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The Torture (poem)

Updated on May 26, 2013

The shocking sting when a blade penetrates skin . .

Electrifying heat as it slices through flesh

The dizzying bewilderment of stepping down on a broken shin

When the pain to come is unknown and the wound is still fresh

They always try to scream

A resounding 'pop' as your thumbs press through the eyeballs into the skull

Hot fluid bursts forth, dripping slowly from your hands

The ripping and snagging of flesh when the blade is too dull

The feeling of a bone break with strength of your hand

Sending a shockwave reverberating through both of you

It does them no good

The sounds of pain and torment that resound in your head

A thin slice through the abdomen causes intestines to fall

Grab hold of the cheese grater and watch your skin shred

Screams for mercy, or death, echo through the hall

Wishing only to flee

That familiar dazed feeling from a blow to the brain

The itch on a limb that is no longer there

A twitch in a finger that no longer remains

Ripping flesh with your hands watch it stretch and tear

Wishing only to be free

but the only escape is in death

The panic in your mind when you can’t find your breath

The elation of ripping a jaw loose from the mandibular joint

Wishing each second that the next one brings death

To live just one more day

Beyond pain, beyond reason, and well beyond your breaking point

Death would be a release

Free of this pain

So sweet and calm

Begging please . . . . please

Searing the flesh from your palm

But there shall be no release

Anywhere but here

Just as there is no god

Until your hearbeat ceases

Give your final waning nod

Only then my dear dear friend

Could your torture possibly end


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