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This Wall That Has Been Built

Updated on July 2, 2010

Brick by brick, it has been built.

It's strong, it's sturdy, it protects my guilt.

Realistic, fake, which one is which?

But how do you question something that took years to enrich?

The pain has been hidden, the grief tucked away...

The sorrows on vacation, call back another day.

The first brick was placed the day that you faded.

The second was put when I became jaded.

The third was placed when I had fallen from grace.

The fourth was positioned, because I was on a mission.

I don't want to get hurt.

I don’t wanna say I love you.

I don’t want that taken away.

You have to be just another I met today.

Don't ask me later...

Don't ask me how...

Don't be concerned about what it takes to tear it down...

It's not gonna happen.

So please don’t try.

It’s a 'Mission Impossible' that I won't deny.

I make it that way, it gives me relief...

Alright...ok...maybe just a peek...

But don't abuse this position, don't exploit my pain.

It took a lot for me to get this way.

I'll let you in.

Just for a while.

But I can not and will not live in denial.

You can't stay here.

Its not fit for you, but its ok you'll survive, this I promise you.

What you see, please don't tell.

What I have created is my own personal hell.

It's protected by strength, detachment, power, and will...

I'm determined to keep it this way, that's how I feel.

I let you in, I trusted you this way...I guess you're not just another I met today...


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    • jasmin1322 profile image

      jasmin1322 7 years ago

      Im glad that you like this poem!

    • snehal welde profile image

      snehal welde 7 years ago