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Vince Flynn Books - American Assassin

Updated on May 20, 2013

Vince Flynn Books -- "American Assassin", first installment in the Mitch Rapp Series

I recently got a hold of Vince Flynn's book, "American Assassin". I am a HUGE mystery genre fan but a friend suggested Mr. Flynn and his Mitch Rapp series as one I might enjoy.

I was a bit pessimistic as spys, espionage and government conspiracies and entanglements were not really my cup of tea. However, 2 pages in, I was hooked! That's the sign of a great writer for me. If I am excited to continue reading after the first two pages, I will finish, and most likely, love the book. I did and I did.

If you have never read Mr. Flynn books or his Mitch Rapp series, I can highly recommend them as a bit mysterious, full of adventure and a definite thrill ride! Start with "American Assassin" as I did and you won't be sorry!

Image: American Assassin: A Thriller

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American Assassin by V. Flynn - Mitch Rapp Series

American Assassin: A Thriller (A Mitch Rapp Novel)
American Assassin: A Thriller (A Mitch Rapp Novel)

This book as actually published in 2010 as a prequel to the very popular Mitch Rapp series by Vince Flynn.

The book allows us to have a look at how Mitch Rapp came to be involved in the spy game in the first place as well as taking us through his first couple of missions.

This is a must read for any Mitch Rapp fan but if you are new to the series, I suggest starting with this book.

Vince Flynn - American Assassin
Vince Flynn - American Assassin

American Assassin

1st Book Chronologically in the Series

In 1999, the world first met fictional character, Mitch Rapp, when Vince Flynn's book Transfer of Power was published. This was the actual first book of the series.

Since 1999, Mr. Flynn has published 12 more books in the Mitch Rapp series (a total of 13 books to date). This is considered the "order of books" or the "published order of the books".

Of those 13 books, Mr. Flynn has recently published two "prequels" that give us the background story of Mitch Rapp before he was the CIA's super agent. These books are "American Assassin" and "Kill Shot".

So the chronological order of the story of Mitch Rapp is different than the published order of the books. I was lucky enough to find this out prior to starting the series. I wanted to follow the sequence of Mitch's life so I wanted to read the series in chronological order where American Assassin is first!

Image: Public Domain via

Did You Know...

Vince Flynn's #6 book in the Mitch Rapp series "Memorial Day" was so accurate with some of its details concerning the government and security, it came under review by the Pentagon prior to its release.

Mr. Flynn talks about "American Assassin"

Mitch Rapp Series - Book 1 to Book 8

Vince Flynn Books

The order in which the Mitch Flynn series was published is not exactly the same order of the story. This is because the author has published a couple of "prequels" since the series started. If you want to actually read the series in story order, follow this list!

American Assassin - #1 Mitch Rapp SeriesBuy at

Kill Shot - #2 Mitch Rapp SeriesBuy at

Transfer of Power - #3 Mitch Rapp SeriesBuy at

The Third Option - #4 Mitch Rapp SeriesBuy at

Separation of Power - #5 Mitch Rapp SeriesBuy at

Executive Power - #6 Mitch Rapp SeriesBuy at

Memorial Day - #7 Mitch Rapp SeriesBuy at

Consent to Kill - #8 Mitch Rapp SeriesBuy at

Act of Treason - #9 Mitch Rapp SeriesBuy Now

Protect and Defend - #10 Mitch Rapp SeriesBuy Now

Extreme Measures - #11 Mitch Rapp SeriesBuy Now

Pursuit of Honor - #12 Mitch Rapp SeriesBuy Now

The Last Man - #13 Mitch Rapp SeriesBuy Now

Top 3 Differences between a Mystery and Thriller Genre Read - I love them both!

Mysteries were my first love as far as favorite genres are concerned. I will always love them but they have kindly moved over to allow the Thriller genre a place in the spotlight as well. There are literally hundreds of books in the thriller genre I would (and intend to) read.

I had a friend ask me the other day what the difference was between Mysteries and Thrillers. I thought this was an excellent question!

Right, wrong or indifferent, here's my answer:

  1. The premise of a Mystery is to solve a crime - uncover what really happened.

    The premise of a Thriller is to stop the enemy from achieving their goal which usually includes some sort of crime(s), mass destruction, terrorist attack, etc...

  2. A Mystery's climactic scene is when the crime/mystery is solved.

    A Thriller is complete when the hero prevents the enemy from achieving their goal.

  3. A Mystery is about taking the reader on a journey of discovery and figuring out "Who dunit". They are usually a moderate paced read.

    A Thriller is a fast paced, roller coaster ride of emotions like suspense, apprehension, tension and excitement. The reader gets that time is of the essence. The villians (antagonist) are usually quite ruthless.

"...what gives the variety of thrillers a common ground is the intensity of emotions they create, particularly those of apprehension and exhilaration, of excitement and breathlessness, all designed to generate that all-important thrill."

~ James Patterson

American Assassin is Really an Excellent Read! - Share it with a Friend!

American Assassin: A Thriller (A Mitch Rapp Novel)
American Assassin: A Thriller (A Mitch Rapp Novel)

In my humble opinion, this is an excellent book.

If you like agents, spies, good guys triumphant over bad guys, catching your breath as you turn the page and a book you just can't put down, American Assassin delivers!

Vince Flynn Books - Review
Vince Flynn Books - Review

My Review of American Assassin

What did I think?

First of all, I don't like reviews that spill the whole story. I mean, if you're going to tell me the whole thing in a few paragraphs, why would I want to read it?

So, my review will be a bit more sketchy of the actual storyline but also of my impressions of the story.

It's the very beginning for Mitch Rapp. We go all the way back to his college days as an exceptional athlete. American Assassin is about how he was recruited, trained and thrown into to deep end of the pool and Mitch's reactions to it all.

We get a peek into the psyche of Mitch Rapp as a very determined, very able, young man. The majority of the story concerns a fateful liaison between some Middle East factions and Russians. There is a breakdown in their network and each is blaming the other while not considering there could be a 3rd player in the game.

Mitch gets his "baptism by fire" in this book and we start to understand him and his ways more than we have in the previous books.

Mr. Flynn's writing is engaging and smooth. I didn't find myself skipping over boring parts, long backstory or dialog that didn't move the story forward. It was good -- from beginning to end. I had a hard time putting it down the first day so I could go to bed!

Now that's a great read! Kudos Mr. Flynn!

Image used under License with © Chertanova |

"American Assassin" is labeled as one or more of the following genres:


Political Thriller

Spy Thriller - Espionage Thriller

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