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Thor: the Dark World

Updated on November 15, 2013

Thor: Dark World Marvel's late 2014 Movie release

Information is just starting to be released about the upcoming Thor movie, titled Thor: the Dark World.

This movie is over 2 years from release, so everything is open to speculation...and even if it is true for now... a lot could change in the intervening time.

However, this lens will show you what is going on for now... And it will be updated with the newest Thor: Dark World as the information on this upcoming comic book movie is released.

Check back here early and often for the latest information on this exciting future Marvel comic book movie.

What do we know about the movie Thor the Dark World

Thor The Dark World
Thor The Dark World

Most of the casting for the Thor movie has been completed. Unfortunately the Thor: Dark World casting information has been pretty boring.

Most of the casting has been confirmations that most of the cast from the first one are returning. From all of the characters on Asgard, including Loki, to Natalie Portman and Stellan Skarsgard on Earth.

The biggest news for the new movie has been in the director department. Marvel has made it clear that they want to go back to a story that features Asgard and the Asgardians. But they want to tone down the "fantasy" aspects of this world and make it more like the Viking Norse Asgard.

Quite a few directors have been attached because of this, but they have finally settled on one of the main directors of HBO's Game of Thrones. (Taylor has also been a director on Sopranos, Deadwood, Rome, Sex and the CIty and quite a few other great TV programs)

Who are the Thor 2 Villians

It is thought that the villains in this series will be Dark Elves. Since the Dark Elves, who rule to world of Svartalfheim, were a major enemy of Thor and their leader, Malekith has many magical and shape shifting powers that could be perfect for the trying to take over the worlds of Asgard and Earth.

The appended title, "the Dark World" gives credence to these rumors.

Anyhow, stay tuned to more updated information on the release of this wonderful new comic book movie.

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    • Spirality profile image

      Spirality 3 years ago

      It was great. Loki stole the show.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      I agree with sabreblade. I would love to see that combo, but excited with whatever they put together. Very much enjoyed the first movie.

    • Sabre1000 profile image

      Sabre1000 5 years ago

      I am REALLY hoping for Enchantress and the Executioner...but we'll see....