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Mothers Are Awesome.

Updated on July 21, 2015
  • I can never ever forget you sweet mother

    I would always remember you - my sweet mother

    How you rocked me on my cradle bed

    When I was still but a tiny tot

    Just how you fed me with your sweet breast - forever lingers

    Clinging to it like limpet to rock

    Clawing and squeezing it to extract its juicy contents

    And how you often keeps me abreast of what life all entails

    Oh! kudos to you sweet mother.

    All of these years, you have lived your whole life

    Catering and caring for me through your benevolence

    Come rain...come shine.

    You' ve always been there for me all through thick and thin!

    Nudging and urging me day by day to the pathway of success

    Even when I was still an embryo in your womb

    You were always there to nurture and care!

    A cracking little thingy I was in there all through.

    Kicking your tummy from within as if there was a football match

    Ah! You still beamed with smile regardless

    I must say nothing can take your place in my heart

    Nothing can vitiate my love for you my sweet mother

    Even when the clock is ticking down

    When life feels like it's hot

    And it feels like breaking up like it's hot

    You've always showed me the pathway of life to tread

    It rolls in the aisles now to know that this will spread

    To my kids now and generations yet unborn

    You've ever told me that life is a challenge

    And that that is what makes it interesting

    You've thought me a smiling culture

    Even when a state of confusion emerges like a mighty giant

    And stares me nakedly in the face

    And things tend to move in a snail-pace

    You've told me ''life is awesome''

    That slow and steady win the race

    A positive thinking based on factual maxim, you often say!.

    An amazing antidote livelong...sweet mother.

    I doff my hat to you

    Mothers are everywhere...

    Nonetheless, you stick out a mile!

    For you are fabulous and fellow-feeling

    A sweetest mother that is kind-hearted

    It is quite indescribable to have

    A true mother in a million.

    You are like a candle that burns

    To light my life when in the dark

    From the rising of the sun

    Till the gloaming of the same

    Thank you for your open-handedness

    Keeping open house even to strangers

    Just with all eagerness, pure zing and zest

    This shows in a dazzling range of evidences

    Of your love and generousity to me and all

    You are endearingly loving mother

    An epitome of love, you remain forever in my heart!

    A howling treasure for numerous to measure

    Words alone cannot convey my deepfelt affection and gratitude

    For having you as my mother - you are adorable!

    I love you very much dearly, sweet mother.

    And what else can I wholeheartedly say in addition

    Than to wish you from the bottom of my heart...

    Happy Mother's Day.


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    • Treasure Tweet profile image

      Treasure Tweet 7 years ago from United Kingdom

      Thanks a million,Treasuresofheaven.What a great thingy to be one of the hubbers here.And let's face it,Mothers are tacitly amazingly sweet!.You mothers know that!.Again,I appreciate you all ''sweet mothers'' now and always - Cheers!.

    • Treasuresofheaven profile image

      Sima Ballinger 7 years ago from Michigan

      Welcome to HubPages! You have celebrated mothers with this poem, rightfully so! Mothers are Awesome! I really like that you kept referring to mothers as "sweet mother."

      Thanks for thinking of mothers!


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