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Near death experince

Updated on February 16, 2016

I was at deaths door from a heart attack.

Hi my name is joe pettigrew I am a lense writer here on squidoo writing about my near death experince. It all started one early morning about 7:30 am on september 7th labor day in 1992. I awoke with all intentions of getting breakfast and telling my wife and kids that I would be back after work around 7:00pm. My wife was in the kitchen cooking breakfast, when I set up on the side of my bed I new something wasn"t right I felt extreme pressure in my chest. I thought I had a lot of gas from eating pasta from the night before but it was not to be. I called for my wife of 18 years to inform her that I thought I was having a heart attack she screamed to the children and they came running whats wrong they ask. Their mother told them to call for the ambulance that I was having a heart attack. We lived about 10 miles from the hospital on a country road and it took a while for them to get there. The EMTs were great they checked my blood pressure it was high 210 over 165. Pulse was low in the lows 30s so they loaded me in the ambulance and whist me off to the hospital when I arived they moved me over on the bed off the stretcher and thats where I went into cardiact arest. Which means I flatlined with no heartbeat litterly I was dead. They begin to shock me with several attempts to get my heart beat back. At first it did not work so they gave me this clot busting drug called TPA a drug that thins the blood so to make the heart get some blood pumping through my vains. And while this was all going on thats when I had my outer body experince I first saw my body while floating above looking down at my self. Read more in the subject blow.


Being Outside Your Body

A peaceful experince

At last I was in no more pain I felt good like a burden was lifted from my shoulders. I was amazed at seeing the dr and nurses working franicky to save mylife and I was their telling them that I was here and that I was alright. But also telling them to hurry up and which they could not hear me anyway I was getting frustrated not being able to talk to them. So I knew my family was waiting out in the waiting area so I proceed to go out there and let them know that everything would be alright. They were talking among them selfs about what was going on and only if they would have payed closer attention to my health. That this would not have happened. They were all trying to take some of the blame for me having a heart attack. Crying everyone of them with their tears falling from their cheeks. It was breaking my heart I just wanted to let them know that it was not any of their faults. But they could not see me standing right next to each one of them trying my best to let them know that I loved them and every thing would be alright. Getting frustraited I began to think of all the things I needed to do if this really was going to be the in of my life as I new it. So I new I had a eye dr appointment that I was not going to be able to keep so I went in a flash to the eye clinic to cancel my apointment but I couldnt get anyone to listen to me. After all I was not there in real life I was in my outer body experince. Reading another near death experince drove me to write about my experince with death . Hear is where you can find more of what happen to someone else. The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven.( just click on the book above)

Good Reading - A Boy Who Came Back From Heaven

I hope you enjoy reading about the boy who came back from heaven and purchase this remarkable book.

Loving Heart
Loving Heart

After The Near Death Experince

Its time to move ahead and live life to the fullest

Well they brought me back to life and I got to see my dr and nurses that worked on me to save my life and my family. It was not over just yet you see they thought that I still was not out of the woods yet so they put me in a helecopter and flew me to memphis tenn. Where at this time I was met with a whole new group up drs and nurses that vowed that they were going to take good care of me. They got me to sign a conscent form to begin their work. They prep me for emergency angiaplasty where they went in with this tiny bloom and opened up the artery that was causing the heart attack and get more blood flowing. They watched me pretty close for the next few days, they said I had a pretty good chance of having another one and I asked how long did I have, if I make it these next few days. The answer was 1 to 3 years if things went well. Because I had damage to the lower left chamber of my heart. I thank them for saving my life and after a few days I went Home on Medicines To control my blood pressure. And more medicine to control my cholesterol I have been doing fairly well with a few ups and downs for the past 18 years following my drs advice and taking their medicines. I will try to write more when the time allows think you for reading to all my freinds and family. The lord be with us through all life experinces.

Freinds & Death - Remembering Those That Had Heart Attacks

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This is a good freind that have move on to a better life with god.My brother inlaw now in heaven.My best freind Rip Balor
This is a good freind that have move on to a better life with god.
This is a good freind that have move on to a better life with god.
My brother inlaw now in heaven.
My brother inlaw now in heaven.
My best freind Rip Balor
My best freind Rip Balor

Would like to hear from all of you tell us your experince.

Near Death Experinces - Have you had a near death experince

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