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We need Answers.

Updated on September 30, 2017

It is funny that we so easily say “I Love You” then we get married. However, some of the marriage soon ends in divorce. It is unfair for us to love so much and yet we regret ever getting married.

Those who believe there is no God and think the world is evil should believe in true love and the golden rule. God may not mind if a man does not believe in him, after all, God is love. We will be healed by the love we have for one another.

But if there is God and we think that there is much evil is in the world then it means most people believe in a good God, but only a few people have a direct personal relationship with a good God. It is because if all those who believe in God should do his desire, then the world will be a lot better.

We all seem very determined to teach our various truths. We may be sure of our different facts. However, I am more certain that “it would be impossible for real love to go to hell. No!! Love can’t go to hell.”

You and I may not agree with all the concepts, yet it is better that we do not become enemies. That is one of the beauties the world failed to understand. If you have read my book, “It is Time we truly know why Jesus wept”, then it is possible that we have some areas of common interest. For that reason, I am aware that some countries deny women their right. Some people are still fighting for equity in such countries. I want them to know that, in the beginning, it was so in virtually all settings.

Even a great Nation like the USA, founded on liberty, once denied women some individual rights. But today women enjoy greater equity in the USA. Thus, in all aspects of life, we have failed to learn from history. I am afraid we may never learn. We must continue to try and bring the changes we desire. There is hope for those who trust they shall get there someday.

Therefore the answers we seek are with us. We are the cause of our problems. Love fails because we do not manage to love rightly. The world is evil because of the acts of men. We do not manage to learn from past mistakes in human history. If we love correctly and do the right thing, then it will last forever in all our relationships.

Justice is for all.


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    • davidkaluge profile image

      davidkaluge 8 years ago

      If there is God and If we think that much evil is in the world. Then , it means most people belief in a good God but only few people have a direct personal relationship with a good God

    • davidkaluge profile image

      davidkaluge 8 years ago

      It is funny that we say ' I Love you " and get married but some after most of it end in divorce. That is why I have in mind to write a book on why it is so. For now I do not know if I would write because of the cause I have at hand yet I would try. Because it is unfair for us to love so much and yet regret that we ever got married