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My views

Updated on July 8, 2012


I Hub for reasons most do not know,

the meaning of my hubs,

ratings don't show,

I watch my ratings rise then drop,

it does not make my writings stop,

cave men left writings on the wall,

this I consider is the same,

I do not write for money or fame,

I write for generations to read,

My resurrection,

yes indeed!!!!

after time collects my soul,

future generations will know,

I am the poet who passed through,

left his markings on the wall,

progressed his mind,

before his end,

before death gave him his call.

Poetry is a reflection,

an internal mental connection,

In the only world I know,

give's me the gift......of rhyme, meaning, and flow.

To sooth my soul before I go,

and glide through the currents into eternity.


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