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thoughts a drift

Updated on December 21, 2014

these photos will change from time to time

fishing through life........  hoping someone will bite...
fishing through life........ hoping someone will bite...

Can you see it, can you hear it?

The undertone and the undertow………………… Babbling, murmuring along, always steady and constant. Creating a low liquid voice in the background as it cascades its way over stones and logs, shoving against the muddy banks. Strong yet gentle like a heartbeat meandering its way across the forest floor. Leaves and twigs swirling and twirling a backwards dance on their way downstream. Catching and pulling, pooling and bursting free. Eddies and mini currents pushing and releasing tadpoles and fry as water spiders skid across the surface only to be snatched up by the sticky tongue of a hidden bullfrog at water’s edge. Beams of sunlight casting golden hued fingers through the tree top canopy dance upon the fluid surface, and then turn a silvery palate as day gives way to night, still the water runs deep and uninterrupted. Like blood flowing through veins and emotions drifting through the heart and mind………………………’s the undertone and the undertow.

Copyright LVanHorn2010. All Rights Reserved.


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  • Wayne Brown profile image

    Wayne Brown 7 years ago from Texas

    I definitely can get the visuals here. You have the ability to describe things in a way that a blind person might still be able imagine them as if they see. That is strong. The question is what do you do with it. Every phrase or sentence in a story cannot be magical, some must be practical and functional to give the story shape and feel. The impact phrases are the ones that shine through in a moment of reality. I remember reading a piece that SilverGenes wrote one time in which there was one paragraph in the story that described a particular view point but there was the one phrase that related the way a person did something to how a brick mason smears mortar on the bricks. That single instance made the whole paragraph made it shine yet it was not overdone. You have the word skills and take the bridle off your imagination and let it run for a bit. Take one sentence that your mind generates and put it on paper. It does not have to make sense. Then turn your imagination loose with it. I have done this over and over...I have hubs that came about in just this way. You can do it! WB

  • writinginalaska profile image

    writinginalaska 7 years ago from southeast Alaska

    Thank you SilverGenes for your most kind and encouraging comments and compliments. I'm glad to be on Hubpages too now. I wrote that piece as part of a writing exercise with my local writing group. It came to me in a rush, my mind so far ahead of my fingers I couldn't hardly type fast enough. Rest assured I will create many more hubs, it seems to be quite addictive ;) Love the "undertone and the undertow"......... and let your pen never rest.

  • profile image

    SilverGenes 7 years ago

    I really enjoy reading this and now this is my third time - the murmurings of the heart always in motion. There is something ancient and real about water and lifeblood and it's one of my favorite themes, too. Lovely!

  • writinginalaska profile image

    writinginalaska 7 years ago from southeast Alaska

    thank you very much for your comment Ama. I love to "paint" a mental visual picture.

  • AmaTainted profile image

    Amanda 7 years ago from Texas

    i read the words and see myself lookig out up on a lake/river/stream but its not as relaxing as it should be. your last line: "Like blood flowing through veins and emotions drifting through the heart and mind... it’s the undertone and the undertow", explains it all. It reads as a self-reflection. On the outside, you're beautiful and together but on the inside, emotional. Very lovely. I enjoyed the visual.

  • George J Hardy profile image

    George J Hardy 7 years ago from Southern New Jersey

    open as open feelings can be; nice!

  • writinginalaska profile image

    writinginalaska 7 years ago from southeast Alaska

    thank you Alternate Poet, but to answer your question.... for me it's not so much about the destination, but the many steps of the journey to get there..... what I caught was memories of the experience that will forever be stained upon my mind.....

  • alternate poet profile image

    alternate poet 7 years ago

    Really nice - but did you catch anything ?????? :D