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what a love we have

Updated on December 22, 2011

Your love is...

Just think about it
Where would I be without you
And your love. 
It's like cancer when it enters 
Attacking my center 
Taking me over, leaving me open 
Though I need no cure 
Even blind eyes could see
What you mean to me 
Its crazy insane 
But makes perfect sense... 
The sun couldnt hold a candle to
Nor could anything make me abandon you
No reward like seeing you face
Your lips pressing mines 
With my hands on your waist 
Love and then more it
Goes deeper then i can think of. 
Even in my dreams i can feel it 
Too much to take in at once 
My heart doesnt beat the same as it before
Now it beats for two me and you, 
Or you and I if you want to be proper
Roof tops couldnt surpress it
Locks on doors couldnt keep it out 
Closed windows cant conseal it 
An Xray wouldnt revile it
Cause this love is crazy good crazy strong
You know I am in for the long haul yes crazy long... 
Love is what i have for you always and forever 
God says you two are meant to be 
Just waiting for the day that you and i become "WE" 


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    • shervs336 profile image

      shervs336 6 years ago from Olongapo City, Philippines

      Your poem is interesting and I love the way you use "We" at the end. I won't criticize your work because it is who you are. You have your own style and I think that's how good writers separates his/her self from other writers.

    • jhamann profile image

      Jamie Lee Hamann 6 years ago from Reno NV

      When the you and I become "We" that is when the magic starts, at least between me and my wife. I would suggest playing around with your metaphor, see where it takes you. Jamie