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Poems about trees - meditations and reflections on nature

Updated on November 23, 2015

Poems About Trees: Reflections on Nature


Trees are our natural companions breathing in what we breathe out, breathing out what we breathe in.   Trees reflect something of ourselves - a history, an appearance, a position, an ecology.
Trees are energy fields with their own resonance and aura.

Hug a tree and feel the pull of its energy.   Meditate on a tree - listen to its message, feel its energy, share its history, understand the ambiguity and paradox of nature, accept the insight offered.

Nature reflects the paradox and ambiguity of our lives and its creative resolution of opposites.

Nature portrays the interconnectedness of our lives and the fact that the welfare of the whole depends on the welfare of the individual and vice versa.

Trees reflect their ecology just as we do - the nurturance, conflict, competition, interconnection, history, interdependence, shared energy. 

Trees  reflect our lives if we look, listen and learn.

Here are some of my own tree meditations expressed as poems.


 (Photo by Digitonin - Flick photoset)



A living monument

To lives sacrificed in war

Children's playground

Haven for birds

A life of freedom enjoyed.

Copyright 2009 - Ron Passfield - all rights reserved worldwide.

(A poem inspired by the trees in memorial Park Bulimba. The fig trees were planted 90 years ago in 1919 when the park was created as a memorial to local servicemen and women who gave their lives to defend our freedom in World War 1. Today the park has a large playground enjoyed by many children and parents. It is also home to the Southside Eagles Soccer club and children from under 7 upwards play and train there daily. The fig trees line the perimeter of the park.)


The Solitary Sentinel

Reaching out and bending back

Fragility and strength

Standing firm and gently yielding

Bowed and straight

A solitary sentinel, contrasting hues.

Ron Passfield

Inspiration : Jacaranda on footpath near coffee shop at Coorparoo, Brisbane.

Copyright 2001 - Ron Passfield - all rights reserved worldwide

winds of change
winds of change


Wind-blown trees

Dancing rythmically

Chaotic movement

Swaying in unison

Different trees, different responses.

I was wathching the trees in the image respond to wind gusts - some had branches that danced rythmically, others displayed what looked like chaotic movement and another tree had branches that swayed together in time. It reminded me of the different responses that people have to change.


Radiant Beauty

Resplendent purple, a carpet of colour

Fully clothed in regal garment

Refreshing hue, eye-catching glow

Noticed from above and below

Radiant beauty, swiftly shed.

Ron Passfield

Inspiration : Jacaranda - typically flowers in October (exam time) and sheds its flowers 1-2 months later, leaving a purple carpet on the ground. From the air you can see the bright purple Jacarandas dotted all over Brisbane.

Copyright 2001 - Ron Passfield - all rights reserved worldwide


Straight and Tall

Straight and tall , an enviable symmetry

A golden aura against the light blue sky

Standing firm and strong, an imposing figure

Bending gracefully with the winds of change

Timeless wisdom, an awareness of stature.

Ron Passfield

Inspiration: a very tall fir tree standing above encroaching "development".

Copyright 2000 - Ron Passfield - all rights reserved worldwide.


Crooked and Strong

Twisted limbs turned in on themselves

A haven for others

Strong and unbending

The talk of the town

Rustic beauty and distorted shapes.

Ron Passfield

Inspiration: From the verandah - the Grevillia Sandra Gordon - favorite home for flocks of Rainbow Lorikeets and pairs of Rosellas. Rainbow Lorikeets eat the nectar from the yellow Bottle Brush and when they move on the Rosellas eat the seeds. Passers-by would comment on the bright yellow Bottle Brush and the beautiful birds.

Copyright 2000 Ron Passfield. All rights reserved worldwide.

Chris james - singer/songwriter
Chris james - singer/songwriter

Wonderland of Green

Song written by Chris James


There is a wonderland of green waiting to be seen

Out of the corner of your eyes

It's there to be touched and loved and listened to

That wonderland of green.

Chris James teaches mindfulness through music on a world-wide basis. He is a former Buddhist monk and is on a mission to help people discover that they have a beautiful voice. His workshops include those that teach you to find your own naturally beautiful voice through breathing, chanting and singing. I have been to many workshops run by Chris over the past ten years and recommend him very highly. He has produced a number of very moving CDs that can help you find your inner self and inner strength, particularly in times of stress.

Chris James - singer and songwriter

Trees and Nature - Amazon Books


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