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Trashy Summer Reading

Updated on April 6, 2013

Going poolside with a real paper made book...

I just came back from an amazing vacation in Jamaica. While I was there on my 7 day vacation I spent a lot of time pool side. To say that Iâm an avid reader would be an understatement, I love to read and use my imagination to create the vision of the story rather than sit in front of a television. These days there are so many options for reading. iPads, cell phones, Kindle, the list could go on and on. So we always come to the argument (well not really, just opinions) about the best way to read a new book. Everyone is all about their technology; except for me I stand behind needing to feel the pages. Yep, Iâm one of those people that love the library simply because I love the way it smells. The older the library the better, thereâs cause for another lens if Iâve ever had one. Make note to self.

So why the argument on technology and reading? I have to admit that I am a little jealous of those people pulling Kindles out from their purses or carry ons while Iâm lugging a novel around. It would be nice to not have the extra weight and anyone who has traveled through an airport knows that every ounce you are carrying really matters. But guess what? My paper novel, really made with actual paper and ink can go pool side, safely. It can sit in the hot sun of Jamaica, it can get wet, although not recommended but if it does it isnât a big deal, it doesnât need charging of any kind. And letâs not forget that it can be used to hide from the sun or be used as a pillow or coaster. Just try that with your technology.

Books I would recommend for poolside would have to be something trashy and I mean trashy. My book of choice was picked solely for the title. Hollywood Wives by Jackie Collins. Normally I read Clive Cussler and take his characters everywhere I go, of course Iâm at the point of being out of things to read since Iâve read them all but normally I will still carry and re-read one of his books if I need entertaining. But this Hollywood Wives was surely going to be full of fluff and certainly lives out being a trashy novel so donât read this book if you are sensitive to sex talk cause she really gets graphic and yet there is a pretty good story going on in the background. Yes they just donât write books like that anymore. Please donât leave comments about the Grey Series, ugh. Donât even get me started on how badly written those are and for someone that is used to reading the works of CC and his co-writers it just makes that hard to choke down and literally thatâs what I had to do to get through the first of the Gray Trilogy. Can we say google, copy and paste? Oh right, I wasnât going to get started on that.

Hollywood Wives (1983)

Jackie Collins

Basically it is the Wives of Orange County before Comcast. Except instead of just whiny, cranky housewives with more money than they know what to do with these are woman that are fighting for their world in the Hollywood scenes. Whether they are woman trying to be movie makers or wives of movie makers or actresses, this book gets graphic and you have no problem keeping your nose into it from cover to cover. The best part, the background story of murder. Jackie Collins is a hell of a writer in my opinion, she keeps it interesting and her style is old school. Of course that book was written a while back so today it is old school. There are a lot of characters in this novel to follow. If you like a novel that is full of little stories this is a must read. I can't say that on a normal day I would pick this one up but again when I knew I was going to be on a vacation that was going to be spent mostly poolside I knew I wanted to feel like I was a woman on vacation and give my brain a break and read something girly that would go along with the tremendous amounts of Rum Punch I would be consuming. Perfection!

Jackie Collins on Amazon

Hollywood Wives
Hollywood Wives

80's style trashy novel. A must read if you are looking for that 'trashy" summer read and look how cheap it is!!!

Hollywood Wives - The New Generation
Hollywood Wives - The New Generation

I haven't read this one but maybe on my next vacation, let me know if you read it and what you think


If you are less into trashy sex novels

If you are less into trashy sex novels

I would highly, highly, highly recommend the books by Chelsea Handler. O.M.G.!!! If laugh is what you want to do get these, ALL OF THEM!!! Let me tell you my first experience with her books.

A few years back I was in Seattle waiting for my flight to head back East and I left my Cussler at my sisters house so I went browsing through the newspaper/book store inside the airport. I was in a fairly good mood so when I came across the title Are you there Vodka?. It's me, Chelsea I just had to buy it. I never buy books from their titles or covers yet this had to be done. At this point you either know that I take drinking seriously while on vacation or that I prefer to really let my brain take a vacation as well, please don't judge, life is short so I believe in keeping my sense of humor as well as eating desert first. So anyways I make my purchase and head to the boarding area and cracked it open, almost immediately I am laughing and enthralled. Once I got boarded and situated I returned to reading and here I am on this airbus that is so quiet that you could hear a mouse sneeze and I'm uncontrollably laughing till tears are pouring down my face, I couldn't even read through the blur of tears. This chic is hilarious! Maybe not the writing but the stories she is telling. I don't know if it is because I can relate to the stories or if they are that absurd but I guarantee you are going to laugh your way through. I had people literally come up to me after we offloaded asking me what I was reading as well as people coming up to me during my layover asking me if the book was any good. I wonder how many issues of that book got sold just by the title.

Well anyways that day I bought and read the entire book, I've never laughed so hard in all my life and that was the day I learned who this Chelsea Handler even was. Like I said earlier I don't watch too much television so I had no idea who she even was or that she existed. I'm not a fan of her show, it's funny but not her books funny but that could just be me and my imagination needing to create the visions for the books I read versus the boobtube doing it for me.

Here are some things you will get out of her books if you so decide to find them and make them part of your life. Weight issues, family issues, drinking issues, and dating issues. Issues, issues. We've all got them and maybe it was just nice to read about someone else and hear the sense of humor she had to have to make it through what could have been something miserable, she certainly found the silver lining in most issues and the dating stories are beyond funny. Again I guarantee you are going to laugh and not be able to put these books down and when you get to the last page you are going to be saying NOOOOOOO not yet, I'm not ready for it to be The End <3

Please don't judge

Sometimes I like to write about things that entertain me. Mostly I write about things that I think can help my readers accomplish something more effectively like fundraising or the nasty chore of cleaning something in your home. I'm one of those people that have stacks and stacks of tablets with story ideas, short stories, or a book in progress going on at all times. But sometimes my brain needs a vacation from all the thinking. Anyone that is trying to get a story out of their head and onto paper knows how exhausting it can be to have this what seems like another life going on inside your head at all times. So I give myself this little luxury of writing something humorous to me but normally I don't publish them so when I saw that squidoo was looking for summer reading as a quest I thought that I needed to share my experiences with these authors. I appreciate reading something that has made me laugh and is memorable. I know how much effort it takes to make that happen and so it's the least that I can do is to write about them in hopes that you too will get some memorable laughs out of them as well.

Thank you Jackie Collins and Chelsea Handler for the entertainment. Bet neither of you dreamed you'd be in the same article, EVER

Guestbook - let me know if you've read these books and what you thought

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