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Using Articles to Advertise a Product

Updated on December 26, 2013


What readers would read

An article which doesn't sell too much and has a rather subtle selling voice is interesting to read. It is more likely to be shared by readers than one which directly sells something to its audience. This article will give you the guidelines needed to make your articles interesting when writing about a product or using articles to advertise your product,

What article must contain

First of all the content must have useful ideas and information about the product to the reader. You should know your reading audience and the product they would need information about. Understanding your audience and their needs, will give you a clear idea of what to talk about and how to discuss or express your thoughts about the product. You would be able to know what product they would prefer to by.

Creating a subtle selling voice-Know and Love the product

Also you can convince the readers more if you have used or love the product yourself. Your interesting in the product will automatically reflect in your description. Readers can always sense this when they read your thoughts about the product.

How readers must view you.

When writing about a product, make sure that the article doesn't directly push a product unto the readers or gives the impression of selling. The discussion should never give the impressing that you are trying in a smart way to extort money from your readers. You can speak in a subtle unsuspecting tone more if you are to write about a product that your readers would mostly prefer. You can convince them even more if you write truthful information about the product rather than overhyping the qualities or functions of the product.

How to sell a product using articles

In order for you to sell more or effectively advertise the product using articles, it’s necessary that your article is able to gain much readership. The more people read the content, the more potential buyers you have. To gain readership therefore means that article itself has to be worth sharing. An article which evidently or aggressively sells a product to its readers isn’t worth sharing. In other words readers wouldn’t help you to sell a product since they do not have a stake in what you are selling. For people to share your contents or articles about products, your article should therefore carry a subtle selling voice that can make readers share the content. The more they share the more you can direct sales to your product website or retail site.

When you sound in the content as if trying to push something on your readers to buy, you indirectly show a lack of respect for your readers. It’s a way of indirectly saying to your readers that you are smarter than they are and that you only need them not because you want to share with them as friends but to take advantage of them to sell or for them to help you sell your product.

The tone of the article can either hold the reader or put the reader off

The background knowledge or inner voice of the writer is very important in making any article interesting to read. It is what gives the article a tone or attaches a sort of feeling or emotions to the article. It helps the reader to relate more to the article. An article which directly pushes a product onto its readers automatically carry’s a tone of disrespectfulness. This can easily put a reader off.

Giving the reader a positive impression of yourself

In writing an article to advertise a product, you should be careful so that you do not give a wrong impression of yourself but rather make readers still see you as a friend wanting to share important or helpful information. You must be viewed as someone who is passionate about your writing and about your topic. You must be viewed as someone who is enthusiastic about sharing with others what you love and to connect with people who love what you love.

Do not give the negative impression that you are trying to manipulate people to make sales. Give true, credible and objective information about the product you are selling. In some cases, you can even gain the trust of your readers (and potential buyers) more by adding some of the short comings or disadvantages that the product carry’s as opposed to other related products. It helps readers to believe the advantages of the product. It’s also obvious that your product carry’s advantages that other related products on the market don’t have.

Please feel free to give your comment and suggestions below. You can also contact me if you want to write articles for your blogs, website or for any proof reading service. Contact me for also advice and tutorials on SEO or how you can upgrade your website in order to gain more traffic.

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