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So, just who proposed a deadline to the life of mother earth?

Updated on June 8, 2011

Sometimes I wonder what’s wrong with human beings. If only we had a little empathy, pity we would show it to mother earth. It’s about the ozone layer getting destroyed, carbon dioxide levels going up name it… All of these would want to see the end of this innocent planet. As if this is not enough, others are busy calculating the date of the D-day. Yes, the doomsday in which all life forms would have to be terminated.
Aren’t we tired of this universe? Perhaps we would like another one with free beer, clothes, shelter?
What’s with the predictions? Instead of people concentrating on saving mother earth, there are those who can’t breathe just to witness her end.

One attempt to end this universe is purely theoretical and interesting as well. It’s all about some weird type of ‘numerical analysis’, in which some people got convinced that if they can divide by zero then that could be it. Huh? But this is mathematically impossible. May be they would have to do it outside the realms of maths. I thought mathematics only describes reality. So just how does it change reality? If you are still trying to divide by zero, good luck, jolly good. However, I don’t think the universe gives a damn about your big equation.

The Mayan calendar would end on December 21st 2012. However, some people (most of them could be Mayans) do not see the reason why the calendar should start again. I wonder what is so special about it. But I guess you could do this for your homework. According to what I know, a calendar is still a calendar no matter how long it spans. And the only difference between the Mayan calendar and the conventional one is just the period it takes. They didn’t teach me that the Mayan calendar would have to end this world with it, as far as I know. With that been said, I rest my case as far as Mayan timelines are concerned.

Many dates have been proposed, others seriously documented. Like the grand date set on May 21st 2011 by one religious leader. I’m talking about the leader of Christian radio network Family Radio. Yes, this guy was sure, cork sure that him and the rest of us wouldn’t have to wake up to see 22nd May on this earth. Harold camping even suggested a strategy that would ravage the life of the planet. He talked of a massive earthquake, although he didn’t bother to say its magnitude on the richter scale. I guess he didn’t bother because he thought you wouldn’t be there to measure it. It would all have gone. I’m sure if you asked him, he’d think so hard and give you the largest figure he had ever come across in math. Sure enough, all of us were waiting. But we had our reasons to wait. A lot of people dismissed this as crap, or the cousin to crap. The atheists leaned back to disapprove another holy lie. For sure, something didn’t go as planned. May be the math was hard. I’m sure they have never bumped on the exact date of the Big bang, or the birthday of the grand ancestor of all mankind. Scientists always give approximations. So I won’t blame Herald Camping either. He accepted that indeed it was a miscalculation on his part.

Yes, this guy also does error margins as part of his answer. Sure enough, he woke up on the same earth after predicting its death. And this time he ‘postponed’ the D-day to October 21, 2011 Its fine, we will keep waiting, and his followers anticipating.

For those who are scientific enough, or may be have bothered to care about science, what Harold says would be hearsay to say the least. Well, you have a brother in NASA as well. But NASA talks about it in a different way. Actually science does not predict things as per say, instead it relies on the mathematics of probability and the experience of history to spell future events. As a matter of fact, there is something about solar activity that has been rumbling the minds of these scientists. They say they have been following the trends, tracking the history and may be they think it’s their turn to speak.

I do not want to sound like a comic misfit, or some blogger-head who desperately wants to cut himself a niche online. It’s told like it is. NASA just put it down that the world would terminate on 2013. What? Sorry, I meant a solar storm would occur. This time it’s not because of some Mayan calendar restarting. It’s pure science. They claim that the solar flares would furiously pursue the earth’s course, and hit it. So what’s with 2013? Now don’t start thinking it’s the 13th myth of the West. It’s about the magnetic energy cycle peaking after every 11 years. Heck! It’s a cycle that has existed and persisted. It’s something that’s been happening as sure as it is periodic. However, this time it’s going to be hard hitting. Mankind’s ingenuity will be trapped in a maze of destruction. It’s easy to explain. The solar flares generate immense shifts in magnetic activity which would render communications lame. You know how our lives are tied to the electromagnetic waves which we keep shaping, flipping or pulsing just to communicate something. Well, the flares would interfere with the waves in a massive way.
Think of it like a massive bolt of lightning, but which persists for long. Not the normal split second thing you are used to.Our machines would be exposed to a lot of noise. The radios, televisions, internet, computers won’t be spared. No more news, entertainment and the internet. That would also affect all your electronic records. Your bank accounts, medical records, business records and your facebook, twitter would vanish in thin air. Imagine having to cope up with this.
According to Dr. Richard Fisher, head of heliophysics division the storm will surely come although its impact has not been fully understood.

So this is it, about the possibility of the world halting soon. In my opinion, the solar storm thing holds water. The rest of these are just myths and wild speculations. The solar storm is not going to end the world, but it would cause a lot of things to go haywire. Who knows, the world might never end soon. But I guess we can end these descriptions and predictions of the end and start doing more productive things.


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    • Barbara Kay profile image

      Barbara Badder 6 years ago from USA

      I thought I'd heard everything about this subject, but found a new one here. Interesting hub, I'm voting it up.

    • Jo_Goldsmith11 profile image

      Jo_Goldsmith11 6 years ago

      Nice hub here. I understand and agree with you on Mr. Camping. We are experiencing volcano eruptions, tornados, and tsunamis. There are wild fires in Arizona on New Mexico border. We have troops scattered all over the Middle East. Gas prices are fluctuating, people are worried about jobs and how they are going to make ends meet. We have either wised up or messed up with Israel. I guess, it all depends on ones point of view. I voted up because of the insightful comments.