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The Best Books for Young Adults 2014

Updated on August 3, 2014

The Best Books for Young Adults 2014

I think that we see a lot of promotion for books that appeal to women and thus men get left behind. This reading list is designed for all men, but I think that young men will find this list especially appealing. It ranges from classics, contemporary, mystery, science fiction, and plot-driven action novels.

All young men should be reading these books in 2013.

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Slaughterhouse-Five: A Novel (Modern Library 100 Best Novels)
Slaughterhouse-Five: A Novel (Modern Library 100 Best Novels)

An anti-war plot that goes against the constrictive nature of society!



Deliverance (Modern Library 100 Best Novels)
Deliverance (Modern Library 100 Best Novels)

In this first person narration by graphic artist Ed, we follow Ed and his three middle aged friends on a canoe trip in Georgia's back country. It covers themes of isolation and social taboos when two of the men are sexually assaulted by two hunters in the woods. The novel examines male shame and the ability to recover from trauma.


The Brothers Karamazov

The Brothers Karamazov
The Brothers Karamazov

Everybody should give this book a chance even though it is over eight hundred pages


Why Young Men Should BE Reading Fiction

Fiction not only activates, but also improves the cognitive functions that allow us to thrive socially.

That means that by reading more, you can develop yourself as a man worth being around.

Fiction explores relationships between selves and the interactions that can occur between people. It can teach men how to be men without forcing pedagogy on the masculinity.

Theory of Mind:

Cognitive scientists call this ability “theory of mind” because when we interact with others, it’s impossible for us to know exactly what they’re thinking/feeling/perceiving, so we have to construct a theory of what they’re thinking/feeling/perceiving in their mind. Without theory of mind, social interaction would be awkward, clumsy, and nearly impossible.

The Known World

Genre War

What Genre is Better?

A Good Man Is Hard to Find and Other Stories

The Things They Carried

Invisible Man

What We Talk About When We Talk About Love: Stories

What We Talk About When We Talk About Love: Stories
What We Talk About When We Talk About Love: Stories

Raymond Carver's short stories don't screw with your head. He presents real life conflicts that happen every single day and manages to evoke emotion that you have never felt in any other fiction.

Carver's short stories are riveting and surprising. He highlights conflicts that we may have experienced then elevates it to high fiction.

Young men should read these to get a grip on what life is like outside of high school and action films.


Legends of the Fall

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