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Topics to write about

Updated on February 4, 2013

Some wonderful and interesting topics to write about

Some topics/ideas to write about

There's one key rule that every writer should understand before sitting down to write an article and that's "know your audience".

Who are you writing for? A limited group of subscribers to a magazine about pig farming or a wider, more general audience?

If your goal is to reach as many readers as possible, you'll need to know which subjects sell.

Given the choice between "How To Grow Mushrooms" and "Decorate Your Home on A Budget", which do you think would be the most popular? Pretty obvious, isn't it? But when you're faced with a choice between "Sell Your Junk on Ebay" and "How to find and destroy virus on your computer", it's no longer quite as easy to decide which topic to go with.

Herer are some ideas for those who are stuck up

1. Children

Babies are born every day creating a constant demand for advice about every aspect of childcare and general parenting.

Try to imagine of the kind of situations parents are likely to find themselves in and give them information to help them deal with it. If you're a parent yourself, you should have no trouble finding a plethora of sub-topics to write about.

Article ideas include:

* Entertaining young children during long journeys

* How to feed a fussy child

* Developing a regular sleep pattern

* When should solids be introduced?

* What you can do to improve your child's education and

* How to say "no" and mean it.

2. Home and Garden

When you consider that we spend most of our leisure time at home, it isn't difficult to understand the popularity of articles aimed at helping people make the most of their surroundings.

Women want beautiful, clutter-free homes where they can enjoy entertaining friends and a safe-haven where they can raise their families; men want homes that are easy to maintain and that won't make too big a hole in their bank accounts.

Article ideas include:

* De-cluttering your home

* Decorating on a budget

* Child-proofing your home

* How to throw a successful dinner party

* Quick cleaning tips and

* Designing a low maintenance garden.

3. Relationships

Most of us want to love and be loved. We want romance, great sex and the security of a stable relationship.

Articles aimed at those who are either looking for a relationship or want to improve the one they're in have are always popular and, contrary to what most may think, not just amongst women, either.

Article ideas include:

* How to attract a mate

* Where to go and/or how to act on a date

* Using an online dating service

* Does speed dating work?

* Great sex tips

* Is he having an affair? and

* Arranging a romantic break

4. Personal Care

Women have always spent time and money on their appearance but during the past few years men have been rapidly catching up.

While it's a shame that so many people are unhappy with their looks, as writers we can help them find new ways of dealing with their problems. We can offer advice to help them make changes or simply help them understand that they're not alone.

Article ideas include:

* How to combat spots and blemishes

* Looking great on a budget

* Home-made natural beauty products

* How to dress to suit your figure

* Dressing for different occasions and

* Give yourself the perfect manicure

5. Health

While health related articles weren't particular marketable a few years ago, with more and more people now turning towards a healthy lifestyle, there are now entire magazines and websites dedicated to healthy living.

Now that the focus has turned from cure to prevention, most people are looking for ways to improve their health. Fitness studios have never been so popular and even good old-fashioned walking's back in vogue.

Get typing and do your bit to bring health and vitality to those around you.

Article ideas include:

* Alternative therapies

* What is the "Body Mass Index"?

* Healthy weight loss

* Lowering the risk of heart disease and

* Low fat cooking

6. Making Money

This is one that'll never go out of fashion! No matter where in the world you are, there will be always people interested in making money.

Think of the stay-at-home parent who's looking for ways to help top-up the family income. What advice would you give to him or her? And what about those women who are trying to juggle a career and family without falling apart? Do you have any tips to help them cope?

What about those who are looking for a job? They're out to make money, too. What advice would you give somebody before going to an interview? How should they go about writing a CV?

And then there's saving money. As they say, a penny saved is a penny made.

Article ideas include:

* How to dress for an interview

* Making money on the Internet

* Running a business from home

* Tax saving tips

* How to find cheap flights and

* Generating an income from your hobby

7. Food and Drink

We eat every day. More often than not, we eat several times a day.

Eating isn't simply a means of survival. Everything from the preparation of a meal to actually eating it can be a fun and enjoyable task.

Whether for basic meals or for something more out of the ordinary, advice and tips on how to make food and drink more interesting always make popular articles and there are lots of food related traditions and festivals around the world that can make interesting articles, too.

Article ideas include:

* Healthy lunch packs for kids

* Successful dinner parties

* How to ice a cake

* Brew your own beer

* Meals for vegetarians and

* How to choose wine

8. Weddings

Every day, thousands of couples all over the globe saying "I do", making weddings a market that simply never dries up.

A plethora of services are available to help the engaged couple plan their wedding and for the writer, each and every service is also a subject to write about.

Article ideas include:

* Why employ a professional wedding planner?

* Displaying wedding photographs

* Scrap-booking your wedding

* Weddings on a budget

* How to choose a dress that will suit your figure

* The role of the best man and

* Wedding day hairstyles and/or make-up

9. Crafts and DIY

People love making things.

Whether it's a quilt to be given as a gift and heirloom, a toy for the baby of the family or a full set of kitchen cupboards, somebody out there will want to make it.

Article ideas include:

* Re-vamping old furniture

* Using paint effects

* The basic toolbox everybody should have

* Flower arranging

* How to hang wallpaper and

* Gifts to make on a budget

10. Self Improvement

People are always searching for ways of improving their lives and that often means looking inward and solving problems within themselves.

From improving self-confidence to increasing spiritual awareness, self improvement is a popular subject, especially amongst women.

Article ideas include:

* Speak up and be heard

* Meditation: How it can help you understand yourself

* Bring out the leader in you

* How to get what you really want

* Improving your communication skills and

* Disposing of emotional baggage

More wonderful topics to write about

1. a waiting room

2. a basketball, baseball glove, or tennis racket

3. a cell phone

4. a treasured belonging

5. a laptop computer

6. a favorite restaurant

7. your dream house

8. your ideal roommate

9. a closet

10. your memory of a place that you visited as a child

11. a locker

12. an accident scene

13. a city bus or subway train

14. an unusual room

15. a child's secret hiding place

16. a bowl of fruit

17. an item left too long in your refrigerator

18. backstage during a play or a concert

19. a vase of flowers

20. a rest room in a service station

21. a street that leads to your home or school

22. your favorite food

23. the inside of a spaceship

24. the scene at a concert or athletic event

25. an art exhibit

26. an ideal apartment

27. your old neighborhood

28. a small town cemetery

29. a pizza

30. a pet

31. a photograph

32. a hospital emergency room

33. a particular friend or family member

34. a painting

35. a storefront window

36. an inspiring view

37. a work table

38. a character from a book, movie, or television program

39. a refrigerator or washing machine

40. a Halloween costume

41. a memorable wedding or funeral

42. one minute of a football game (or other sporting event)

43. your first day at a new school or college

44. your first day at a new job

45. your last day on a job

46. a disastrous date

47. a moment of failure or success

48. an encounter that changed your life

49. an experience that led to renewed faith

50. a strange job interview

51. an experience that demonstrated how labor-saving devices can be more trouble than they're worth

52. an experience that left you disillusioned

53. an embarrassing experience

54. a frightening experience

55. a memorable journey

56. an encounter with someone or something you were afraid of

57. an occasion when you experienced rejection

58. your first visit to the country (or to a large city)

59. the breakup of a friendship

60. an experience that showed how we should be careful of what we wish for

61. a significant misunderstanding

62. a dangerous experience

63. an experience that showed how appearances can be deceiving

64. an account of a difficult decision that you had to make

65. an event that marked a turning point in your life

66. a historic event

67. a memorable encounter with someone in authority

68. an act of heroism or cowardice

69. an imaginary encounter with a real person

70. a rebellious act

71. a brush with greatness

72. a brush with death

73. a time that you took a stand on an important issue

74. an experience that altered your view of someone

75. a trip that you would like to take

76. a vacation trip from your childhood

77. an account of a visit to a fictional place

78. your first time away from home

79. two different versions of the same event

80. a traffic accident

81. a day when everything went right (or wrong)

82. an experience that made you laugh until you cried

83. the day you decided to change your life

84. the experience of being lost

85. an unexpected encounter

86. surviving a hurricane or a tornado (or other natural disaster)

87. an experience that taught you a lesson

88. an important discovery

89. an eyewitness account of an important event

90. an experience that helped you grow up

91. How to lose weight without losing your mind

92. How to win at Texas hold 'em

93. How to choose a major

94. How to find the perfect roommate

95. How to get rid of a roommate--without committing a crime

96. How to succeed in (or flunk out of) college

97. How to pitch a knuckleball

98. How to plan the perfect party

99. How to survive a night of babysitting

100. How to pitch a tent in the rain

101. How to housebreak your dog

102. How to kick a bad habit

103. How to overcome insomnia

104. How to stay sober on a Saturday night

105. How to rent your first apartment

106. How to avoid a nervous breakdown during exams

107. How to enjoy the weekend for under $20

108. How to make the perfect brownies

109. How to keep peace with a spouse or a roommate

110. How to bathe a cat

111. How to complain effectively

112. How to survive a recession

113. How to toilet train a baby

114. How to develop self-confidence

115. How to use Twitter

116. How to wash a sweater

117. How to build a great music collection--cheaply and legally

118. How to get along with an instructor without sucking up

119. How to give yourself a haircut

120. How to plan the perfect class schedule

121. How to apply the Heimlich maneuver

122. How to end a relationship

123. How to select the best portable media player

124. How to take decent photographs with your cell phone

125. How to quit smoking

126. How to survive without a car

127. How to make the perfect cup of tea

128. How to save money while saving the environment

129. How to build a great sandcastle

130. How to edit a video

131. How to make (and keep) friends on Facebook

132. How to insert a contact lens

133. How teachers make up exams

134. How parents (or children) make us feel guilty

135. How an iPod works

136. How ice cream is made

137. How a cell phone takes pictures

138. How a magician saws a woman in half

139. How a pocket calculator works

140. How a particular accident occurred

141. In a hierarchy every employee tends to rise to his level of incompetence. (The Peter Principle)

142. Work expands to fill the time available. (Parkinson's Law)

143. Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong. (Murphy's Law)

144. You'll never go broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public. (Barnum's Law)

145. "Adults are merely obsolete children." (Dr. Seuss)

146. Anticipation is often greater than realization.

147. "You don't know what you've got till it's gone." (Joni Mitchell)

148. A friend walks in when everyone else walks out.

149. "Punctuality is the virtue of the bored." (Evelyn Waugh)

150. When life throws you lemons, make lemonade.

151. "When everything is coming your way, you're in the wrong lane." (Steven Wright)

152. superstitions

153. the best or worst movie of all time

154. contemporary slang

155. Facebook friendships

156. your favorite (or least favorite) television program

157. your favorite (or least favorite) commercial

158. tattoos

159. Twitter

160. violence in video games

161. body piercings

162. changing gender roles

163. PowerPoint presentations

164. the most useful (or useless) invention

165. online high school or college courses

166. best or worst job (real or imagined)

167. your favorite (or least favorite) actor, singer, or musician

168. your favorite (or least favorite) fictional character

169. a parent's greatest responsibilities

170. fad diets

171. male or female stereotypes in popular culture

172. superstitions

173. the best (or worst) song lyrics

174. true leaders

175. good manners

176. the value of pets

177. best (or worse) fashions

178. true heroism

179. churchgoers

180. the different roles of a student

181. Two stages of a person's life

182. Two places you have visited

183. Two perspectives on the same place: past and present

184. Two perspectives on the same place: morning and night

185. Two fast-food restaurants

186. An online class compared to a traditional class

187. The Toyota Camry hybrid and the Camry sedan

188. Two candidates competing for public office

189. Two pets in the same household

190. The rules set for you as a child and the rules you have set (or plan to set) for your own children

191. Two professional athletes

192. Two views of your parents: before and after you left home

193. Your experiences before and after giving up a bad habit

194. Two neighborhoods

195. Two vampires

196. Two ways to break a bad habit

197. A real vacation and a dream vacation

198. Two hosts of late-night talk shows

199. A good boss and a bad boss

200. Bulimia and anorexia

201. Two video games

202. Two classes in the same subject: one in high school and the other in college

203. The car you own and the car you dream of owning

204. Two types of exercise

205. Two ways of studying for an exam

206. Two sports fans

207. Two ways of losing weight: one healthy, the other dangerous

208. Microsoft's Zune and Apple's iPod

209. Your family home and the house of your dreams

210. Harry Potter--on the page and on the screen

211. Two memorable teachers or professors

212. Two workplaces

213. Two coffee shops

214. Infatuation versus love

215. Two close friends

216. Living on campus and living off campus

217. A starting pitcher and a reliever

218. Two ways of downloading music or movies

219. Two versions of the movie Invasion of the Body Snatchers

220. An active student and a passive student

221. On-campus jobs for students

222. Roommates

223. Hobbies

224. Music on your MP3 player

225. Study habits

226. Stand-up comedians

227. Self-centered people

228. Online educational resources

229. Gardeners

230. Drivers

231. Reality shows on television

232. Sales clerks

233. Television detectives

234. Road trips

235. Dancing styles

236. Video games

237. Customers at your work place

238. Ways of boring people

239. Cheaters

240. Visitors to a museum

241. Rides at an amusement park

242. First dates

243. Videos on YouTube

244. Stores in the mall

245. People waiting in line

246. Churchgoers - Sorry this was a repeat (Please ignore)

247. Attitudes toward exercising

248. Reasons for attending (or not attending) college

249. Baseball pitchers, football quarterbacks, or soccer goalies

250. Styles of eating in the cafeteria

251. Ways of saving money

252. Talk-show hosts

253. Vacations

254. Methods of studying for a final examination

255. Friends

256. Comedians

257. Ways of quitting smoking

258. Attitudes toward money

259. Television comedies

260. Diets

261. Sports fans

262. Attitudes toward politics

263. Ways of coping with a cold

264. Note-taking strategies

265. Attitudes toward tipping in restaurants

266. Political activists

267. Portable music players

268. Different uses of social networking sites (such as Facebook and MySpace)

269. High school teachers or college professors

270. Ways of protecting the environment

271. Peace of mind

272. Kindness

273. Sexism

274. Gumption

275. Racism

276. Sportsmanship

277. Honor

278. Modesty

279. Self-assurance

280. Humility

281. Dedication

282. Sensitivity

283. Trust

284. Respect

285. Ambition

286. Right to privacy

287. Generosity

288. Laziness

289. Charisma

290. Common sense

291. Team player

292. Maturity

293. Integrity

294. Healthy appetite

295. Frustration

296. Optimism

297. Sense of humor

298. Liberal

299. Conservative

300. A good (or bad) teacher or professor

301. Physical fitness

302. Feminism

303. A happy marriage

304. True friendship

305. Courage

306. Citizenship

307. Success

308. A good (or bad) coach

309. Intelligence

310. Personality

311. A good (or bad) roommate

312. Political correctness

313. Peer pressure

314. Leadership

315. Persistence

316. Responsibility

317. Human rights

318. Sophistication

319. Self-respect

320. Heroism

321. Thrift

322. Sloth

323. Vanity

324. Pride

325. Beauty

326. Greed

327. Virtue

328. Progress

329. A good (or bad) boss

330. A good (or bad) parent

331. Dieting makes people fat.

332. Romantic love is a poor basis for marriage.

333. The war on terror has contributed to the growing abuse of human rights.

334. High school graduates should take a year off before entering college.

335. All citizens should be required by law to vote.

336. All forms of government welfare should be abolished.

337. Both parents should assume equal responsibility in raising a child.

338. Americans should have more holidays and longer vacations.

339. Participating in team sports helps to develop good character.

340. The production and sale of cigarettes should be made illegal.

341. People have become overly dependent on technology.

342. Censorship is sometimes justified.

343. Privacy is not the most important right.

344. Drunk drivers should be imprisoned on the first offense.

345. The lost art of letter-writing deserves to be revived.

346. Government and military personnel should have the right to strike.

347. Most study-abroad programs should be renamed "party abroad": they are a waste of time and money

348. The continuing decline of CD sales along with the rapid growth of music downloads signals a new era of innovation in popular music.

349. College students should have complete freedom to choose their own courses.

350. The solution to the impending crisis in Social Security is the immediate elimination of this anachronistic government program.

351. The primary mission of colleges and universities is preparing students for the workforce.

352. Financial incentives should be offered to high school students who perform well on standardized tests.

353. All students in high school and college should be required to take at least two years of a foreign language.

354. College students in the U.S. should be offered financial incentives to graduate in three years rather than four.

355. College athletes should be exempted from normal class attendance policies.

356. To encourage healthy eating, higher taxes should be imposed on soft drinks and junk food.

357. Students should not be required to take physical education courses.

358. To conserve fuel and save lives, the 55 miles-per-hour national speed limit should be restored.

359. All citizens under the age of 21 should be required to pass a driving education course before receiving a license to drive.

360. Any student caught cheating on an examination should be automatically dismissed from college.

More from

Before starting the search for interesting topics to write about, you should understand where your interests lie. Only then will you be able to identify the writing topics that fascinate you. It is advisable to begin by noting down your areas of interest, and then constructing a topic around these interests. If everything else fails, then write on writing itself, which is what this 'humble author' is doing.

Being a student of science, I am very interested in anything that has to do with science. I am particularly fascinated by weird science. In the following article, I will be exploring topics related to this science, as well as some other interesting fields.

When Aliens Meet Earthlings

The phenomenon of UFO sightings has been a thrilling topic for most of us over the years. America wouldn't be America without alien abductions stories and UFO sightings. Writing about extraterrestrial activity is one of the most fascinating subjects in the world.

* Are There Aliens?

* Aliens vs Zombies

* What do Aliens Look Like?

* Monsters vs Aliens

* Real Alien Sightings

* Is There Life on Other Planets

* Extraterrestrial Beings and Humans

Food for Thought: Do you think there are aliens amongst us?

Fun Fact: Almost 2 percent of Americans have experiences like those of alien abduction.

The Mystique of the Paranormal

Paranormal means outside of normal. It is another one of the interesting topics to write about. If you haven't written on paranormal phenomena yet, you have to do it now. Experiences such as deja-vu are experienced by almost everyone. Astral projection, telekinesis and telepathy are some other experiences that you can explore.

* Near Death Experiences

* Supernatural Orbs

* What is Deja Vu?

* Past Life Regression

* Remote Viewing Techniques

* What is an Out of Body Experience?

* Move Things with Your Mind

* Automatic Writing Experiences by Contacting Spirits

Food for Thought: Should paranormal be called abnormal or above normal?

Fun Fact: There was a belief poll held in 2005 which concluded that around 73 percent of Americans believe in paranormal phenomenon.

Ghost Mysteries and Supernatural Phenomena

Supernatural means beyond natural. Who doesn't like to talk about ghosts? Ghost stories and mysterious supernatural occurrences can make thrilling writing topics.

* Tears of Virgin Mary

* Ghost Stories

* Haunted Places

* The Day When the Earth Stood Still

* Are Vampires Real?

* Vampire Myths and Legends

* Psychic Abilities


Latest Bigfoot Sightings

Food for Thought: God and ghosts have striking similarities.

Fun Fact: Count Dracula, which many believe to be the first vampire, is a real historical figure.

Mysteries of the World

It is the dream of every writer to write about a mystery. And since you are searching for interesting essay writing topics, you can start with various mysteries around the world.

* Earth Mysteries

* Lost Civilizations of the World

* Mysteries of the Crystal Skulls

* Crop Circle Mystery

* Facts About Trojan War

* The Mystery of the Maya

* Bermuda Triangle

* Mankind's Most Ancient Mysteries: The Great Pyramids and Their Mummies

* Supernatural Mysteries in Bermuda Triangle

* Unsolved Murder Mysteries

* Mysteries of the Mind

Food for Thought: Should mysteries remain mysteries, or should we attempt to solve them, so that they are no longer mysteries?

Fun Fact: NYPD has a 200 year old murder case which they do not intend to solve.

The Matter of Astronomy

After going through the mysteries of the world, let us look at the mysteries of the universe. There are many interesting topics to write about in this field, such as the formation of the universe or the solar system or the earth. Everyone loves to write about it.

* Fun Facts about Astronomy

* How was the Universe Created

* Supernova

* What are Stars Made Of

* How was the Sun Formed

* Getting into Black Holes

* Life Cycle of a Star

* Existence of Life on Mars

Food for Thought: Will astronomers ever find life beyond our planet?

Fun Fact: Chinese astronomers are the only people to have seen the occurrence of a supernova with naked eyes.

The Predictive and Unpredictable Arts

Someone very wise once said, "If it isn't science, it's magic". The predictive arts are not magic, but they are not exact science either. Examples of predictive arts include face-reading, palmistry, and so on. Exploring the nature of such things make interesting essay topics.

* Fortune Telling

* Tea Leaf Reading

* Hypnosis

* Astrology History and Beliefs

* Crystal Healing

* Horoscopes

* Handwriting Analysis

* Astrology Signs Compatibility

Food for Thought: How many predictions in your daily horoscope have come true?

Fun Fact: There's actually a Skeptic Encyclopedia of Pseudosciences.

Intriguing Animal Topics

All the essay writing topics given above are really interesting topics to write about, but interesting is a relative term. What may be interesting to one person may not be interesting to another. As an author, I find topics related to animals very interesting. The comparison of the crazy human behavior to normal animal behavior, the comparison of normal human behavior to crazy animal behavior, is quite intriguing, to say the least. Writing about animals with a touch of humor can make for interesting topics to write about.

* Unusual Animal Facts

* Jungle Animals

* Do Dogs Go to Heaven When They Die?

* Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches

* Dog Breeds

* Hedgehogs as Pets

* Strange Cat Behavior

* African Animals List

* Komodo: Earth's Last Dragon

* Extinct Animals of last 100 years

* Exotic Animals and Pets

* The Psychology of Animals

Food for Thought: At the current rate of extinction of various species, will we also soon become endangered animals?

Fun Fact: The Bat and the blue whale, of which one flies in air and the other swims at the bottom of the sea, are both taxonomically related to monkeys.

Interesting Relationship Topics: Relationship issues are one of the fun topics to write about. You are free to explore any aspect you want. You can be sarcastic, funny, naughty, happy and emotional as well. You can write about your own experiences, you can borrow from someone else's experience, or you can 'make up' as you go along. Well, writing interesting things about relationships should be easy enough.

* Cute Pick Up Lines

* Flirting Tips for Girls

* Dating Tips for Men

* Things Girls Like to Hear

* Romantic Ways to Propose

* Simple Ways to Attract Women

* How to Stop Being Jealous

* Tips For Hopelessly Single Women

Food for Thought: What do women want in a relationship?

Fun Fact: Did you know that heterosexuals and homosexuals respond differently to same type of pheromones?

Interesting Essay Writing Topics: Essay writing has been a form of self expression for centuries now. Finding the right essay topic is important. Also the nature of the topic should be such that the reader should feel like reading the essay at the first look.

* Time Travel

* Random Facts

* Interesting Useless Facts

* List of Interesting Words in English

* List of Persuasive Essay Topics

* Weird Ice Cream Flavors

* Interesting Topics of Conversation

* Controversial Topics in America

* Phoenix Bird

Food for Thought: What is the word count of the longest essay ever written?

Fun Fact: There was a 'shortest essay writing competition' held on the Internet. The essay that won was one-sentence long!

Funny Interesting Topics to Write About: Humor is the essence of life. If you haven't laughed, then you haven't lived. There is a reason why people call laughter the best medicine. Although humorous writing is not everyone's forte, writing on funny topics is worth it.

* The Very Funny English Language

* Funny Movie Quotes

* Maddening Malapropisms

* Funny Maid of Honor Speeches

* Funny Wedding Quotes

* Funny Mottos about Life

* Funny Conversation Starters

* Funny Alcohol Quotes

Food for Thought: Mirror mirror on the wall, which is the funniest of them all.

Fun Fact: Donald Duck has a middle name and it is Fauntleroy.

End of the World: Doomsday prophesies are abound. The Mayan calender has predicted the end of the world in 2012. Nostradamus, a famous French astrologer, has also predicted the end of the world through his prophesies. As an astute student of science, I'd like to believe that these prophesies are nothing but calculated guesses at the most.

* Nostradamus: Prophesies and Predictions

* Nostradamus: Predictions About the World War 3

* Is the World Going to End in 2012

Food for Thought: If the world is really going to end, what would you be doing right now?

Fun Fact: The world still exists!

So, let's not worry about whether the world is going to end or not. Chances are it's not. And even if it is, sooner or later, there's nothing we are going to be able to do about it. So, why worry? In fact, it's all the more reason to focus on writing something interesting before we die! Hope my article on interesting topics to write about has given you an interesting essay writing idea, and has been a fun, informative, and 'interesting' read.

100 more topics for u from

One Hundred Topics to Write About list 100 subjects to give the writer an idea of how to contribute to the online community of readers. Topics are long-tailed meaning that if googled the will get many more ideas on what the writer can choose as a topic. If the writer has written on one of the hundred listed topics and would like to expand on the subject, enter the topic in the Google Search Engine and then scroll down. Writers should not plagiarize and can get an idea on related topics of interest within their niche that is relevant to the intended audience.

Add a Word or Two if the Topic Shows Up as Being Used

These hundred topics to write about are offered as help to writers. A preposition here or a conjunction there will change the title without changing the subject. This listing and most titles are how to topics that can be modified by deleting the "how to" and making a statement of helpful information.

Because most online writers are writing to make money, keywords are suggested to increase online traffic and online earnings. Most popular categories of topics include love, relationships, money, sex, weight loss, entertainment and politics.

1. Why Money Matters

2. How to Save Money for College

3. How to Make Money in Your Slippers

4. How to Keep Money in Your Wallet

5. About Credit Union Banking

6. The Difference Between Banks and Credit Unions

7. How to Choose a Bank

8. How to Direct Deposit Your Payroll Check

9. How to Build Wealth

10. How to Find Investors

11. How to Get a Second Job

12. How to Get Promoted

13. How to Manage Money

14. The Importance of Marriage and Money Management

15. What Concerns the Rich and Famous

16. Why Does America have a High Unemployment Rate

17. Popular Vacation Spots

18. How to Make Money Writing Online

19. Why Weight Matters

20. Why is it Difficult to Lose Weight

21. How to Be Successful at Weight Loss

22. How to Lose Weight Exercising

23. How Friends Can Help or Hinder Dieting

24. About Weight Loss Programs

25. How to Lose Weight With Exercise

26. Foods to Eat to Lose Weight Fast

27. How to Lose Weight

28. What's Good About Eating Fruits and Veggies

29. Is Jogging Better than Walking to Lose Weight

30. What to Wear to Exercise

31. How to Join a Gym to Lose Weight

32. How to Organize College Activities to Improve Performance

33. How to Make a Healthy Fruit Smoothie

34. How to Make Junk Mail Disappear

35. How to Bandage a Wound

36. How to Do a Self-Manicure

37. How to Buy Running Shoes

38. How to Choose a Craft

39. How to Lower Cholesterol

40. The Healthy Way to Cook Eggs

41. How to Make a Sandcastle

42. How to Travel Light

43.How to Choose a Hotel

44. How to Deal with Insomnia

45. How to Prepare for College

46. How to Decorate a Christmas Tree

47. How to Cater Thanksgiving Dinner

48. How to Make Apple Turnovers

49. How to Make Southern Biscuits

50. How to Sew

51. How to Become a Fashion Merchandiser

52. How to Apply Make Up

53. How to Apply Your Makeup Like a Professional Cosmetologist

54. How to Get a Tan

55. Why Moisturize Your Skin

56.How to Protect Your Skin from the Sun

57. How to Select Sexy Clothing with Class

58. How to Save Money Energy at Home

59. How to Say No to Aggressive People

60. How to Organize a Desk Drawer

61. How to Keep Your Home Safe

62. How to Have a Good Fun at the Beach

63. How to Shop Frugally

64. How Save Money on Gifts

65. How to Drive in Inclement Weather

66. How to Talk to An Annoying Person

67. How to Buy the Right Walking Shoes

68. How to Press Clothes Like the Dry Cleaners

69. How to Buy a Winter Coat to Flatter Figure

70. How to Get Your Partner in the Mood for Sex

71. How to Get Sexual Healing

72. What to Wear with Skinny Jeans

73. How to buy an Engagement Ring

74. How to Drop Two Sizes Quickly

75. How To Wear Skinny Jeans Comfortably

76. How to Tie Dye a Tee Shirt

77. How Put Studs in Jeans (No pun intended)

78. How to Haggle at a Yard Sale

79. What You Should Never Buy at a Yard Sale

80. Topics to Talk About on a First Date

81. How to Know if He Will Call You for a Second Date

82. How to Walk to Lose Weight

83. How to Paint a Home Interior

84. How to Feed Your Pet Puppy

85. How to Know if a Man Will Make a Good Husband

86. Popular TV Shows

87. About Marriage Problems

88. Why Jennifer Anniston is the most Eligible Bachorlette

89. Difference Between TV Ads and Computer Ads

90. Should Jon and Kate Be On TV After Divorce

91. About Vanna White Career on Wheel of Fortune

92. The Future of American Idol

93. How to Keep Boyfriend Interest

94. How to End a Relationship

96. Makeovers Changes and Relationships Changes

97. How to Get a Guy to Marry

98. What Do Men Want

99. What do Women Want.

100.Why Writers Write

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I have summarized from many sites so as to serve as a central repository... Let me know what u think.


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