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vision poem

Updated on October 6, 2016

i can see the world

I can see the world

I can see myself in it

I can feel it in me

I can still see people in it

It is the foresight of man

That’s the vision I am talking about

I always see if everyday

People ought to see this

Vision many said

I have not seen it

But when people see it

They can’t understand it

Many show it and explain it

But it never the right one

For vision is like the sun

That can make people blind.

I am in it

Yet cannot explain it

I saw you there

And cannot explain

Someone said to himself,

“I saw a vision when I am rich”

But someone asked him

Do you know your destiny?

All lies on one’s dream and vision

Because there is one saying that says

All that glitters is not gold

For all you see are not



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