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twilight book abc's

Updated on September 11, 2012

A- Angela the girl Bella would prefer to be friends with over Jessica

B- bella duh!!

C- Carlisle of course

D - DOG (the nickname they call Jacob when taunting) haha

E which is for Edward of course the sexiest undead man

F - Forever!

G for Good...The Cullens all wanted to be good instead of evil.

H-Hunting, vegitarian style!

i - Irresistable... describes the Cullens

J- Jacob, the wolf that almost stole Bella

K- is for Kellan Lutz...who plays the delectable Emmett!

L - Love!

M - mythical....Bella refers to Edward as a mythical creature

N- Noble, Jacob tries to convince Bella that he's going to be the noble one and get himself killed in the fight against the newborn vampires!

O - Ordinary. Bella is so certain she is too ordinary for Edward.

P-Perfect, That is what Bella is to Edward.

Q- Quite possibly the Best Crooked Smile!!

R for Reenesme aka Nessie

S-secretly, Bella and Edward secretly see each other for a while before they let everyone know.

T-- Team Edward b/c I'm totally Team Edward. LOL

U- Unmistakably beautiful, is what Bella thinks of Edward.

V - Victory! (SHH! Too many spoilers... but some of you know why!)

W-Waiting (in the clearing is where Bella would like to be waiting!)

X - Xenophobia (the fear or hatred of strangers or things foreign). The wolves automatically hated the Cullens just because they were Vampires, not because they were "bad" creatures. Their deep hatred could be called Xenophobia because it was so prevalent among all of them (well, except for Seth).

And I admit this word is a little odd (a bit of a stretch), but hey, I got "X", which was not a very easy letter to work with! I did my best!

Y - Young. Bella and Edward get to stay Young together forever!

Zealous - (enthusiastic, passionate, devoted). Edward and Bella's zealous love for each other enabled them to survive and overcome intense obstacles, including countless brushes with death.


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    • profile image

      thank-you 7 years ago

      thank-you for making this tommorow i want to go to the water park with my buddy and i need to do a abc book for twilight so you probly get what i am saying

      thank you! :D

    • profile image

      ur awesome thanks! 6 years ago

      i have a novel ABC book due soon and i of course chose twilight for my novel! soooo thank u SOOOOO much for making this i really got stuck on a few! thank u alots peace out dudeeeee!!

    • Stephen Crowley profile image

      Stephen Crowley 5 years ago from Wales, UK

      ABC of twilight about sums it up.

    • profile image

      blair 4 years ago

      F-forks washington duhh

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