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Get Excellent Quality Backlinks for My Articles

Updated on December 19, 2017
smcopywrite profile image

It is wonderful to investigate, gain knowledge and know how before making major decisions in life. Knowledge is power.

Do back links really increase traffic or the number of visitors reading a particular piece of content?

Improving the flow of traffic to a website or blog is a continuous process every website owner or blogger works extremely hard to achieve. This is a constant process. This is performed using a number of different methods depending on the material as well as the writer. More importantly the type of content related to what is being written about is a large component of what route is taken to make this take place.

Why do it?

One of the best plans of action to put in a type of connection to click on as perusing an article. The drive is to make a visitor move from one article to another with the intent of getting something more. A writer has the job of making a reader feel a trip to a link page was well worth it. Visitors are seeking out more knowledge and know how with a click.

What a writer expects to gain

The time spent or invested reading something besides the original piece must be capable of adding value in some way to the encounter. This is the ultimate goal. The perfect scenario means the trip takes place after completing the current article and a reader walks away with a two for one deal just by reading the original material. For writers the accomplishment is quality work reinforced by an increase in revenue and getting a visitor it something worthwhile.

There are two kinds of traffic gravitating toward work. Those people specifically searching it out and others who stumble across it. Getting links set up is a wonderful way to increase both.

Giving more than a single piece of work

When people find articles displaying impressive work along with being transported via a link to even more informative material there is an increased likelihood of returning for more.

This is the ideal situation when everything goes well. Gaining readers in this manner builds a more lasting dedicated source of income in this particular kind of profession. It promises to be the beginnings of an audience.

Gaining a community

There is a commitment to an author, blog or site on a regular basis.This is defined as a community or audience. The larger the number of people seeing an article the better the prospect of getting one started. An increase is also seen in the form of a bigger paycheck.

It makes a difference whether or not a link is notable in a good way versus simply a waste of a reader's valuable time. Assure a connection adds knowledge to the reader's experience. This is the only reason for moving from one to another.

Time is a precious commodity to writers and readers as well. Both are depending on the content creator to make the right choice on which articles are tied to one another.

Why the time is well spent

Search engines are responsible for putting the best material in a highest to lowest ranking when displaying pages. These are articles related to words or phrases entered into the search engine box.

After perusing what is put forth a reader decides which one best suits the immediate need of what is being sought out. A single choice is made, but with the logical page connections there is more than one benefit when reading that particular page..

There is a numerical sequence to arranging pages for viewing. An algorithm is developed for use. Each one specific to the search engine being used. Part of the formula used by search engines uses factors in the where linked pages fall as well.

Higher page ranking

Numerical rank goes from highest to lowest. First to last. First shown are the cream of the crop. Any writer is proud to attach these to personal content published on the web. Superior work done by both parties gives two authors a better chance of pulling up in the display pages. Both stand to gain more readers.

Key components combine expertise and knowledge

Readers are searching for more information or know how. Getting the basics out there is okay, but not enough in most cases. Expertise and knowledge is vital. Finding out more or knowing more than originally thought or understood before getting to the subject matter makes a difference. Offering this characteristic is memorable for most folks. Though, Even going above and being this is a good idea. Any sort of extra value added is one of the greatest goals to keep in mind.

Avoid going overboard with material

There are websites loaded with professionals who have taken the time to join related articles carrying more substantial resources. By putting a stamp of approval on these with a link, it permits a more stream line piece.

Even with less there is more when one or two other authors point of view or expertise is connected. The demand is there. Contribute a supply to meet it satisfactorily and things fall easily into place.

Take advantage of those who know more

There are sites with resources of hundreds of writers researching and building articles around a person, place or thing. Most of the individuals are hired on an as needed basis. It is unheard of to make only personal material available for this type of benefit.

A call to employ freelancers with the right resume is not unheard of by big business chasing this same idea. Professionals or editors review what is wrote before publication.

How it typically works

Time is invested to it in the form of adding or removing what is needed to make the raw piece better. The average author has not even a percentage of money, staff or time like big boy companies working around the web. Therefore, this method is not an option.Though, there are other choices.

There are terrific individuals with capabilities on the same level as those folks hired by a well known company or website. There is work for the little guy on the same level of quality.

The overall work is simplified for the small business professional or individual looking to hire someone to perform this type of work. Simple means easier, much less cumbersome and not too overwhelming.

Simply getting more significant or noteworthy details about expressions or terms in the original article is enough in most cases. Besides, readers admit the average person writes in a way easier to follow and understand versus the professional saying the same thing.

It is hard work but worthy when done correctly. One of the easiest ways to make certain this circle completes the track is to imagine someone using quality back links from your work to connect to their personal articles.

Grow traffic

An excellent attachment to worthy pieces of substance are is really one of the largest sources of increasing organic traffic. Leaving visitors satisfied means each one left with something extra. There was more given than expected. When done satisfactorily each person is more than okay after reading a writer's stuff.

Countless folks imagine the additional surprise is in the form of education or know how. Though, there are those bits and pieces of something else from joining one or more wonderful sources of material to one another that gives more. In the end it comes out close to perfection of what a reader is seeking out. Standing alone there is a rating of average for one or the other. Maybe even a little above the bar, but put them together and something incredible takes place..

Getting more than he/she bargained for is designed to increase the chance of an individual returning to a site, blog or specific writer. Customers who make a return visit are likely to purchase a service or product more than once. An audience is built along with a steady income stream.

These are more than a few of the benefits gained for each and every article joined to others items of similar substance. Following at least a couple of these suggestions puts any subject matter in a more positive light. It means working smarter instead of harder.

One hand washes the other

Sites or blogs with more than one person contributing work characteristically has several dozen or more building up content. This means a large field of experts to select from when it comes to looking over specific details and other features used to add something to an article.

Abilities are wide and varying with more worth and expertise to share due to education or experience. This does not make other articles less informative.

The general idea is while linking articles it gives no one writer more benefits than the other. The only single sufferer is anyone with less than fantastic quality work posted. Those serious and respected because of the excellence invested are rewarded with related links.

More than one outlook on a subject

Bonding one item to another is a brilliant notion on yet another level. Different viewpoints and outlooks are appreciated. Additionally, the amount of substance is increased tenfold on some points simply because of the addition of ten or twenty writers versus one.

A reciprocal arrangement makes money for both parties concerned. There are websites who have asked for another's work in the form of guest writing and other forms of postings outside of the normal form of back linking.

The overall goal is connecting impressive work

Communities want members with one goal in mind, giving up a wonderful reading experience. Actions are put in place to help build a bigger community following with stronger ties to one another. A confirmation of feeling satisfied with getting what is needed out of the work is confirmed.

Get a pat on the back from other freelancers

Countless writers become more conscious of what is popular and what is not. Knowing this info gets them ahead of the pack. A consideration is made as to whether or not another expert in the field or a fellow member of the site sees an item as beneficial enough to bond with. Great work is rewarded with an increased number of articles tied to a specific author. It is a pat on the back from fellow professionals.

This is an ideal situation for all associated with the site, including owners, if working successfully as intended. A push for higher quality work is put into place and adhered to by everyone. The editors even have an easier time of it when each person tied to the community regard quality as the norm and not the exception.

More visitors, customers and clients for everyone

Cultivating more audience members comes from uniting material and giving those same groups of people a larger and better variety of written sources. The better the work the more visitors or readers. These quickly become customers or clients when tuning into ideas and facts which satisfy.

The only thing better than one single article which expands and educates everyone touching, is discovering it has links to several more pieces just as worthy. Time is valuable to everyone. Spending it on substance that matters is a sensible choice most will repeat if given the choice.

There are other places to link up articles. These are not as great as a community, site or blog. Though, when given the chance or time permits it is worth investigating to see if these are useful.

How about analyzing social networks for making some difficult decisions? This is a remarkably serious book on the subject from Amazon

Select impressive work for profitable connections

Consider all of the ways one piece of information connects to another in useful and exciting ways for a reader.
Consider all of the ways one piece of information connects to another in useful and exciting ways for a reader. | Source

Conclusions and Summary

Information is key for every good thing ever created. This includes the suggestions outlined here. Take away what works on an individual basis and tweak it to work as a personal advantage. Any well written piece of work gets ahead with the right link. Associating splendid pieces with one another is certainly an extremely easy way to increase the value of any individual work.

Getting something more out of them

Countless folks discover within a given niche exists more than a few impressive authors. The brilliant ones inside of a niche are easy to recognize. Lots of articles are sent through each and every article published. Each one denotes another reader referred from another writer. The more the merrier.

There is a lot to be learned from sites and blogs falling into this category. Peruse what is given up to material tied in to the articles. Wander around the site. Get ideas and pointers on creating better material.

More gains

These also happen to be a place to discover out of the box ideas or different viewpoints for future personal work.Become the site where others desire to drive readers toward.

Part of developing into a better professional is reading and uncovering quality even if it doesn't have a personal byline. The reader is the priority and relating something extra each time a person touches an amazing writer's creation. This includes those creations by others which improve any material.

The business of supply and demand determines where to set up shop.

Economics dictates the business of supplying or meeting demands of consumers net enormous profits in the end. Persons capable of meeting what a client requires with a flourish of impressive materials will jump ahead of the rest when it comes to making money.

There is a similar structure tied to links or connections among articles. Researching and uncovering the best ones are worth the effort. Instead of an individual visiting a page a single time, there is a tendency to return for more of the good stuff. Everyone likes to repeat a positive experience.

Measuring the popularity of a site is not a necessity.

One of the methods previously used on the web to measure the reputation or how well liked a site had become was the total number of articles connected to it. How many existed was held by search engines around the web and accessible to any webmaster. It certainly helped in knowing which article to hitch up with or turn away from. This is no longer true.

The amount is not as important as the quality of the work found from one page to the next. Taking excellent material with the power to give a reader more expertise, education or info than expected is the focus. This is the formula every good writer uses when considering where to put work when faced with more than one choice.

The best one is always where the advantage goes to the reader. No site ever starts out on the top. There is a climb to the top.

When the mind is overtaxed, there is a tendency to go blank. Let things rest when weary and pick it up later when refreshed and revived.

When the ind is in wonderful shape so is the work put into the articles connected with one another.
When the ind is in wonderful shape so is the work put into the articles connected with one another.
Disjointed articles are a waste of time. Time is precious to everyone.
Disjointed articles are a waste of time. Time is precious to everyone.

There is always more for anything being discussed. The trick is finding it.

The objective is to establish connections worth the reader's time. Those with merit and benefit are where to look for a great link up. Both articles receive mutual advantages.

A single author is not the norm

Older pieces of work on the web are capable of bringing together items originally published on different formats by the same person. For instance, while one is on a blog another is discovered on a writing site or even Twitter.

A single author owning all of the work is not the norm, but exceptions do exist.

Two authors is best

There is certainly a personal benefit in seeing material by the same individual in concert with this kind of practice, but this is not the wave of the future. Join things of high quality, composed by two different writers. This works out best.

Readers have a desire to see what others have to offer on the same subject. Both are beneficial in some way if the job is done correctly. There is a compliment to one another.

A great piece of work warrants clicking on a link and moving to another place on the web with anticipation. Using this train of thought in decision making in the long run works to see search engines devise a higher ranking without even trying.

Difficult not to be selfish

The question is whether there are self centered reasons more than a few writers look only for personal work to expose a reader to. Personal sites or blogs are sometimes listed as exceptions if there is truly a pay off to the material.

More than a few sites see any kind of links to the same writer's material as altruistic, regardless if beneficial or not. Read over the editor rules and regulations before making a decision as to whether or not to use another writer each and every time on purpose.

There are exceptions to the rule

In uncommon cases there are only one or two pieces with enough expertise to warrant a connection. These are generally infrequent, but are dependent upon what material is being covered. An odd of singular type of subject matter is designed specifically to get higher page ranking because there is less competition.

Less competitors means fewer articles on the same material. Unique or unusual kinds of matches are bound to have less professionals or info available. For those atypical types of things, build a blog or join niche where there is more readers than articles offered.

There is no choice but to bring together to pieces from the same writes when the pickings are few or scarce.

A miscommunication or unrelated material tied to one another is not useful. It makes an article unprofessional and loses the interest of a potential audience m

Google has developed a tool to check an article for back links. Check it out.

If yoga is the expertise, create content based on this piece of subject matter and expand upon it with other writer's work. .

Remember those folks looking over a writer's page need to be impressed. The competition is stiff for customers or clients, The goal is getting them to return a second or even third time. Advertisers are also interested in where the clients are coming and going. Both are vehicles to increase income over and over again on the same material.

There is no limit to the number of articles capable of being connected. Though, bringing together more quality than quantity is the best avenue to take.

Depending on where something is published accounts for different ways to link things. Platforms used to publish work have procedures in place when it comes to this process. In fact, there is typically a limit or guideline making it easy to know the maximum amount of articles to connect as well as a proven method which benefits everyone.

For instance, it is possible for one 3000 word article to have 300 links. However, it is reasonable to assume no one reader is willing to click on 300. Additionally, are these added pieces really benefiting the experience or expertise? The likelihood is no.

One or two is the average and seen as able to give some sort of advantage when reading a piece of work. Search engines not only look at quality of work connections, but the quantity as well. More is not merrier. In fact, too many puts a damper on where an author finds their work when it comes to being displayed.

Where to find some of the best links

Niche forums

Every subject matter has a niche. Along with articles and blogs based on a specific topic forums are created as well. These are places designed for people to get together to network or discuss issues or concerns with one another on the same topic.

There are general rules to follow, but there is a more relaxed atmosphere than found in articles or posts written from different viewpoints or in response to one another. The answers/questions for the most part are short and sweet. A paragraph generally gets the point across.

Members joining forums related to a specific topic or writing niche benefit in more ways than one. One of the most appealing is getting together with "like minds" to talk about things of interest in a specific dedicated arena. The opportunity to learn new and current goings on is enormous.

Conversations are around a variety of things such as; the latest material or technology on a theme, customer complaints, readers thoughts and ideas along with what others in the niche are working on.

Expansion inside of a niche

An exchange of ideas is great, but there are times when a link or two are also exchanged to add something more to a chat. More than a few in a discussion request them to verify info or find out more since the space is very limited for questions and response.

When making a point or a particular focus on subject matter it is logical to add more. The writer adds valuable material as well as a URL location to connect to it. These are typically where tons of these sorts of examples are located.

These sorts of places are more popular for rerouting others than the average site or blog. Reinforcing a point is a sure way for one of these to show up during discussions. These also add credibility in countless cases to a point of interest.

Only put one in to give something more to a discussion. Do not simply insert whenever and for whatever reason. These are ranked by search engines as well. The higher page rank of a forum the better benefit is gained from inserting it. Those full of spam hurt more than help.

Social Bookmarking arenas

Social networking on a different level includes putting in a couple of these types of things. Everyone understands the main purpose of these is to put not only info together, but people as well.

More than a few if not all of the major ones see this practice. Although, the links are more on pics and other short videos versus an article type forum. There are specific ones designed with this in mind.

Not all are the same but most are beneficial

For instance, Pinterest is designed to share images while others are explicitly crafted to share written content personally developed and published around the web. Writers generally pick up with a personal site or blog in these instances. Though, there are writing sites designed to automate the process of feeding content into the social network simultaneously upon publication to the site.

Those who allow a short description of an individual's material, possibly an image or two along with a back link to personal articles are extremely attractive. Use these to benefit all sorts of articles. There are more than a few folks who see these as time savers as well as the "lucky" link.

Time is not on a writer's side when it comes to working the extras such as social networking sites. A page ranking of a site is relevant and helps to manage time constraints is a wonderful investment. An excellent example is Twitter.

Other article writing sites

Most folks belong to more than one community of publishing platforms. This makes it possible to increase passive income. Depending on the site there is the capability to link both ways. Rules or restrictions in place spell out what is permitted when it comes to this practice.

Most admit smaller sites enjoy the benefit of the weight most search engines put on older more experienced ones. This means the benefits are not evenly weighed when it comes to connections.

This is not all bad. In fact, the more established or older ones enjoying higher page ranks are bringing more juice for smaller or much newer sites with links into it. This does not have to be a one way street. There are times when a larger older one wants to see the newbie articles in place with older ones.

An older one generally owns material which has been out on the web longer. Without updates or changes it contains irrelevant or misleading material in some cases. Readers running into this learn to distrust or search for a new place to put personal trust into when it comes to education or expertise. Younger sites with newer articles benefit in this regard.

© 2011 smcopywrite


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    • Highvoltagewriter profile image

      William Benner 7 years ago from Savannah GA.

      good stuff, I will be using some of this info! Thanks!

    • Deborah-Diane profile image

      Deborah-Diane 7 years ago from Orange County, California

      Great information about some of the many ways that people can get quality backlinks to their sites.


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