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Twas the Night Before Christmas: Audio

Updated on December 16, 2013

Listen to A Visit from St Nicholas

Many of us have known Clement C. Moore's "A Visit from St. Nicholas" all our lives. There are countless editions of the tale. Mine was a Little Golden Book version, with colorful illustrations of Santa and reindeer and toys. I delighted over the pictures, taking great interest in what the children received for Christmas. I puzzled over some of the words: Why was Mama wearing a kerchief? (I equated kerchief with handkerchief, and with Kleenex.) I also wondered how it was that they could be taking a long winter nap at night when a nap was something to take in the day.

The poem was already more than 150 years old. Some of the language had grown quaint, but the story lived on -- and continues to today. In an age of multimedia, we can find it in more forms than ever.

Last year, I recorded audio for my little nieces and a few others. This year I am posting it here for everyone. You'll find a few more "Night Before Christmas" resources here, too.


This version of "A Visit from St. Nicholas" is hosted on Audioboo. You can listen to it right on the page. Click the link that appears just below the picture of... well, yes, that is me as a baby in a Christmas suit.

Niece Wears Santa Suit

Niece Wears Santa Suit
Niece Wears Santa Suit

The Night Before Christmas Video

This isn't the storybook I had as a child, but it's another Little Golden book, read by a talented narrator.

Twas the Night Before Christmas... Multimedia

You will find a number of recordings of the classic poem. You can also perform your own... yes, as music, if you like! There are voice parts available.

A Visit from St. Nicholas Voice Part
A Visit from St. Nicholas Voice Part

Voice parts for the classic poem.


Here is an attractive recordable version for young children (and those who love them).

Did You Visit? - Tell me about it (even if you're not St. Nick).

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