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to real

Updated on October 5, 2014

to real

to real to feel the fake.

to real to feel the hate.

need fire so i can bake.

you sleeping I'm awake.

tried to pass me like a plate.

but I'm coming for your place.

get scared cuz you aint safe.

im usin you like bait.

im greatness.

that's fate.

srry for being late.

but I'm here now.

thanx to my opening acts.

disappear now.

not like these others trynna rap.

get it clear now.

yea pops loved cigaretts.

and his beer now.

but let me know that life.

is more then here now.

so ima stop playing time to grind.

cooking up success.

its feeding time.

they trynna give black boys life+9.

but y'all still gang bang.

when y'all see the sighns.


y'all talk bout it all the time

mama trynna give you wisdom but you decline.

just tired of the young men on board the dope line.

like better they can't find.

but they really not looking.

one police raid.

everything you have is tooken.

real g's no I'm not joking.

thats why they got you out in the open.

but I'm keep smoking.

chilling wit my niggaz.

why every week you got new shirt saying free my niggaz.

you boys carry triggaz.

cuz you need em.

i mean we dont need em

but we still got flesh eaten bullets.

please don't make us feed em.

boy you never even shot a gun.

i can pop a

and i bet you run.

messing wit fake g's is a lot of fun.

you boys a gangsta pun.

you funny

yo thug level is none.


yo gang career is done.

now pick up a book.

like ya momma said son.

before i get my belt and beat you with truth.

chocolate with a lot of nuts call me babe ruth.

trynna kill tomorrow.

taking out the youth.

worst part is we helping them to.

every time we shoot


another body found.

another momma putting there child in the ground.

so you better rebound.

catch ya self.

only one can change you is yourself.

trynna get answers to our lives from someone else.

don't get me wrong ask for help.

but finna ima roll some kelp.

yea dat see weed.

in a second life i would be weed.

captain of my life cuz i took the lead.

nd i kno i can make it hell may whether can't even read.

but i bet he can't count.(doe)

trynna get my account(doe) to an endless amount(doe).

boy chasin girls and they chasin paper.

can't pay rent worried bout yo neighbor.

gotta put in some labor.

me and money not twins but i think we favor.

finna smoke a tree and get blowed.

weed so green at night it glow.

yea I'm feeling this flow.

take yo bs and row.

to broke mountain.

wanna have so much money i feel like an accountant.

just counting and counting

counting all day.

wanna call my bank and get off da phone like ayye.

I'm rich b..

rip rick james.

you stupid if you rapping just for the fame.

better try acting you in the wrong game.

just heard ya track damn dat sh.. lame.

trynna get like mj everywhere i go they kno my name.(4X)

before i shoot i gotta aim.

so i hit my target.

y'all shooting aimlessly.

only hitting garbage.

i guess I'm the trash man.

cuz ima take ya out.

I'm the man with the plan

and i say it with no doubt.

y'all going the wrong way find a different route.

only rapping bout and guns and killing.

but that life you aint bout.

all you do is run your mouth.

tired of y'all bs i just can't deal.

finna cut these ninjas achilles heel.

treat ya like jail bait and take ya meal.

finna give you scares only god can heel

people so fake but the claiming that they real.

so many past heartaches.

my present can't feel.


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