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True Strength by Kevin Sorbo | A Book Review

Updated on October 2, 2014

Who is Kevin Sorbo?

This book is about a man who played the hero role on TV and in movies, while in reality he was secretly dealing with a sudden illness that nearly took his life. It took true strength for Kevin Sorbo to overcome three unexpected strokes; he credits his sickness and the period of time it took for him to get better for giving him a more positive perspective in life and the ability to focus on what matters. This book is an inspirational journey about how one man overcame a debilitating condition and became a better person because of it.

Kevin Sorbo has had many roles in his life: He’s played a Captain on the TV show Andromeda, and he played a Demi-God on Hercules: The Legendary Journeys. He has worked as an actor, a model and even a bouncer. In recent years he wrote his autobiography which revealed something new and shocking about himself: He is also a stroke survivor. For people familiar with Kevin Sorbo and his work, it is shocking to learn this truth. In 1997 he suffered from an aneurysm which caused him to have three strokes. He lost a percentage of his vision in both his eyes, he nearly lost his arm, and he could have died.

Hercules: The Legendary Journeys

This all happened between the 4th and 5th seasons of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and while he was on tour promoting his newest movie Kull The Conqueror. He describes in his book how everything was going perfect for him at the time of his strokes: He was at the height of his career; He was the lead in a popular television show, which was being watched all over the world; He was dating the woman of his dreams; His movie career was about to take off; and most importantly he was in peak physical condition. He discusses how hard he worked his whole life to get to where he was, he talks about only sleeping 4 hours a night, working out for several hours a day. He didn’t smoke or drink. He was considered a healthy person, living a healthy lifestyle. Which is why when he suffered 3 strokes from a blood clot, it was completely unexpected. His life changed completely, he was resigned to bed, unable to walk, he could barely move.

The book describes his ups and downs he was forced to deal with. For the sake of the show’s future, everyone on Hercules: The Legendary Journeys television show felt it was necessary to downplay how severe his illness was. In fact, even close personal friends of his did not realize how severe his illness was and what he was dealing with. More surprisingly people did not realize how sick he was because on the outside he looked fine, but on the inside his brain had suffered a tremendous blow, and he wasn’t the same person he had been. He played his role so well on the show that even he could not distinguish between himself and the legendary Hercules. He faced tremendous adversity overcoming his strokes and rehabilitating his brain.

As a Kevin Sorbo fan, this book has provided me with a newer appreciation for Sorbo as a person. He also also describes what he has had to do to get well, and his positive attitude is really something to be admired. Life has been unfair to him but Kevin Sorbo remains positive and continues to work hard to achieve his goals. We really get a sense of the sacrifices that were made for him to overcome his illness. He talks about how playing the character Hercules has made people think of him as a perfect specimen that couldn't be hurt.

Kevin Sorbo: True Strength | Who do I Recommend this Book too?

This book is perfect for two types of people: First it is great for those that are Kevin Sorbo fans and were fans of the Hercules television show. He focuses a lot of time on how his image as Hercules really impacted his healing process as well as deals with the concessions that the shows cast and crew had to make in order to help hide Sorbo’s condition. Fans of both Hercules and Xena would appreciate some of the stories and insights he provides into the shows. Some of his costars from the show have even written chapters in his book.

The other type of person that this book is good for are those that have dealt with a serious illness like the strokes that Sorbo went through, or know someone who did. He offers incredible insight into the mind of a person with this type of affliction, and the hurdles that they face. These are things that many people might take for granted and it’s an interesting reminder of how frail even the strongest of us are. At the same time he is so positive in his attitude and approach that I was amazed at the strength of the human spirit.

Are You a Kevin Sorbo Fan?

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