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Victoria Gordon vintage Harlequins

Updated on October 6, 2012


Victoria Gordon is a pseudonym for Gordon Aalborg, as far as I know he is the only male Harlequin author, besides Marius Gabriel, who writes under the pseudonym Madeleine Ker. Gordon is from Canada but moved to Australia as an adult and that is where his romances are located. He currently writes suspense novels and starting writing romances more or less on a dare. It isn't obvious from the books that they were not written by a woman.


He rose from the sea like a bronzed god. And Verna Grant, experienced editor, thought the man was fantasy. In one moment on the dark predawn beach he had captured her heart--and then disappeared. Just as suddenly, Con Bradley arrived. As a columnist for Verna's newspaper, he caused her anxiety and anger. As a friend, he was irresistibly warm. Con wanted only friendship. Verna wanted his heart. And somehow when she thought about Con and the fantasy man, the two seemed to merge in the strangest way....


Kelly resented being treated like a child. Although she looked about 17, Kelly was well qualified for partnership in her father’s Western Canada catering business. Self-confidence wasn’t a problem, but the arrogant owner of the mining camp where she worked kept challenging her authority! Grey Scofield and Kelly just couldn’t work together, sad as she was to realize that fact. Though she couldn’t stand the man, she had,unfortunately, developed some sort of an addiction to him….

Kelly is from England and recently came to Canada to help her father. She meets Grey at a demonstration. She accidently got caught up in it and he saves her from arrest and then yells at her.



”Will you please shut up and listen to me?”

To Kelly’s surprise, Grey did stop insulting her long enough to listen to an explanation.

“I am not, as you so crudely put it, shacked up with Marcel,” she continued. “I’m Kelly Barnes, and I’m in charge of this camp while dad’s sick.”

“You’re a pretty good actress.” Grey drawled. “but you don’t seem to know that Barnes’s daughter is a grown woman, not a high-school rabble-rouser.”

Kelly took a deep breath. “Mr. Scofield, I am a fully qualified caterer, a cordon bleu chef, and twenty-four years old. Would you like to see my passport or my driver’s license? Or since you’ve had dinner, maybe you will consider believing the truth. Otherwise, that the was the last meal you’ll eat here until I get an apology!”


The situation was becoming ludicrous! As far as Alix was concerned, Quinn Tennant was obnoxious, arrogant, conceited-and he had a habit of showing up everywhere! She discovered he was her new boss, her landlord, and even the judge at the competition where she had entered her dog. There seemed to be no getting away from the maddening Quinn Tennant. But she was greatly disturbed when she suddenly realized she no longer wanted to escape....


Kaarin's uncle's publishing house needed Jackson Collier's new book, but Jack refused to sit down and write it. He was building a house instead! So Uncle Bill sent Kaarin to Southeastern Queensland, where Jack would dictate the story and she would type it up. Somehow, though, she found herself unexpectedly pitchforked into helping build his dream house-only to discover it wasn't her that he meant to share it with! Kaarin is a country girl and she wants to leave Sydney. Her uncle and boss convinces her to do one last job, but Jack is not focused on the book so it takes her quite awhile.



”What’s the story on this Doug chap/” Jack’s voice was demanding. “I see no purpose in discussing him.” Kaarin said coolly. “So, if you don’t mind…..”

“Ah, but I do mind. Did you love him?”

Kaarin thought briefly of refusing to answer, then shrugged. “I thought I did…once.”

“What does he do?”

“He’s a….writer.” she replied cautiously.

“Never get involved with writers; they’re terrible bastards,” he chuckled. “I’d have thought you’d know better, considering your job.”

“Let’s just say it’s not a mistake I’m likely to repeat,” Kaarin replied. “So in future, Mr. Collier, I’d be happier if you’d keep you kisses—and your hands—to youself.”

“Actually,” he replied with a knowing grin, “you wouldn’t.”


She was determined to stick it out...A legacy had brought Dinah to Australia, and at first she regarded the chance of a job in a television news department as a bonus--and a challenge.But when she found herself continually clashing with her boss, the formidable Conan Garth, she began to wonder whether the "bonus" was all it seemed.Conan was wrong in every opinion he held of her. She despaired of ever making him see the truth about her as a worker--and as a woman!


"I'm a chef, not a typist!" she stormed. A typing error in her resume had led Justine's new employer to believe she was a man. She'd been hired for her skills and experience, so why was he that angry? Wyatt Burns, Justine decided, was insolent and chauvinistic, and she told him so. "Don't go out of your way to provoke me, Miss Ryan," he warned, and that was an irresistible challenge. But playing games with Wyatt Burns meant playing by his rules--and for very high stakes indeed!


He was provoking and unpredictable. Trying to prove herself in a new forestry job, Seana nervously demonstrated incompetence only when Ryan Stranger was around. "You're a walking disaster area," he told her. Seana resented his ability to calmly shrug off their explosive encounters, for the emotions he aroused in her nagged her night and day. She knew her love wouldn't interest him, but somehow that didn't seem to matter whenever he kissed her....


“You’re in love with a memory!” Ben’s accusation made Kate shiver. If ever she’d had love for her husband, he’d killed it long before his fatal accident. And very nearly killed her image of herself as a woman. There was no way, she thought, she was going to make herself vulnerable to this antagonistic, autocratic stranger. She’d dreamed of love, often—the kind of love she could respond to. But it was neither in her memories nor in any liaison she could imagine with Ben Croft!

Kate goes to visit her father and meets his new partner, Ben, in the rain. He frightens her then tells her that her father is in the hospital. Kate no longer loved her husband because he was a gambler and womanizer.



"You don't shape up to the star billing." Ben ignored Kate's gasp of astonishment and went on. "I'd never have thoughy your father could be so blinded by paternal emotions."

Kate's mind whirled. What had her father said about her to this rude, arrogant partner of his? "I resent what you've been saying,Mr. High and Mighty Ben Croft, because you don't know anything about it!"

His reply began on a sneer. "I know what I see and I've seen nothing of the calm,self-assured rational woman I was given to expect," he said. "Are you trying to tell me there's a real woman under that façade?"

Before Kate could reply his lips were on hers, his reight arm cradling her into the hardness of his chest as he kissed her expertly, endlessly.


When Leith won a lottery and bought a rundown farm in Tasmania, she thought she finally had the time to devote herself to pottery. But the farm presented problems too big for Leith to handle alone, and the only neighbor she could rely on to help her was that arrogant male chauvinist, Mace Benedict. She might as well sell up now and move back to the city, where she could control her own life!

Leith meets neighbor Mace when she finds his exhausted dog and rescues him. Leith has lots of problems with her farm, she ends up having to get sheep, who get loose. There are lots of other problems caused by her ignorance but Mace and her neighbors help. Leith gets a chance to make a pottery exhibition and she wants to build a new brick, wood-fired kiln. This ends up being destroyed by Madeline, a friend of Mace who is pathologically jealous. This romance is more interesting for a view of rural Australia and the work of making pottery than as a romance.



Mace held out a thick sheaf of bills. "To cover the cost of the fire damage." he said steadily, "with my assurance that you won't have any more trouble from that quarter."

Leith stared at the money. "You know who did it, and you don't want to tell me."

"I don't think it would serve any purpose, unless you're determined to prosecute."

"I won't prosecute," Leigh shouted angrily, "and I don't care about the money! Who's responsible? What did I ever do? Was it just vandalism, or.....?

The name flashed into her brain, and even as she spoke she knew it was the truth.

"Madeline," she charged, and Mace didn't deny it.


This man could create a whirlwind of his own. Holly had only the vaguest idea of what to expect when she accepted her aunt's invitation to stay in the remote Pilbar Region of western Australia, and she was overwhelmed by the beauty and wildness of the land--and the savage unpredictability of her new environment. And that included the tempestuous Wade Bannister who stormed into Holly's life with all the devastating impact of the cyclone that bore his name!


Despite the crush she once had on him, an out of work journalist turns to a writer in Tasmania for help---only to find that he and his beautiful girlfriend add to her worries.


Riley’s independence came naturally. As a logging contractor, doing a man’s job in a man’s world had taught her to fend for herself. Even so, unfortunately, she was not a woman of independent means. And for now, saving her Tasmanian logging company meant being pleasant to and relying on the influence of the high and mighty Freyn Devereux. There was no doubt that the man’s influence was boundless. And it didn’t take long for Riley to realize that the real risk was not losing her business, but losing her heart.

Riley's father has just died and left her his debt-ridden company. She goes to the bank for a loan and is turned down.Her truck breaks down in the bank parking lot, she is underneath fixing it, when Freyn stops by to admire her legs. She ends up logging on his land.



Riley was furious. “That was despicable!” Nevertheless her feelings whirled in confusion around anger and a strange regred that his disturbing kiss had ended.

Freyn merely shook his head. “I don’t understand. You enjoyed being kissed, but you won’t admit it,even to yourself. You enjoy my company, but you won’t admit that ,either. If I didn’t know better, I’d think you didn’t like me at all.”

“If you weren’t such an egotistical brute, you’d understand it perfectly.” Riley retorted.

“You’re not angry with me,Riley Jones,” Freyn remarked. “You’re angry with yourself because you’re feeling trapped. You didn’t really mind being kissed. You just can’t stand it when you’re not totally in control, can you?”

Damn him, thought Riley—for being able to play on her emotions with such skill and for knowing her all too well.


Marine biologist Jinx Beaumont had the sinking feeling her given name foretold the voyage ahead of her. She was jinxed, all right—stuck with Race Morgan, a merciless buccaneer of a captain. Studying shark life on the rough sea north of Australia kept Jinx busy enough. She definitely didn’t need the unnerving distraction of a human predator like roguish Captain Morgan! Jinx fought against the magnetic pull and her desire. She didn’t want to become one of Race’s romantic conquests. But her inner turmoil only increased when she felt challenged by a rival who was stunningly beautiful…and vicious.


Fiona was filled with anger, just the sight of this man triggered a furious reaction within her. Her dream of running a dog training school seemed about to come true when she acquired a pice of land in Tasmania. Then she discovered her neighbor was millionaire sheep farmer Dare Fraser--and that he had also wanted the land. However hard Fiona tried to keep to herself, Dare found some excuse to bother her at all hours of the day and night. There must be some way to remain independent and not have to submit to his every wish.


He wasn't the Christmas gift she'd expected--or wanted. Steele Murdoch--a man as wild and passionate as the Tasmanian Outback. In the two years since he'd rejected Anne, she'd never forgotten him. Or forgiven him. She'd certainly never imagined she'd see him again. And now, here he was, claiming to have traveled halfway round the world simply to take her to lunch. Ha! Why would a man who was probably her glamorous stepmother's lover travel ten thousand miles to see Anne? Steele was up to something! And it just might mean risking her heart to discover what....



He had coldly broken a promise of marriage. Randall Logan had callously used Rena Everett two years before, pretending a love he'd never felt. Rena had been crushed by his deceit--and determined to erase any tender memories of the man who had so cruelly betrayed her. Meeting Randall again came as a shock, but Rena found it even more shocking that now he was blind. Worse, she realized she loved him as much as ever. This time, though, she wouldn't let him manipulate her long as Randall was unable to guess her true identity.

Rena sees Randall again when he is teaching a creating writing course she is taking. She is a singer and composer. It turns out that this is the second time Randall has gone blind. The first time he was hurt in a riot, then his sight came back and a month later he went blind ago, which the doctor's think is psychosomatic. Randall had met Rena in that one month sighted period.



His voice was alive with tender concern. "Do you think it might help to talk about this fellow who seems to have put you off men for life?" Ran inquired gently.

Rena's thoughts were a jumble. Tell him about it? But wasn't that what she'd been wanting to do for two long years?"

"All right," she said. "He met me; he seduced me; he left me. That's about all there is to it."

'Presumably he was the first...and the last man you've been to bed with." he said with astonishing accuracy. "I suppose he must have told you he loved you. I've never done that just to get a woman into my bed."

Liar! The word screamed in her mind.

"But love," he added. "isn't the only reason two people go to bed together."

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