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Very interesting but unfortunately not much else

Updated on July 24, 2012
Something isn't right with these scales of justice
Something isn't right with these scales of justice | Source

Macy Gray has a song on her first album On How Life Is called I’ve Committed Murder which must have been top of Chris Kahui’s hit parade for the last six years.

The release of the coroner’s report finally speaks out loud what every sane person in New Zealand has been saying ever since it became apparent the twins had been left in his care.

Chris Kahui has spent months and no doubt huge gobs of OUR money on legal appeals to stop the report being released because he didn’t want the entire country to know what most of us had already figured out.

Kahui’s defence lawyer Lorraine Smith has been batting her gums about it saying the coroner’s findings were inconsistent with Kahui’s previous acquittal of any involvement in causing the deaths of the twins. This is of course utter rubbish because Ms Smith knows as well as anybody that she is not comparing apples with apples here and as any first year law student knows, the standard of proof in these two proceedings is not the same.

While it is true a jury found Kahui not guilty, there were only two reasons for that. First of all the cops fucked the whole thing up from the start by allowing the family time to work out a cock and bull story instead of arresting everyone in the house on suspicion of being involved and separating them for interrogation. I often make comments about the institutional stupidity of our police, but in this case you can’t help wondering if something far more sinister than plain old incompetence was operating. Mind you I can recall when I was reporting on the first Paul Kingi murder trial a few years ago the cops there made similar sloppy cock-ups and he was also acquitted albeit on appeal. Police intelligence eh? It’s about as oxymoronic as the term military intelligence.

So to get back to the Kahui fiasco, it is certainly not inconsistent for the coroner to find him (what amounts to) guilty. He has only to satisfy the test that Kahui did it on the balance of probabilities. A finding such as this is interesting but unfortunately useless. In a society where our law enforcement agencies are too incompetent to get a real conviction it seems to say ‘guilty but we just can’t prove it to the standard required in a criminal case’. Every sane person knows that if the kids died of horrific injuries inflicted while he was the only person looking after them it’s a no brainer. But of course the jury had to consider the possibility an unknown person slipped into the room while Kahui had his back turned, silently but violently assaulted the kids and departed without him even seeing them. It would have to be one of the more outrageous stretches of the ‘beyond reasonable doubt’ tests you could get.

Having said that I still think everyone in that house should have been charged with complicity in the deaths of the twins or at the very least with being accessories after the fact. Their silence has perverted the course of justice and contributed to a murderer escaping conviction.

I note that Kahui has been bleating about the fact he is not allowed to visit his daughter (born since his twins died after being killed by aliens) without CYFS staff present. Well what does he expect? Even CYFS management don’t appear to be so stupid as to believe he had nothing to do with those two deaths. The coroner’s report suggests that for once CYFS have got it right. Whether this is still the case, I don’t know, but I certainly hope so. The bad seeds of this world need to be kept away from vulnerable children. It’s times like this one’s thoughts can easily turn to eugenics and the idea of preventing such douche-bags from breeding. Sorry to any douche-bags I might have offended by that remark. I didn’t intend to offend an entire genre of bathroom aids.

Murder or the killing of another person is never a good thing, but at least the character in Macy Gray’s song appears to have a reason many of us could identify with for her actions unlike the case of someone who slaughters two innocent babies.

Well done Gary Evans. It’s just a shame we can’t say the same for the police and the ‘justice system’.


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