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Vampinore: III - Victor

Updated on December 26, 2014


Kiss Today Goodbye and Point Me Toward Tomorrow

Feels different to be home after the world unveils its other face to you – one face is a lie and the other is a truth. The lie is the folklore I was told since childhood. The truth is that we do live in a world of the unexplained, and that we refuse to explain such things for our foundations may crumble and our constitutions break. Proof, I am, that the truth hasn’t kept me from coming home to this lonely apartment, a place to rest securely and gladdened.

My bed on which I lay will never judge me for my thoughts or my beliefs. It will always be there waiting for me, to give me the comfort I need. Regardless of the time it takes for me to get back on my feet, my bed will devote itself to my broken down pile of flesh and bones. While some yearn for sleep, I do nothing more than wish to be on my own bed – a place to sleep, a place to read, a place to laugh and a place to cry, without it ever rejecting me.

Eyes Within the Darkness

The moment one feels when even the quiet of the night becomes squelched. My unlit room has been invaded by an even blacker shadow, a figure of someone standing in the corner, a silent silhouette. I try not to move or make a sound, hoping not to alert such a potential threat. The figure draws closer to the end of my bed without making the slightest noise. As terrified as I am, I need to see what it is, or rather I hope to see who it is.

Carefully with the smallest movements of my right arm, I reach over to the lamp on my nightstand. I feel around the cold metal until my fingers recognize the shape of the switch. In my mind, I know that when I push in this switch I might see something undesirable that I would have better off kept unknown. Death is easier when you can’t see what is coming. I could revoke my decision now, close my eyes, and let it be done in the peace of absent sight.

A pause in time as my thoughts reflect earlier about truth: it hasn’t kept me from coming home. From what I learned about Lily, and from the things I saw her do, I still am alive and fully functioning. The difference of this night coming home over any other night is that now I am more aware of the universe. I always seek to know and to know means going places that many fear to tread, even if it is in mere knowledge. Now, this very moment, with this tenebrous figure looming over me at the foot of my bed, my hand is on the trigger of truth, and my will is at my command. I must let it be, or stay forever in this obscurity. And with the click of the light switch . . .

Choking on My Surprise

Lily stands before me, the silhouette uncloaked, looking as when I left her apartment. Arms crossed, back straight, head tilted down with her butterfly knife eyes piercing through me. Oh, shit! Her mind is changed. I will no longer be the bearer of the knowledge of her burden. She has come to silence me forever. Should I plead my way out? Should I offer collateral greater than even she could imagine? Or should I let her teeth find their way deep past my skin more than her image has cut through my pupils and into my soul?

Time for such a decision is now lost to me. Lily releases her hands locked from the insides of her elbows, and placed them firmly down on either side of my feet. Her body leans in as a predator ready to attack. Domineeringly, she crawls over me on all fours, preventing escape if I should dare fancy a reaction. Almost within the second itself, she’s already face to face with me, breathing hard, yet I feel only a cold breeze blowing from her slowly opening mouth. For the first time, I actually see the fangs, the last thing many of her victims see before their visions filled with the red of death’s strawberry smile.

I won’t dare attempt to fight, for I know her strength. I submit my life, with the hope that maybe this might give her a proper peace of mind. My chin turns to the right of me. My eyes meet that with my lamp, the tool I used to reveal the truth: the liaison of my life’s final breaths.

Her lips drawing closer to the left of my neck, I wonder how much it will hurt, if at all. Now I feel the cold, soft lips of her hungry mouth pressing gently on my skin. Here it comes - the bite more deadly than that of any spider or serpent. May it be quick!

She pulls her mouth back a bit, and then goes to a lower spot on my throat. Her lips once again feel around my neck and again she pulls away an inch or two. The involuntary reactions to fear: the quiver of the limbs, the frozen sweat upon the brow, the stuttering of breath; it is all ceasing and evolving into a feeling I’ve never had in such a long time. What was a looming danger; my body is recognizing and reacting with welcome. She’s not hunting for any sweet spot to bite into. She’s kissing me.

A rush from dread to desire, my limbs still tremble in relief and into a realm of excitement. The more she kisses my neck, the more I begin to breathe again. Deeper and deeper, my lungs fill with air of life again, but exhaling with a tone of pleasure. She finds her way to my face again. Lily’s eyes are closed, showing off her dark-toned eye shadow that matches the rest of her inside and out. The icy tip of her nose moves slowly in circles around the tip of mine, keeping her lips teasingly apart from mine. Intense is this moment that even I cannot bring my lips toward hers.

Lily, with her back still arching deep, slowly crawls down my body. Her hands glide down my sides, tracing out my figure in her mind while her eyes remain closed. Her head, still faced down and eyes closed, stops at my waist. Her hands grasp tightly around my belt on my hips. Her mouth meets with a kiss at my buckle, and then raises her head slowly enough for me to look upon her drawn fangs. Using those mouth-daggers, she slides them between the strap and steel, slowly pulling it loose. I watch in both excitement and in bit of terror. I’ve never had a woman take control of me in such a way: her strength, her passion, her ability to command me without saying a word. Can’t this moment be forever?

Lily lifts up her head one more time, and something that shakes my core meets with my vision. Blood is all over her chin, dripping off in thick, stringy drops. I panic and sit up fast only to gaze upon my entire body slashed up. My chest poured out like a broken fountain of pain. It flowed so fast my sheets could not soak up the pools fast enough. I looked back at Lily, whose face is now decrepit and dusty from many centuries of aging. Her almost skeletal visage is lacking eyes, hair, facial muscle, but still bears the fangs. This increasingly decaying corpse upon me starts to vomit blood all over me and then into my eyes.

Face First on the Floor

I awake in heavy breath and in fast pulse. This is not the floor to my apartment. If I am not in my apartment, then I must be . . . Lily! Then she didn’t . . . I mean we didn’t . . .

I rub my face to wipe away the feeling of blood upon me, all that happened in my frightful nightmare. Slowly the real world returns to my senses and my last waking experiences recall to the front of my thoughts. I turn to see the couch that I fell onto last night and fell off a minute ago. I’m so dehydrated; I need water before I would dare attempt another comprehension.

Pulling up my weakened and heavy body, I get surefooted and make my way to the door, only to see something more troubling.

Things That Go Bump in the Light

There stands Lily, arms crossed as always, in the morning sunlight radiating through the window. No smoke. No burning skin. No screams of agony. A vampire in the daylight and oblivious to my presence, and I’m too stunned to make a sound or another step. It didn’t take long for her to look over at me, eyes widening to the surprise of me staring at her.

“As I am in the light, now might be the time to bring to light a few truths of us . . . vampires,” she said with a slight smile.

“You aren’t harmed by sunlight?” I questioningly pointed out.

“It’s not that we are harmed by direct sunlight, we are just weakened by it. We still retain our . . . abilities . . . but we aren’t as strong as we are at night or in shadow,” she said.

“Why is that?” I asked.

“Not for you to know just yet,” she replied. “Have yourself a seat first.”

Scanning the room from the previous night, I can see light still has trouble illuminating this place. The walls and ceiling are actually painted black as I remembered. The circular table covered in books and papers still offers the chair to me that I sat in last night. However, still shaken from my nightmare, I choose to sit in a chair by the window, in the sunlight.

Lily walks over to the open kitchen, takes a glass out of the cabinet and a fills it with some tap water from the sink. The kitchen is nothing grand to speak of, for the area is just a few cabinets, a single sink, and a small refrigerator. She returns to me with the glass as quickly as she walked over there to get it. I know now that she can still move fast, even in the indirect daylight. Before I can bring this glass to my mouth, she is already sitting in her chair by the center table, facing toward me. Crossing her legs, and slowly dragging her index fingernail down from her temple to her jawline, she looks deeply at me in thought. I feel she will not let me in her thoughts as of now, but I will still try.

“What I don’t understand is if sunlight doesn’t hurt you, why not be out in the day more often?” I asked.

A deep breath draws out of her, her eyes squinting in anger while looking down at the floor.

“There are more elements to the story you could imagine than sunlight killing us,” she said, finally looking up at me. “It’s more of a metaphor . . . a metaphor that you will understand in time.”

I take a few gulps of water. My body feels drained, not of blood thankfully, but of energy lost back in that cursed alley. Now I’m here, alive, sitting across from someone that has the power and strength to extinguish my existence in a single breath; but, as I am here and being catered to, she must have some ulterior motive.

“What is it that you want from me?” I asked.

“Is that all you could come up with in that bloated monkey brain of yours?” she retorted. “I expected a highly educated person to ask more vampire questions, and not wondering what importance they would have. Truthfully, there’s nothing you have that I am in need of, and trust me, you don’t seem the type to deliver a girl’s needs.”

“You haven’t a clue about me,” I said sternly, but holding back in fear I might aggravate her.

“Hence why we are to have this conversation, Victor,” she said with her eyes focused harder onto mine. “I know where you work and where you study. So what is it that you do study?”

“I’m an archaeologist, specializing in ancient ruins and cultures,” I said.

“Fascinating” she said sarcastically. “Now tell me what you really study.”

“Lost civilizations that we’ve recently discovered in the past few decades that predate our historical texts. Cities under the oceans and buried in deserts,” I said. “It intrigues me that we come across not one or two, but several of them. What fuels me to learn more is listening to those blabbering fools who brush it under the rug because it might just cost them a book sale or some boring, nonsense, big-money lecture.”

A smile slowly reveals itself as the corners of Lily’s lips pull back across her cheeks.

“Now that is delicious,” she said, leaning forward in her chair. “I present to you an offer . . . an offer of using you as an asset, and I don’t mean using you for some ass, so don’t think on it.”

Amused I am not at this present moment. I’m beginning to suspect I might have given away some gesture to the nocturnal emission I almost had a while ago in the other room. Regardless, I don’t feel that way about her. After all, she did refer to having and being a ‘frigid cunt.’ I am though quite intrigued about the offer.

“I’m listening,” I said.

She continued, “I’m also a historian of sorts. I could use you as a resource for my project. After our conversation, I will bring you to your home. You will be granted one week to consider this offer. When I return to you on the seventh night, you can agree to terms or forget that we ever had this conversation and I will permanently disappear. If you choose to work for me, the information you provide will result in a return of payment in one of several vampire truths.”

Lily stood up out of her chair and moved in haste toward me. She leaned in with a look of a past betrayal contorting her face, an expression that’s easily recognizable. Her stare penetrated through mine and met the back of my skull with a swift force.

“Whether in agreement or not, let one truth be told and hopefully not paid for your sake,” she said. “One word of last night or today that slips between those abrasive lips of yours to anyone without my permission, you will beg that I spare your pain quickly as I did to those walking carcasses back in that alley. Do we have a completely comprehended accord?”

Nearly dropping my glass, I slightly nod.

Standing upright once more, Lily walked over to her chair and reached for her jacket, a handmade black denim jacket cut up into a vest and stitched onto a black zip-up hoodie. As she began to slide her arms into each sleeve, I put down my glass and slid the strap of my satchel over my shoulder.

“I’m sorry there isn’t an easier way of doing this,” she said.

Before I could respond, I lift my view from my satchel to what appeared to be the end of her fist that quickly clouds up my visibility.


Vampinore Q3

With the offer made by Lily, what should Victor do?

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