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How to Become a Freelance Writer - Golden Tips.

Updated on June 7, 2016
how to become a freelance writer
how to become a freelance writer

How to become a freelance writer

Are you seriously looking for taking up freelance writing as a career option? Then the tips given in this article on how to become a freelance writer would definitely help you immensely to become a successful freelance writer. I am confident that if you aim to take up article writing as a career goal and follow the tips given in this post meticulously, you have a goldmine open before you, particularly if you have creative writing skills.

Earning money from freelance writing
Earning money from freelance writing

Scope of earning money from freelance writing

Writers with good command in English have a great demand on the internet these days for online content writing jobs. These writers, who are writing as a profession freelance writer, are mainly utilized by the content writing websites for writing articles on various topics on behalf of the clients owning their personal websites or blogs. You can be a successful freelance writer on various categories of subjects and earn money significantly by writing articles, provided you are able to develop the skills to write fresh original articles and grasp the strategies and tactics to optimize the contents for the Search Engines so as to elevate the clients’ websites to higher page ranks. For learning these SEO (Search Engine Optimization) skills one can take the help of many good learning blogs, e-Books and other resources about 'how to become a freelance writer' freely available on the internet that are specifically meant for the beginners. I can recommend one such free tutorial by PeterHoggan, which contains extremely useful tips for aspiring writers who intend to earn by writing articles for money.

Tips for freelance writing

Here are few crucial tips for freelance writing for beginners who want to go in for online article writing as a career option for earning money from home.

1. The text of the website content should be simple and easy to read. Here are some broad guidelines in respect of sizes of the contents:

  • Sentences: less than 20 words;
  • Paragraphs: less than 60 words;
  • Page Word Count: over 350;

2. Try to use the most powerful word in English language 'you in writing your web articles;

3. As a website content writer when you want your readers to actually do something that requires action at the end of your piece, whether it is to buy a product, get some services or anything else, the structure of your writing should be such that it first grabs the readers’ attention, creates interest, inspires desire and then calls for the action. Write data-driven articles. A data-driven approach can increase your traffic. Ensure to back up facts with accurate data so that readers would see your content as authoritative;

4. Think carefully and find out those words (keywords) which your target readers are likely to use for searching your article and use them as anchors around which the contents are to be developed. Unless you know the queries qualified visitors type into Google, you’ll find it difficult to rank higher and improve conversion rates.The following two websites may help you to find the popular keywords people are typing in the major search engines to look for information:;;

5. Create brief keyword-loaded effective headings for your articles that present accurate, complete and concise information about the subject. Try to write headlines that will invoke curiosity. Curiosity will lead people to click your headline. But make sure you provide materials on the promise of your headline;

6. Ensure that your website content links your readers to other web pages containing useful informative materials on the related subject;

7. Write about benefits and not about features of the products or services you are writing about in your articles;

8. Edit and re-edit your contents for any grammar, punctuation or spelling mistakes;

How to get assignments for freelance writing?

Once you have developed the initial skills to start freelance writing and to write few original articles per day for the web that would mean you have acquired reasonable expertise that a website content writer needs to provide content writing service to his clients. These initial skills would go a long way to help you to take up freelance writing jobs online from home and prepare you one among many professional freelance writers who are writing articles for money. Now let me give here few important tips about how, as a beginner, you can get volume of assignments for online freelance content writing jobs.

  • A website content writer can create his own website which may be used to market him as a writer not only to draw new clients but also to assure casual visitors that he can provide the desired services regarding writing articles on various topics;
  • In order to build up an article bank, which may eventually serve as future samples for bidding for writing assignments, an aspiring content writer should join some good article writing websites like 'HubPages', which is totally free and start publishing there web articles on any subjects of his liking. Apart from helping him to build up an article bank in his efforts to become a successful website content writer, this website also gives him opportunity to make money automatically from these published articles.
  • There are also several websites that allow professional content writers to bid for assignments for online article writing jobs on behalf of their clients one of which is where I started my freelance writing hobby. This site allows article writers to review and place their bids on various listed jobs. I shall recommend beginners who want to take up writing articles online for money as a career option, to check this website. There are other several websites where you can find various types of online content writing jobs. Some of the popular ones are,




How to become a freelance writer - tips to bid for freelance writing projects

Once you have known where to find the writing assignments you are to learn the tricks and tips to bid for the projects. Firstly you should read the bid document thoroughly to have a clear understanding of your client’s requirements so that you can convince him with your points how you are best suited for his project. Secondly, you have to prove to your prospective client how conversant you are about the topic on which he wants you for his website content writing and about your web-writing skills. The best way to do this is to send along with the bid, samples of your past work relating to the topic, if there is any (in the article bank referred to in the earlier paragraph), or about any subject of his interest. It is also advisable not to take up any website content writing assignment without having some money upfront from your clients.


To conclude the discussion on how to become a freelance writer I would like to mention that one most difficult problem that a successful website content writer is to keep up with in his endeavour to build career in freelance writing is, to keep his commitments of writing quite a large numbers of quality articles daily that he is called upon to produce. To tackle this, my advice to the aspiring writers is that they have to choose carefully the subjects of their interests and within their knowledge bases that they can turn out at a faster pace to earn decent money by writing articles. Nevertheless, at the end of the day more you write the better you earn and hence you are to keep on writing.


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    • digitalsignatures profile image

      John Johnson 2 years ago from United States

      Do everything in your power to build an association in clients’ minds between you and successful, high-quality projects. Think of, and market, yourself as a problem solver. Build a relationship so that when clients need help, they think of you.

    • radharenu profile image

      radharenu 2 years ago from India

      Hi, Leekley,

      Thanks for your comment

    • B. Leekley profile image

      Brian Leekley 2 years ago from Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA

      I appreciate your tips.

    • naukri profile image

      naukri 5 years ago

      Writing short and crisp sentences is the key to any successful writing. The art of writing can be defined in the manner that it has to be very straight and should directly convey the message to the reader.

      And in the same manner, I found the content of your hubs very neatly written and crisp.