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I Felt Beautiful

Updated on June 8, 2015

Tell Them. Do Not Hide

I am fascinated; you are not what I am accustomed to.

My mind stimulated; I am not used to a challenge and I do not trust you.

My reservations evacuated; my senses dulled, and I am drawn to you.

From silence, I am emancipated; curious that you exist here too.

Standing alone in my room,

Reflecting on my last look at you.

Depictions of hurt and strain,

Sensing that you have known pain.

I cannot help but refer back to myself,

I walk to the mirror for help

Though this life has made me cruel

For that moment in your presence, I felt beautiful.

I am worthless when the sun goes down,

I have issues underneath this permanent frown.

I am adjacent to my former self.

I see her smile and I realize that, that is really all of her that is left.

Laying alone in my room; in my mind I feel that impending doom.

I hear the voice in my head saying, don’t trust you,

I feel the ice of my heart entombed.

Screaming but no voice; laughing with no sound,

I am fading with the waning moon, my feet are riveted to the ground.

Then I reflect on my life and what I have been through,

Again, I am reminded that you made me feel beautiful.

We collide and fall away together, cosmic souls forever.

Finding a life friend; not having to pretend

Pounding away at the dust, burying greed and lust,

A combination of compromise; a perfect temperament for clarity to arrive.

Paving the way with conversation and thoughts; sharing the contents of our hearts,

Drowning in the clouds of contentment; brushing away resentment.

Opening up my ears to hear your mind; finding it easier to gaze upon you in time.

Walking around my room;

Wishing that you could walk with me too.

Realizing that all of this just maybe a lie.

Maybe this is my dream and I will soon open my eyes.

Though to me, life has been cruel.

I can never overlook the fact that you made me feel beautiful.

Who is the greatest poet of all time?

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VT Willi
VT Willi | Source


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    • prettynutjob30 profile image


      6 years ago from From the land of Chocolate Chips,and all other things sweet.

      What a beautiful poem, voted up, shared and more.


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