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Updated on November 29, 2015

America land of the free and home of the brave,

Paid for with the blood of our countrymen and the lives they gave,

A country built on the premise of justice for all,

Freed by a paper written in Independence Hall,

From the British tyranny that ruled our shore,

We dumped tea in the harbor and told King George no more,

General Washington captured Cornwallis at Yorktown,

Thus ending the revolution and our penance to the crown,

This country was built by men like this of integrity and dedication,

Other men who gladly gave their lives for this great nation,

If they could only see right now the shape we are in,

They would roll over in their graves again and again,

Borrowing money from China to fund foreign revolutions,

A congress that creates more problems than solutions,

A president who has tripled our deficit in just a few short years,

Without accomplishing one task to alleviate our fears,

He attacks our right to bear arms and freedom of speech,

Just how far down our pants is this man going to reach,

He promised change and he promised hope,

But I think we the citizens got the short end of the rope,

The big unions and pharmaceutical companies have made out like bandits,

And don’t forget the insurance companies who look to triple their profits,

We get together with our friends and complain about the state of our nation,

And how many times Obama takes his family on vacation,

When will our words turn into action and we do what needs to be done,

To take back control of our country and put these career politicians on the run,

Our government is broken and it is up to us repair it,

The burden is much for a few but less if we share it,

Speak your opinions let our voices be heard,

That we will stand for nothing less than this one simple word,



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