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To glorify yourself in the paths you walk

Updated on October 14, 2013

The cup that builds the truth finds the answers.

A dream awakens our night’s senses.

A troubled fool always wonders.

To come on time is to know your wonderful mind.

A sheep can’t always follow the flock.

No master is his own king.

Jokes are good to comfort a fool.

In the twist of disaster there is hope.

No mountain builds itself without rocks.

Goodness finds righteousness.

The fragrance of sin eats the heart.

The joke is good when it does not hurt.

In the mix of danger we find our hearts.

We sing in the lightness of our hearts.

Our thoughts keep us from boredom.

In wickedness there is terror.

Idle speech is like floating clouds.

To glorify yourself in the paths you walk.

Copyright(c) Shamela 24 / January / 2012

People walking.
People walking. | Source


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