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Top 5 Classic Books by great minds of America for 21st Century Wisdom (paper back)

Updated on January 23, 2013

Top 5 Classic Books by great minds of America for 21st Century Wisdom (paper back)

Avi's Ranks

(1) Walden by Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862)

(2) Walden Two by B.F. Skinner (fiction) (1904-1990)

(3) Sea Around Us by Rachel Carson (1907-1964)

(4) Double Helix by James D. Watson (1928)

(5) On Human Nature by Edward .O. Wilson (1929)


As we enter the 2nd decade of the 21st century, need for wisdom in dealing with human nature & our natural environment has urgency as never before. As an independent community tv producer I have been climbing on the shoulders of great minds of America, not only increase my own understanding of two key priority challenges we face as a nation, America, a leader among nations on earth.

The two key priority topics for our generation & our children are (1) human nature (2) understand & respect earth's natural heritage, particularly, the Sea.

at this module, I will briefly introduce all five great minds with some images associated from the "Great Minds' series of my community service tv show, "Our Family Origins', here at Fairfax, VA.

Only 'great minds' not yet done, but in planning is Edward O. Wilson, a professor emeritus at a great American university, and still alive today. It is interesting to note, when B.F. Skinner was still alive, Wilson & Skinner debated the classic "Nature vs. Nurture" debate from the opposite corner, Skinner, for "nurture' dominated humanity, while Wilson argued "nature' dominated humanity.

Truth is probably closer to the fact, each of us, is often a "prisoner" of our environment as well as our genes to a great extent. But not completely. Value of "individual" mind must still be debated while we must climb on the shoulders of these five "great minds' , reflected on each of these five classic books.

Join me in this pursuit of knowledge and celebration for the sake of each of our own wisdom, on a family, community, nation, and as 'friends of earth "?

The Desolate 1936


W.O. Wilson Nature vs Nurture Debate of late 20th Century Fame


Link List for follow up with actionable knowledeg on "Wisdom for 21st Century" - Climbing on the shoulders of "Great Minds" !

Here are a few key links i have established to follow-up with on going forum, and actionable knowledge for action on the two key topics, discussed by the five great minds featured at this lens. There is a an important role for govenment, and government to government links. But our focus is individual to individual, community to community, and family links, so vital for pursuit of propserity & quality of life. Twin Project USA C2 ?

Top 5 Classic Books by great minds of America for 21st Century Wisdom (paper back) - Yoour Public Library, Gateway to Knowledge

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Public Library, Your Community & Mine: A Tool for Communinity, Family & Personal KnowledgeToday, Earth is our pond by the woods  !
Public Library, Your Community & Mine: A Tool for Communinity, Family & Personal Knowledge
Public Library, Your Community & Mine: A Tool for Communinity, Family & Personal Knowledge
Today, Earth is our pond by the woods  !
Today, Earth is our pond by the woods !

The Master


Beyond Walden Two Challanges


Text with BIG Picture


Community Vitality Boosters - My New Group at LinkedIn.Com. Welcome !

Please introduce yourself and share your thoughts on Rachel Carson or the other four 'great minds' as you read your favorite .

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