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A West Point Wooing | Short Story | Victorian Romance | by Clara Louise Burnham

Updated on October 5, 2013

A West Point Wooing ~ A Victorian Romance Short Story by Clara Louise Burnham

Miss Sally Elliot, a kindergarten teacher of modest means living with her mother, accepts an invitation to holiday at West Point. Underestimating her own worth as the object of affection of more than one West Point man, she protects herself by withdrawing and holding these men at a well-defined distance. Too afraid and unwilling to explore the true feelings of her own heart, she has managed to also keep that at a distance, especially from herself. Will she realize her true feelings in time?

A delightful Victorian Romance short story that bears deeper reflection as you realize this story isn't taking the expected turn of events. You might not be able to predict the true winner of Miss Elliot's heart in A West Point Wooing.

Mild surprise and doubt giving place to recognition

Mild surprise and doubt giving place to recognition
Mild surprise and doubt giving place to recognition

Because I like him. I've always liked him.

"Because I like him. I've always liked him.

Why, I have held him in my lap lots of times."

Wayne looked a second, then remarked:

"Odd taste, that."

"And I want you to befriend him."

"You want me to hold him in my lap?"

Miss Elliott was evidently engrossed in reminiscence.

"When he was a few months old," her voice

lowered even from its subdued murmur, "I distinctly remember that once I dropped him on the

floor; but I was only six."

A delightful Victorian Romance awaits you. Read A West Point Wooing.

I was informed that you are engaged to Mr. Wayne

"You see, Miss Elliott," said Paxton, "I'm afraid if we don't get you for an officers' hop this fall we never shall -- that is, not in my time. I was credibly informed last night" the lieutenant lowered his voice, and his face became grave and respectful "that you are engaged to Mr. Wayne."

The wondering eyes regarding him remained no less mischievous.

"'Credibly informed'? Dear me, Mr. Paxton, you frighten me. In these dangerously advanced days, when nobody knows when she may be hypnotized, or her astral body be lured off in an uncanny manner, one can never tell what may not have happened in some moment of unconsciousness."

"I see you don't wish to admit it, if the report is true," said the lieutenant stiffly. " Forgive


Sally smiled demurely.

"I have nothing to forgive, indeed, and I wish -- I do wish I could come to your hop, Mr. Paxton."

A West Point Wooing

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