument. Thirukural back in earnest yet practical terms of love and friendship, of health and death, of joy and sorrow. It is one of the most Respected Scriptures of the East.

Among the many greatest advantages, and benefits of this holy Thirukural would be to take ones actions and his thoughts. Problems may well be resolved within the light of a regular saint's knowledge.

It has assessed that Thirukural composed during the Sangam Period of intellectual success in Tamil (500-200 BC). It is one of the most remarkable scriptures in all Asia, so captivating and so intensely practical.

It encloses wondrously no-nonsense insights on life, educating us how to cover different feelings and resources that we test in one's personal life and his interactions with others. In this sense, the Tirukural is the most accessible and relevant scriptural text, applying to every-day matters and common concerns.

It maintained it in 1330 pairs under 133 sections. Each section is consist 10 versus. The chapters also classified as three primary divisions as Virtue, Wealth and Love.

Thirukural is a precious gem

This view encompasses the entire span of human life. Thiruvalluvar covers all part of life which almost applies to the whole humanity. Hence Thiruvalluvar designated as divine poet.

The Kural also is beneficial at all ages. Thirukural is a precious gem among the literary classics only one of its kinds in the articulation of rules of conduct to people to follow all day to make.

It is most trustworthy Literary Work and the world's most ancient religion and culture, will increase ones awareness of goodness, ethical actions and practical knowledge.

Thirukural never failed to astonish numerous intellectuals. Every one of them never failed to consider Thirukural as a most memorable creation.

It is the most relevant sacred text, applying to every-day matters and public concerns. It is one of the most influential scriptures in all Asia, so captivating and so darned useful.

Facets of a Gem
Facets of a Gem

Kurals - Facets of a Gem

To hold precisely his perspective on a topic in Thirukural, each of the ten couplets must be digested, because they are like facets of a gem - all surprising the light of his conception sparingly in a various way and adding to the profligacy of his conception.

Even if, the book composed over 2000 years ago, the way of life suggested by Thirukural are still applicable today. Thirukural is a treasured gem among the classics, unparalleled in the liberation of code of conduct to the humanity to follow time to come.

Thiruvalluvar's this discourse covers the whole reach of human life its memorable author elucidates every bit of it! In the subject, of Political Science and Public administration, Thiruvalluvar appears thorough in his analysis and humanistic approaching than Aristotle, Kautilya, Machiavelli and Harold Laski.

In the variant, subject-matter, and brevity, of the couplets in Thirukkural, standout the different moralizing literature of the World.

That is the ground why Thiruvalluvar's Thirukural has preserved to pull the best minds of the world down the contemporaries. This dedicated Book claimed in some of the different names by which the text known: Tamil Marai (Tamil Veda); Poyya mozhi (words that does not lie); and Teyva nool (divine book) Muppal (Three fold path) Pothu Marai (the common Veda or Creed) etc.

Kurals - Tamil Couplets

Thirukural - (Chapter Wealth)Tamil
Thirukural - (Chapter Wealth)Tamil
Constanzo Beschi-Veerama Munivar
Constanzo Beschi-Veerama Munivar

Constanzo Beschi - Veerama Munivar

Photo Courtesy: Wikimedia under creative commons license

Thirukkural's Latin translation made by Constanzo Beschi in 1730 did much to make known to European scholars the richness and beauty of this classical Tamil literature.


Three Parts of Thirukural

Regarded as the Tamil Veda, the Thirukural consists of 1330 poems assorted in to 133 parts of ten couplets each (the couplets are called as Kurals). These are very clear falling into three chapters.

The first one is on Virtue (Aram). It has 38 chapters. The next chapter is on Wealth (Porul). It is the lengthiest and has 70 chapters enveloping the whole regions of the country, its polity, prosperity etc.

The third part (Inbam) administers with affection and has 25 chapters. Poem by a poem, these kurals are poetically crafted with perfectly seven appropriate words.

At the same time that the rhythm and grace of the words mesmerizing, the contents and advice are thought provoking.

Viewed from an administrators viewpoint, one can declare that whereas the first chapter is on the administration of self, the next is on the administration of the country or organization, as well as the last comprises the administration of the men-women attachment.

Thirukkural - Vid - Music by AR Rahman

Madurai Meenakshi Temple. Tamil Sangam
Madurai Meenakshi Temple. Tamil Sangam

Thiruural - Sangam Period Literature

Thirukural is a discussion on the art of prevailing, a number of valid instructions of the objective for the variance of sections of the scholarly community for pleasant-sounded social activities. Thirukural mostly survived as the breakthrough of Sangam literature.

That there is a theory Thiruvalluvar indicted Thirukural - the claiming belletristic post on solicitation of his forthcoming mate Elela Singan. En conclusion, Thiruvalluvar transferred his writings to Madurai to get the accredited kind of act of reading out the latest, original creative works within a learned society (Tamil Sangam) where scholars and academics would be within reach.

Tamil Sangam was a gathering of the group of poets controlled under the good turn of a King. The poems associating to the Sangam period literary works were composed by poets, both male and female, from different professions and sections of communities.

The content learned persons in Madurai had been resolute on grading the prominence of the work by put to use a test. The written creations were carefully rested on a board with different other writings and remain floating in the Meenakshi temple tank.

This literary works provide by these assemblies was gathered in the time span straddling over 600 AD. It was justified if the plank waited to sail. The worth and dominance of a work is ascertained because of not the obvious load of the composition (written on Palm leaves),but, the celestial distinctiveness of the task which pushed the board to keep swimming.

It is perceived that to the astonishment of the observers the Sangam Plank shrunken itself of size to accommodate only the Thirukural writing and in this means forcing out the rest.

Photo Courtesy: Flickr

Thirukural Kamathupal - Vid - Ramanathan.

Thiruvalluvar statue
Thiruvalluvar statue

Wisdom of Thirukural

This book consisting of 133 sections of 10 couplets each which was recognized as a masterpiece of literature in Tamil, has stood the test of history and is accepted by posterity as a seminal work which has influenced the thoughts of man throughout the centuries.

It is a work of not only great aesthetic and stylistic literary value, but also a guide to the art of living with nuggets of invaluable wisdom. The range of these verses covers subjects like ethics, statecraft, citizenship, love, the art of life in its myriad forms. It deals with the three ARAM, PORUL, INBUM which are essential for a life of action.

The profound thoughts and ideas of this great saint-poet are encapsulated in the shortest possible Tamil metre called "Kural". Thus the wisdom of Thiru Valluvar (Author) is expressed in unparalleled verses which combine beauty with brevity. The translation of these verses in other languages will enrich the literature of this language as well.

The strength of self-restraint can barely be underemphasised. The Thirukural helps you to practice self-control of speeches and activities.

It forewarns you that speeches once spoken can not ever be call back, as well as ill-planned activities have dreadful relationships. Preserving one's tongue in restriction is crucial to achieve advancing and growth in life and profession.

Anger is the wickedest enemy a man could have. Anger crushes your perceptions and lessens your strength of thinking and strait judgement.

Anger also produces you feel worried and clouds your brain, which influences your development and comforts. Thirukurals interprets the outgrowths of anger and advocate keeping patience at all backgrounds.

Even though it has been translated into English by several scholars, the Thirukural has never been widely known in the Western world. Possibly, it can be claimed that there is no other work of non-religious nature, which stand in similarity to Thirukkural.

Thirukural for your reference. - It is a literary magnum opus of verses with poetic brilliance, shortness and flavour, rhythm and syntax, easy to understand and

Thiru Kural - 12. chapter: The blessing of the rain
Thiru Kural - 12. chapter: The blessing of the rain

Interpretation of the poems of Thiru Valluvar must have been certainly an intimidating assignment. To provoke the look and emotions of the Kurals in a separate language other than Tamil is not manageable. Anyhow over here one of the Kurals for your citing:

He who controls his five senses

Becomes very powerful

Indira, the King of heavenly Kingdom

Is himself a living example. 3:25

The five normal sense adversaries, viz, passion, ire, greed, fondness, envy are natural competitors of man and of even divine being of Paradise. They are so authoritative that if not retained these five senses under check any one of them may decay the job of the man or God concerned.

'Tara' spouse of an olden saint, enthralled by her bewitching beauty, the ruler of heaven, Indira, be short of restriction over his sensation 'lust', visited Tara in the seize and number of the godly person and had physical connection with her.

The godly person who was for the time being elsewhere from the seclusion performing his ablutions in some place returned at that point in time. Indira attempted to flee predicating some extra grab but was wedged red handed in the course of his flying and was cursed by the saint as a result of which he had thousand females genitals draping all over his body.

And he lost the monarchy of Heaven in discipline. Man has to master his sense of passion, ire, greed fondness and jealousy to avoid experiencing circumstances as in case of Indira.

More Thirukurals - English Translation

Tamil Kural - 31/the power of virtue
Tamil Kural - 31/the power of virtue

Thirukural, the treasures of knowledge, wisdom, and beauty which are enclosed in her literature, philosophy, art, and synchronized life are too valued to be lost. Each and every mankind needs to use them, if he is to be a cultured person of modern society. This is as true of the Christian, the Muslim, the Zoroastrians, the Buddhist, the Sikhs as of the Hindu.

The settled rule of every code requires, as highest good,

Their greatness who, renouncing all, true to their rule have stood. 3:21

One who has never heard the lisping

Words of his own child

Will declare the sound of Vina and flute

As sweet music indeed. 7:66

It may be Possible for men to earn

Redemption from all other sins

But from the sin of ingratitude

None has escaped ever since 11:110

The deeper you dig, greater the spring;

The more you learn, greater the knowledge

Learn thoroughly whatever is to be learnt;

Then, let the conduct be worthy of his learning.

To say unpleasant things, when we have nice ones,

is like eating unripe fruit, ignoring sweet ripe fruits

No greater gain than virtue aught can cause;

No greater loss than life oblivious of her laws.

Friendship is not just a smile on the face;

It is what is felt deep within a smiling heart.

Think and then undertake the work;

To think after commencement will bring disgrace.

Determined efforts result in prosperity;

Idleness will bring nothing.

No lustre can with theirs compare

Who know the right and virtue wear.

The small the paths of ease pursue

The great achieve things rare to do.

They gain the world, who grasp and tell

Of taste, sight, hearing, touch and smell.

When a mother hears her son heralded a good and learned man,

Her joy exceeds that of his joyous birth.

Of all a man's blessings we know of none greater than

The begetting of children endowed with intelligence.

Keep the mind free of impurity. That alone is the practice of virtue.

All else is nothing but empty display.

Virtue yields heaven's honor and earth's wealth.

What is there then that is more fruitful for a man?

An English Translation of Thirukural by GU Pope brought the literature to the western world in 1886. This work is generally revered and acknowledged in many parts of the world. Pope's translation can be viewed from: TIRUKKURAL English Translation and Commentary.

Thiruvalluvar statue at Jaffna
Thiruvalluvar statue at Jaffna

Latest Management Philosophy in Thirukural

Thirukural elaborately articulates a variety of concepts binding to current management. Some management certitudes as in the Thirukural for your citation:

In current days, SWORT (strengths, Weaknesses, chances, and menaces) investigation has become a critical basis for appraisal and computation of a business. as well as, SWORT investigation has to be done always to change the tactics and affirm halfway course counteraction. The equivalent concept is argued about in the Thirukural:

Let (one) assess well the competence of the action (he actions to do), his own authority, the energy of his enemy, and the strength of the Meaning : associates (of both), and then let him act. -471

There is nothing which may not be accomplished by those who, before they assault (an enemy), develop themselves acquainted with their own adeptness, and with whatever else is (acquisitive) to be comprehended, and employ themselves completely to their challenge. -472

There are several who, oblivious of their (want of) energy (to assemble it), have confidently set out to assault, and abandoned down in the center of it. -473

Apart from consideration of strength, the Thirukural also discusses how to accumulate your strengths and alleviate your adversaries' energy. These kurals infers to the aim of not enabling the competition to develop. It discusses elimination the competition in the aboriginal rather than enabling it to develop and pur up a bigger battle following adducing with it anormous adversity.

We comprehend that numerous large businesses before they develop big either to aggregation what they are doing or to just conquest them so that the smaller compaies do not develop up to become a danger later.

The world exists in the benevolence of that good-natured people who acts to gyrate animosity into affection. -874

He who is ascetic and helpless while his adversaries are two should accumulate one of them as an agreeable help (to himself). -875

Show not your agonies even to yournfriends who are incognizant of it, nor hint about your debility in the presence of your archenemies. -877

A thorny tree should be cut off while immature, (for) when it is developed it will difficult to remove it. -879.

Photo Courtesy: Wikimedia

Thirukural Book

The Wisdom Of Thirukkural/A Guide To Living-A Commentary
The Wisdom Of Thirukkural/A Guide To Living-A Commentary

It is one of the greatest works on ethical living.Probably only one of it's kind,it uses the shortest type of couplets to convey the universal truths and practical wisdom.Covering a whole gamut of occupations from a householder to a politician,from a businessman to a monk,Thirukkural has it all for anybody and everybody. A most revered scripture the contents are of great benefit to every one in the universe.


Thirukural Is A Lighthouse

Thirukural has perceived as a lighthouse steer the vessels of Virtue, Wealth and Love.

It is a treasure-trove of learning center on realistic, empirical, scientific as well as, relevant outlook; shaped within the standard of morality, aesthetics, benevolence, hospitality, affability, generosity, assistance etc. covered in one's family life.

This is not embarrassed because of the principle out of any religious belief, but comprehends and highlights the moralities in many different approaches, in harmony with inborn senses.

The portrayals have constructed in three parts and 133 parts of ten verses each. After 2000 years, we see the same problem for moral values and the same involvement to expressing these noble thoughts in a language and an expression understood by the ordinary man in the Kural.

Thirukkural's permanence and universality are unquestionable. Its moralities and values are suitable to all religions, countries and time. Thirukural has interpreted in over 60 languages of the world.

Photo Courtesy: Flickr Under Creative Commons License.

Thirukural Book
Thirukural Book

Thirukural and its Benefits

Troubles can be resolved

Wisdom is the basic quality by which a leader strengthens his character. Acquiring and be attentive to the guidance of the scholarly help obtains wisdom. The thirukural covers education and overhearing to the guidance of the wise.

One who want precisely comprehend a Thiruvalluvar's perspective on a subject, respective of the 10 couplets must be go through. By reason of they are like planes of a gem - all shining the radiance of his perceptive to some extent distinctively and integrating to the bounty of his wisdom.

It has been interpreted that the saint contributed his whole life calmly perceiving the human circumstance. After that, toward the end of his life, he was produced and distributed the sagaciousness through his kurals to others in the civilization be acquainted with he held.

Thirukural - A Holy Book

It is not only of immense artistic and stylistic, literary benefit, but also a straight to the art of living with pieces of valuable enlightenment. This sacred book, consisting of 133 sections of 10 couplets respectively, which was predictable.

As a magnum opus of ancient Tamil literature, in its own expressions has stood the examination of the history. It has ascertained by posterity as an absolute work which has urged the thoughts of mankind throughout the centuries.

Thirukural is the single Tamil belletristic work that has translated numerous times in almost all principal languages of the world.

One of the furthermost advantages of this holy writing is to steer ones activities and ones mental bethinking, to regularize ones intention in life and fitting ones cooperation with other fellow man. The predicament can be settled in the light of Valluvar's salaciousness.

Wherever, something is going offbeat in your life, guide the forces of life back into synchronization by scrutinizing the Thirukural and presenting an application its judgment.

It is possibly, its most important function - to absolute and sentries ones life in this world by turn away misconstrues which can create a fed-up karma, by keep away from wrong attitudes, which can carry, avoidable sorrow into our experience.

Until now, there is a nullity in the Holy Kural that has to be responded. Each of the couplets contains such perspicacity, then again, that we have attracted to it and want to bow to.


Thirukural and Kids

These sacred kurals should be known by heart, characteristically by children. Little kids all through Tamil Nadu learn by heart the Holy Kural to be smart to sing it verse after verse.

Numerous kids cans summarize the complete 1,330 verses by heart. This helps them with principles of living that allows forward with them rest of their livings.

It is necessary that the child be given the advantage of energetic teachings from an early-maturing age. This guidance and alerts are breathed out from the world's prehistoric faith and civilization.

It will expand every kid's appreciative of morality, right behavior and right thinking. It is one of the most intelligent inscriptions in the world this day.

Precious Jewel in World Literature.

Latin translation of Thirukkural made by Constanzo Beschi in 1730 did much to make known to the European intellectuals the richness and beauty of this Oriental Tamil classical literature.

"Thiruvalluvar's Kural is one of the gems of the world literature."

- Professor M. Winternitz, Germany

" of the highest and purest expressions of human thought."

-M. Ariel , Translated Thirukural into French, France

"Thirukkural was a treasure house of worldly knowledge, ethical guidance and spiritual wisdom."

- Dr. Zakir Hussain, President of India

"There hardly exists in the literature of the world a collection of maxims in which we find such lofty wisdom."

- Dr Albert Schweitzer, Nobel Laureate, Germany & France

"Nothing in the whole compass of human language can equal the force and terseness of the distiches in which the author of Kural conveys the lessons of wisdom."

- Rev. P. Percival

"The teaching of Thiruvalluvar is however, purely eclectic and inculcates such principles as are common to all systems of morality."

- Dr. R. W. Frazer

"I wanted to learn Tamil, only to enable me to study Valluvar's Thirukkural through his mother tongue itself…. There is no one who has given such treasure of wisdom like him."

-Mahatma Gandhi

The lofty ideals that are enshrined in thus didactic work transcends the barriers of race, creed, place and time. Besides, this universal and cosmopolitan outlook, Thirukkural shines supreme in its poetic excellences.

- Dr. Wilfried Noelle

The KURAL's sentences are as binding as the TEN commandments on the jews. KURAL is as important and influential on the Tamil mind as Dante's great work on the language and thought of Italy.

- Mr Charles E. Gover

Thiruvalluvar's poem is thus by no means a long one; though in value it far outweighs the whole of the remaining Tamil literature, and is one of the select number of great work which have entered into the very soul of a whole people, and which can never die.

- Dr G. U. Pope

The KURAL, on the other hand all the time stays at the level of general principles, i.e., what may be called a mandatory ethics.

- Dr E. H. Hopkins

"In its own land, the Kural owes its popularity as much to the beauty of its versification as to its morality, but it is in its breadth of view and its speaking that to the heart of men, must make it a favourite work with the world at large."

- Dr R. C. Temple

Thirukural - Translation

The Tamil academic work Thirukural has been interpreted many times in all main languages of the world. Thirukural entertains a leading place in the midst of the wisdom literature of the world.The reputation of this holy book amongst all ancient Tamil literature can be pronounced from the reality.

The next most translated work in Tamil comes nowhere near this literary work when evaluated to the number of times and number of languages the Kural has been translated. The Tamil populace all over the world considers that this holy literature has been interpreted into most languages, next only to the Bible and the Qur'an.

Here below you can find some of the Kurals for your citation:

He who controls his five senses

Becomes very powerful

Indira, the King of heavenly Kingdom Is himself a living example. 3:25

The five customary sense of archenemies, viz, acquisitiveness, ire, ardency, attachment, jealousy is natural adversaries of man and of even the gods of heaven. They are so controlling that if not kept under control any one of them may damage the career of the man or God concerned.

'Tara' wife of an olden saint, fascinated by her captivating charm, the King of heaven, Lord Indira, be short of command over his sense 'lust', visited Tara in the size and figure of the saint and had sexual connection with her.

The saint who was for the time being departs from the hermitage practicing his ablutions somewhere else came back at that point of time. Indira considered to flee assuming some other grab, but was wedged red handed in the course of his flight and was blasphemed by the saint as an aftereffect of which he had a thousand women genitals hanging all over his body. And he dispossessed the kingship of Heaven in abatement.

Man has to control his sense of lust, ire, greed, attachments and envy to avoid suffering situations as in case of Indira.

For seven lives in seven bodies the grateful will remember

Friends who nullified their anguish and affliction.

A kindness done in the hour of need may itself be small,

But in the worth it exceeds the whole world.

Love makes a man affectionately to all,

And affection affords the priceless treasure of friendship.

The uninformed say love stands by virtuous souls,

Unaware that love is also friendlier to all immersed in a vice.

Most Astute Scriptures In The World Today.

Thiruvalluvar  (Author of Thirukural)
Thiruvalluvar (Author of Thirukural)

Thirukural is most authoritative belletristic composition and the earth's most old faith and cultures, will sharpen every kid's awareness of virtue, right conduct and right intelligence.

It is very precious which the excellence knowing the core of an exemplifying Kural - the do's generally with the Don't - be conveyed over to the succeeding age with courage and resolution and understanding produce surely that our young ones, the heir apparent of the future that some of us are even now in the midst of formulating are concluded by these age-old nearing into undisputed laws, sympathetic laws and plain wisdom.

Thirukural -  #10. The Praise of God
Thirukural - #10. The Praise of God

Paper of the Ancient World - Palm Leaf Manuscript

Palm Leaf Manuscript
Palm Leaf Manuscript

Palm Leaf Manuscript

Manuscripts crafted from blotted palm leaves were already been the paper of a typical bygone world in parts of Asia way back to the fifteenth century BCE. In South Asia and Southeast Asian countries, most of these manuscripts were used to archive accurate and mythical anecdotes. Back in the early nineteenth century, following the commencement of printing presses, this sort of writing and archiving from palm leaves came down to an end. Many governments are taking steps to preserve meticulously what is left of their total palm leaf documents.

Photo Courtesy: Wikipedia Under Creative Commons License.

Valluvarkottam - Vid - at Chennai

Thirukural has been acclaimed as one of the most precious jewels in world literature.

Thiruvalluvar Author of Thirukural
Thiruvalluvar Author of Thirukural

Thirukural is a Dialogue on Social Life

It is not a Testament

Thirukural is not just embarrassed by the perception of any religion or belief of knowledge but acknowledge and demonstrates the benefits in some faiths, in touch with the correct sense. This is not a testimonial, a Holy Writ, a Divine covetousness.

This work sub serves as a discussion on Societal Life style. It is the subject of well-advised sagacity; the particle of the famous Tamil culture, which have a rich heritage, custom and the nature of life shelter in a unique language and style.

Remember this is a brilliant intellectual of verses with poetic intensity, shortness and substance, flow and structure, capable to absorb and retain.

Thirukural - #101. Gratitude
Thirukural - #101. Gratitude

Quotes From ThiruKural

English Translation

♣ Think and then undertake the work; to think after commencement will bring disgrace.

♣ Determined efforts result in prosperity; Idleness will bring nothing.

♣ True friends guard you from evil, make you walk in right path and share your sorrow in difficult times.

♣ Friendship is not just a smile on the face; It is what is felt deep within a smiling heart.

♣ Agriculturists are the linchpin of the mankind since they support all others who cannot till the soil.

♣ Though the world goes round with many activities, it is dependent on agriculture. Hence, though laborious, farming is the foremost activity.

♣ Whatever is thought to be done will be achieved as planned, if the planners possess firmness in execution.

♣ Avoid an act which you may repent later; If done by mistake, better not to repeat it.

♣ Water will flow from a well in the sand in proportion to the depth to which it is dug, and knowledge will flow from a man in proportion to his learning.

♣ As water changes (its nature), from the nature of the soil (in which it flows), so will the character of men resemble that of their associates.

♣ Listening is the best of all wealths; It is considered to be the foremost.

♣ Learning is the true imperishable wealth; Other things are not wealth

♣ Friendship is not just a smile on the face; It is what is felt deep within a smiling heart

♣ True friends guard you from evil, make you walk in right path and share your sorrow in difficult times

♣ Think and then undertake the work; To think after commencement will bring disgrace

♣ Determined efforts result in prosperity; Idleness will bring nothing.

♣ A help rendered in hour of need Though small, is greater than the world.

♣ Learn thoroughly whatever is to be learnt; Then, let the conduct be worthy of his learning.

♣ Learning is the true imperishable wealth; Other things are not wealth.

♣ Avoid an act which you may repent later; If done by mistake, better not to repeat it.

Thirukural's Secular Plea

We accept that the Kural is an analysis on the art of living. If it is so, it should not hang about within the classroom, nor should it be limited to the forums of academics and the world of researchers. It must get through to the people; must form a part of their bequest, must be as generic as the proverbs and maxims that people in the general quote extemporaneously as the circumstance demands.

At least the Tamils in whose language Kural has been written must have an acquaintance with, and cognizance of, its subject matter evens at the level of the average man. They must assimilate that its plea is secular and that it belong with the Hindus, Christians, Muslims and the others, all alike.

Thirukural Urai - Vid - by Kundrakudi Ponnabala Adihalar Sannidhanam

Digital Thirukural

In a move aimed at ending the obsession for the western pop and rock among the young global Tamils, a few Tamil literary well wishers have come together and launched the 'Digital Thirukural' microchip that can recite all the 1330 couplets of the legendary Tamil poet Thiruvalluvar, together with explanations in contemporary Tamil. All the three chapters of Aram (deeds), Porul (wealth) and Inbam (pleasure) comprising 133 chapters and holding 1330 kurals have been recorded in song pattern follower by Kalaignar Karunanidhi's explanatory notes.

The chip-player allows the user to switch between the desired athikarams (chapters) through the nine hour rendering and it would be a great hit amid the 80 million Tamils around the globe - particularly the youth since it has great music composed by Sikkil B. Balasubramanyam. The user will be able to hear the Kurals rendered by Sirkhazhi Sivachidambaram a famous classical singer along with explanatory notes by Saradha Nambi Aruran reading from 'Kalaignar Urai'.

This Digital Thirukural is priced INR 3000 and is available at in online on enquiry or it can be ordered through +91 944 499 0152.

Thirukural Goes Graphic

Each of the 1,330 couplets has been hand drawn with descriptive imagery.

In the modern age of the Internet and digital notepads, it could be hard to find people like S.K.Ramesh a part-time school teacher who took upon himself the task of creating an illustrated guide to the timeless wisdom of the Thirukural.

He has painstakingly drawn each of the 1,330 couplets with descriptive imagery in order to spread the message of the Kural among wider audiences. The original couplets are a collection of about 133 sections, each comprising 10 poems.

Ramesh's book measures about 2.25 feet long and two feet wide. It has created in a period of one year. Each couplet carries images that describe the Kural in a simple manner.

What inspired him to clarify all the 1,330 couplets in a single book? Ramesh says, "It was a suggestion made by a few colleagues at work. They told me to use my talent and draw the couplets in the form of a book so that students could easily understand the Thirukural".

Although the Thirukural is accessible, a lot of people consider being difficult to understand. This clear, illustrated model should make things easier for people. Ramesh also has plans to print all the kurals in an abridged format.

His daughter Mugil Madhi, a student of 6th standard was an able assistant in this artistic journey. After sketching each couplet, he consulted with his daughter about whether she was able to understand the Kural or not. This book is around 30 kilos and keeps on display at Mugil Art Studio in Namakkal, Tamil Nadu.

Thirukural - FAQ

  1. What is a Kural?

    The Tamil word Kural accurately explains "short poem", and individualized by the Venpa value that created with two lines. In the perspective of scale & abruptness, as well as the gravity of disclosure, Thirukural progress on under one of the four groupings of Venpas (grammatically categorized verses) termed Kural Venpa.

    A Kural comprised of seven seers, with four seers inside the beginning line and three inside the second. (A Seer is a one or a grouping of compound Tamil word. Just the title Thirukural is a psychic, merged by connecting the two vocables Thiru and Kural, i.e., Thiru Kural = Thirukkural.)

  2. What is Sangam Period?

    Cross references to the survival of at least three Tamil Sangams (academies) is procurable in Tamil literature. The first Sangam distinguished to have been beginning by Lord Siva himself. The started roots for Tamil literary works, apprised to be the third or later Sangam duration, which has chosen the relatively firm dates from 500 B.C.

    Scholastic works of the last Sangam group comprises Tholkappiam, a syllabus on Tamil grammar indited by Tholkappiar (500 B.C.) and two gatherings of poems, focusing on emotional and impartial (akam & puram) person's awareness, the Eight Anthologies, (en-thokai), and The Ten Idylls (patthup-pattu). Collectively both constitute the pure best 18 in the (pathinen-kanakku) anthology sequence.

    Of the individual authors having different names and dates included with these Sangam time compilations, it is no doubt pleasing to remember that there have been the least amount of 27 poetesses in this time. The part accomplished by females in scholarly successes within the Sangam point is evident.

  3. Are There any Translations available?

    "No interpretation can conveys an idea of its (Thirukkural's) cute outcome. It is an apple of gold in the network of silver". -Dr. Karl Graul.

    Thirukural is the exclusive Tamil literary work that has translated numerous times in almost all leading languages of the world. Thirukural joys a frontal place in the middle of the wisdom literary works of the world.

    The differentiation of this holy book, amongst all primitive Tamil literature, can be acknowledged from the continuation that the succeeding most transcribed work in Tamil, comes  not anywhere near this Thirukural, when assessed to the totality of times, and whole number of languages, the Kural has interpreted.

    The entire Tamils all over the world assesses that the Thirukural has transcribed into most languages, following only to the Bible and the Quran.

7 feet Long Thirukural Book.  Hand written by Raja Sherif.
7 feet Long Thirukural Book. Hand written by Raja Sherif.

Thiruvalluvar Year

During the year, 1921 Tamil scholars who gathered under the guidance of the "Tamil Kadal" Maraimalai Adikal investigated on the subject of the Tamil New Year.

This investigative committee involved Tamil veterans like Tamil Thenral Thiru V. Ka, Tamil Kavalar K.Subramanium pillai, Saiva Periyar Satchithanantham pillai, Navalar Somasundarabarathi, Navalar N.M. Vengkadasami Naddar and Muthamil Kavalar K.A.P. Visvanathampillai.

After elongated deliberations, they with one voice arrived at the summing-up that the Tamil New Year began on the first date of the Tamil month "Thai"

These days, Tamil Calendar, has dated from that point and mentioned as Thiruvalluvar Year (Aandu). The state administration of Tamil Nadu accepted the Thiruvalluvar Aandu authoritatively in 1972.

We can find Thiruvalluvar as a noble philosopher, civic scientist and preceptor of public administration in the beginning two parts of his Thirukkural. We can get him as an inventive artist after the second part, describing the charming aspects of lovers.

Thiru Kural Sevai Maiyam

At Thiruvannamalai

In an attempt to simplify education and understanding of Thiru Kural, active members of Thiru Kural Sevai Maiyam, Thiruvannamalai, have been leading parades for the last 17 months around the compound stone walls of the Arunachaleswarar Temple, Mada Veedhis as well as Girivalam track at the beginning Friday, Saturday and Sunday of all months.

They have also been put in writing couplets from Thiru Kural on the compound stone walls of the house in Rajarajan, next mada veedhi and Kosamedu roads in the city applying oil paint. They used to produce couplets in 20 houses each 100 days.

So far they have drafted couplets on 130 houses with the approval of the house possessors. The couplets will pick on the interest of the house proprietors. They have also presented a Thiru Kural book to each house owner.

Readers' Feedback

Did you Know about Thirukural ?

Thirukkural - Vid - Music composed: Rangasamy Parthasarathy

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