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Gone are the days...

Updated on July 1, 2017

The World when we realize.

High Time for Self realization of every Global Citizen!
High Time for Self realization of every Global Citizen! | Source

The World where we live: Are we Honest enough to ourselves?

Itsy Bitsy hearts do we have?

Gone are the days of respect and love,

People are busy building castles to show.

Gone are the days of sharing happiness and sorrow,

People are busy saving money for tomorrow.

Gone are the days of family time,

People are now busy nine to nine.

Gone are the days of post cards and well being letters,

People are busy with debit cards and increment letters.

Gone are the days of brotherhood, helping needy on time,

Oh! People are busy in parlors, saloons, to flirt someone's mind.

Gone are the days of truth and honesty,

Now Successive liars, believe in modesty.

Gone are the days where money was for bread and butter,

Now busy searching potlucks and freebies,have only to party liquor.

Gone are the days of balanced diet,

Now we have burger, pizza to delight.

Gone are the days of healthy long life,

People are busy counting coins,

one day husband runs to the doctor,

the other day child or wife.

Gone are the days of God fearing,

Now God is a business, no belief in karma theory,

just live to the fullest, a life of luxury.

Gone are the days, people provided shelter for the needy,

People are busy building gates so high and dogs inside to shoo the needy.

Gone are the days, 'GOD IS GREAT', Poor are still dying of hunger, no shelter,

While rich is busy jamming roads with giant cars and yes they do litter.

One Poor chap still searching for a meal at 12 in the night,

Luxurian returning home having all three diets,

At the cost of which hundred poor could delight.

Yes the world has developed a lot, and that is what we hear,

Unless the poor reads and feeds, and has values to hear,

No matter how developed are we or our country,

We have never been humans here,

For neither had time to share ones sorrow, or poverty,

nor did we realize our responsibility to serve and to care.

Being Solitude sometimes gives us time to study where we are

Effective Solitude thinking.
Effective Solitude thinking. | Source


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