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Top 10 Books About Aliens

Updated on April 10, 2013

Top 10 Books about Aliens.

This top 10 list will be a little different. I'm not going to rank the books. The reason for this is that although you might think there are few books about aliens. You would be wrong. There are TONS of books about aliens. This genre branches all over the place. There are books about ancient aliens, crop circles, UFO's, USO's(Unidentified Underwater Objects) genetics, aliens as gods, channeling aliens from other star systems, and Reptilian/NWO aliens. Although I love this genre and believe something is out there I don't buy into a lot of theories floated out there. However, I do enjoy reading about them and peoples ideas about them. So I've picked my favorites from all the different Sub-Genres. Therefore it would be unfair of me to rank the books. I'll let you sort out which sort of Alien theory you'd like to research or entertain thoughts about.

Phoenix Lights - Sorry about the Grainy picture.
Phoenix Lights - Sorry about the Grainy picture.

Fact or Fiction

Are Aliens Real?

Its hard for anyone to tell for sure. Many people push aside all accounts with aliens as non-sense, delusion, or all out crack-pottery. However, over the years there have been many sane people that believe they have seen, been visited, or even abducted by aliens. There are a number of books about aliens out there and I have read a lot of them. I have never been visited, but I have had more than one experience of seeing unusual things in the sky. Most perplexing to me is the Phoenix lights (Google it if you've never heard of it). I've lived in Arizona for most of my life and about two blocks from an airport here growing up. Whatever it was I saw that night, I haven't ever seen before and thousands saw what I did. It wasn't 747s, small planes or Apache helicopters. (Lived near McDonnell Douglas for years too) To this day I don't know but it got me interested in the topic.

Ever met an Alien?

How would you know!

You'd be amazed to know that a lot of people in America and other countries believe that Aliens live among us already. There are books about Reptilians (Lizard Races) that control our society. DUMB's (Deep Underground Military Bases) that our government has created for their alliances with extraterritorial forces. Also that they hover nearby in some base and drop down to give us messages (Crop Circles) about our races development but our government hides from us.

Ancient Aliens

History and Aliens.

One of my personal favorite sub-genre of aliens is the Ancient Aliens Thoery. Many well educated men and women have studied ancient texts and drawn conclusions. You start out thinking they are crazy. That Charles Darwin taught in school disproves any such non-sense. Upon reading some of these books you might change your mind. Don't take my word for it, open your mind and read for yourselves.

Aliens in History - Aliens in Art, Architecture, and Bones

Your Opinion

Do You Think Aliens Exists?

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Alien books for entertainment and knowledge.

The truth of the matter is we may never know in our lifetimes if there is or isn't alien life near, far, or in between. I've read things about aliens I believe, things that I don't and even more that I cannot say for sure. If you aren't afraid to open your mind and question what you really do know than I suggest picking up a few of these titles and in the mean time take a look up at the sky at night every now and again.

What do you think?

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      anonymous 4 years ago

      David Icke's books opens up the eyes on many levels. Like the look and feel of your lens.