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In broken dreams

Updated on June 14, 2015

Eyes darting from left to right, blinking, 
blinded by the light.
My mind focuses on the room around me,
Here I sit on my throne of shattered glass, 
the King of Broken Hearts.
Like a movie playing before me I take in the wreckage of my life,
Eyes focusing, tightly screwed and agitated by the strife.
The realisation descends swiftly and pulls me in tight.

The lies once bearing sweet fruits,
now haunt me like demons of the coming darkness.
Those secret liaisons now a seeping, festering sore.
My mind riddled with self induced disasters,
The heart jumping ship amidst the furore.

I wish I was elsewhere,
but this wasteland is my fool's empire,
Concrete, whitewashed walls my palace.
This boulevard of shattered dreams I walk,
Wearing rings of barbed wire and a thorn in my side,
jewels fit for this King.

On this edge of existence I stand bowed and broken.
Deep and murky the waters wash over me,
Drenching me with my multitude of sins.
I yearn for the innocence I once knew, yet
Still caught in the spiders web of deceit,
Will from this nightmare ever I be woken ...


© 2015 Ak.Han


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