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glory, redemption and destiny

Updated on June 5, 2011

Its starts with a spark, then it ignites

Burning slowly into the night

With the right chemistry of the wind it feeds on it

Making it breath

 Turning into a blaze of what seems to be an untamable flame

So strong it consumes everything on its path

With nothing to hinder it from burning

The chemistry is perfect, but beware

Too much combustion can consume it to its end

Too much wind can sway it to its untimely death

And then it dances with glorious flare and harmony into the dark

Giving warmth and breathing life

Consuming the cold wind of death into its overshadowing fumes of 

Endless light

And at that moment it would feel

That as if the beauty of living is in the power of its existence

Everything is so bright and so certain

Everything seems to emit life and give color to your world

Not even a tempestuous weather can conquer its affection

You soar inside it, gliding in its comfort

And you said to yourself

This is it, this is the very purpose of my existence

But like a foolish man

We tend to forget to nurture it, to feed it

We tend to took it for granted

And we just get drowned on it

And then it crawls silently

The cold wind beneath your feet starts to shiver you down your spine

Slowly creating a black hole of doubt and uncertainty

Until finally it surfaces after lurking into your subconscious like a ghost

Waiting to tear down and devour

Until it caught you unguarded and unprepared

Anger, pain, fear, and frustration will begin to take hold

Pushing you in the edge of desperation

And then you start to lose control

That’s when your realize the reason why that fire started

Why it exists, and why it should kept on existing

You will try to revive it, with all your might you will hold on to it

Gripping tight every last string of hope

But it’s not your decision to make anymore

All you can do is hope and wait

Only fate will be there to bring down the verdict of your destiny


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