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The Odds (Part 2)

Updated on June 8, 2011

Game On

"It's now or never little brother, your ready?"

"Yeah I'm ready, lets just get this over with." I whispered back. This was our first jack we had it all laid out, we had a plan for what we'd do after we got the car and what we'd do if it all went south. We'd watched the car for several days, it was an old, beat up, black, Dodge Charger parked on the side of the street in front of some old rundown apartment complexes it probably was some drug dealers car so we really didn't care about who we screwed over tonight as long as it wasn't ourselves. Ryan was gonna drive I was the look out make sure no one got the drop on us.

We ran out from behind a pair of shrubs it was a warm night and a dark on to the surrounding street was pitch black except for the occasional street light. I kept my eyes on the apartments looking for any sign that someone knew we where out there and was going to come looking for us. Ryan pulled out a wire hanger and slipped it in between the door paneling and the window on the drivers side trying to catch the hook on the lock.

"Got it" breathed Ryan " get it." As he pulled his door open and jumped in starting work on the steering column. I started to move around the car to the passenger side when I thought I heard something, I stopped dead my heart caught up in my throat and listened. "Shh! shut it up for a second!" I whispered harshly at Ryan. He looked up at me giving me a 'what the hell' expression. I strained to hear something, glancing up and down the street all i could see was the occasional car illuminated by the street lamp and black a lot of black.

"Hurry it up, we gotta get out of here."

"I'm hurrying! this is a first for me too yeah know." Five long minitues later the engine roared to life the sound practically made me jump straight into the back of the car, I wasn't ready for it. Ryan throw it in gear and hit the gas and sped down the street once we where a good ten minutes away we slowed down and I started breathing again, " Holy hell, bro. We did it" I exclaimed.

Ryan just started laughing and took a glance at me. "What? You didn't have faith in me? I'm just messin' with you, man. I'm glad we got out of there with out anything happening you scared the hell out of me when you told me to shut up, I thought we where screwed." Ryan said between laughing.

I don't remember a time that I ever felt more alive than that night. A smile was stuck to my face and together Ryan and I drove straight to Oakland to cash in on our night of work. We had just entered the game and it seemed, at the time, the best idea we ever had.

We pulled into what looked like the most ghetto auto mechanics place I've ever seen. The sign above the one garage door was rusted and falling apart, in red paint was written Lou's Garage underneath that was, you break it we fix it.

"You sure this is the place?" I asked as we parked the car on the side of the street. 

"Yeah this is the address Danny gave me he said to ask for a Lou, tell him Dan sent you" 

We got out and started crossing the parking lot to the side door on the right of the garage. We where half way there when the door opened to show a big guy with a goatee and mean star in a oil stained one piece jumpsuit with Jesse written above his heart. "What ya'll kids doin' here" he yelled to us. We slowed to a stop and Ryan light up a cigarette. 

I called over " We're lookin for a guy name Lou! Dan sent us!"

He let out a grunted and walked back inside. Once he left the door frame we caught a glimpse inside all we could see where two other guys, a Mexican and skinny Black guy both couldn't be more than twenty. One was holding a gun, thats when I started to sweat a little but I trusted Danny and if he said these guys where straight then I believed him. 

"Hey give me some of that" I said to Ryan. He passed me his stogie and I took a nice long drag letting the smoke fill my lungs before I blew it out my nostrils. It took of some of the edge and I started to relax a bit. 

"How much longer do ya thi--" Ryan cut off his sentence as a guy with a noticeable limped stepped through the door and started walking toward us. Once he was about eight feet away he let out a sigh and said " The names Lou, what can I do fer ya?" 


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    • Instigator profile image

      Instigator 6 years ago from Logan, UT

      One of my good friends from where I used to live. He'll play a bigger role as the story unfolds.

    • profile image

      GuessWho;) 6 years ago

      Who is Danny?? In the story, not the one who commented above me..

    • profile image

      Danny 6 years ago

      It's comin along good man, can't wait for the next part