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Collectible Watchmen Action Figures

Updated on November 6, 2013

Who watches on these?

The Watchmen is a graphic novel written by Alan Moore. The story depicts the fall from grace of a group of retired superheroes who came to a point of falling from grace after some events that occurred in the story.

Here are the action figures based on the main characters of the graphic novel, The Watchmen. Written by Alan Moore who is also the same author who wrote V for Vendetta, League of the Extraordinary Gentlemen and many more graphic novels that also got their film adaptations.

I've also added some brief descriptions about the characters.

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The Comedian
The Comedian

The Comedian

Although the story starts from the Comedian's death, his character was revealed through a series of flashbacks throughout the story. The is shown to have a tough personality some unlikable traits due to his belief that humans are savage in nature.

He is seen with good fighting skills and often carries heavy weapons like machine guns and flamethrowers. He often wears his signature smiley badge.

Nite Owl II

Nite Owl II takes the footsteps of the former crimebuster Nite Owl.

Like Batman, He possesses good fighting skills and he has lots of great gadgets. He also has a cool airship which he calls Archimedes or "Archie".

Watchmen  Owl Ship Scale Replica
Watchmen Owl Ship Scale Replica

Archiemedes or "Archie" is Nite Owl II's airship. It was named after the pet owl in the Disney movie "The Sword in the Stone"


Silk Spectre II

"I'm used to going out at 3 A.M. and doing something stupid."

Her real name is Laurie Juspeczyk, daughter of the first Silk Spectre Sally Jupiter. Her mother wanted her to be a crimefigher too so she fought crime years ago. She also possesses good fighting skills. In the story, she and Nite Owl has a relationship.



Another vigilante who often wears a private detective outfit. He also wears a mask which changes patterns as it resembles an ink blot used in psychological tests. In the graphic novel, he is described to be ruthless and extreme in his actions where he often tries to hurt someone while getting information.

Rorschach is a skilled fighter. He also good in making improvised weapons where even the available resources can be used as a weapon to defend himself.

Dr. Manhattan
Dr. Manhattan

Doctor Manhattan

They call me "Doctor Manhattan". They explain the name has been chosen for the ominous associations it will raise in America's enemies. They are shaping me into something gaudy. Something lethal.

A physicist who turned into a glowing blue-skinned being after he was accidentally disintegrated on a Field Subtractor (similar to a giant microwave oven). After a few months, he gained his consciousness and reconstructed himself again. This also led him to serve the government because of his superpowers.

He's very powerful that he almost has no weakness. Being able to disintegrate a person he sees, which made him an effective unit during the Vietnam wars. He can also teleport to anywhere, multiply himself, grow and shrink, and even see the past and future.



Known as the smartest man in the world, Ozymandias is a retired superhero who still wishes to save the world. But his ideas are even thought to be dangerous.

He is a good gymnast and also possesses good and quick fighting skills. He is also able to use 100% of his brain, which makes him very smart.

His personality is quite contrast to that of Rorschach making the two as somehow symbolizing two different ideologies

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    • profile image

      JoshK47 5 years ago

      Awesome lens - love the Watchmen! :)

    • jethrosas profile image

      Jethro 5 years ago from Philippines

      Another lens from a great lensmaster. Nice lens you have. :)