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upon waking

Updated on February 12, 2010

 This is a little something I'm working on feel free to leave constructive criticism (I stress the constructive part) Let me know what you think.

Upon Waking / Day one

Her head felt like a marching band was making its way through her thoughts. She rose from the bed and stumbled her way to the bathroom. She was on her knees in front of the toilet bowl before she even had a chance to lift up the seat. It hurt her sides to vomit. ‘Not having a good day are you?’ She turned her head a little too quickly at the sound of the mans voice and sent the room into a violent spin. He stepped closer as if to help her up but only watched as she turned to send whatever was left in her stomache into the toilet . ‘Who the hell are you’ she said between gasp. ‘A friend’ he said simply. She got up from her spot on the floor and washed her face in the sink. ‘That’s saying a whole lot considering I don’t have any friends.’ She walked passed him and out of the bathroom, what she saw had her gaping at the bed. The memory of the night before came rushing back to her like a tidal wave. The image of her sitting at her desk writing six letters then lying down after she had taken a whole bottle of sleeping pills flashed into her mind. ‘Am I dead’ she said as she stared at herself lying on the hospital bed while the sounds of the machines that were keeping her alive beeped rhytmically as she slept. ‘Not quite’ ‘Am I going to die?’ ‘That’s up to you.’ ‘You’re just a regular chatter box aren’t you.’ He moved closer to her as if she had said nothing at all. ‘Come with me’ he grabbed her arm and everything faded to black. She found herself on top of a roof with a clear view of the world around her. ‘Where are we?’ ‘On the roof of the hospital’ he replied as he sat down at a nearby bench. She hesitated a moment before following him. ‘Why are we here?’ ‘I like the view’ he continued staring out at the open sky. He was silent for a while before he spoke again. ‘What happened?’ ‘Is it not obvious or do I need to spell it out for you.’ she replied sarcastically. ‘No, I mean what happened to lead you to that point?’ She appeared to be thrown aback by his question. ‘Everything happened.’ She got up to pace. ‘I had no one, at least no one who could understand what I was going through. I asked for help numerous times. Ok, maybe not directly but I did in my own way and no one not even God came to help. It was like he stopped listening to me.’ ‘Or maybe you stopped talking.’ He countered. She stopped pacing to stare at him. ‘Who the hell do you think you are? I don’t even know your name or if you’re even real. How do I know if any of this is real?’ He seemed to ponder her questions for a moment before deciding to answer. ‘You don’t’ He said and then left her there alone with her thoughts.


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    • jacobkuttyta profile image

      Siny J 

      8 years ago from Delhi, India

      nice reading

      Keep it up

    • jaded777 profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago

      It's fantasy :)

    • Micky Dee profile image

      Micky Dee 

      8 years ago

      Nice- fantasy or reality? Doesn't matter- to someone it's one to another it's the other. Thanks


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