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what are online jobs and how it works

Updated on April 18, 2016

What are online jobs and how it work

Online jobs are the jobs which an employer offers job online and the employee works online and salaries also paid online to the workers. Now a days online are very popular people are interesting to work online because most of the the online job are free to join without investment. The salaries will be paid in dollar to the workers so to work online you should have a valid paypal account if you don't have you can sign up at in just few minutes and you must be at least 18 years above for eligible to haLve your own paypal account. Those sites send your earning through paypal in their own currency and paypal will convert and transfer to your own personal bank account in your own currency of your residing country. The employer have their own websites and they provides various jobs to the people and the people join their job for free and get paid regularly.

Here are the list of some trusted online jobs

1. Paid To Click or PTC jobs:
This is a job which people get paid to read ads. In a day they will give 16/24 ads to read and they will pay you 20/30 cent each ads you click or read.
Here are some tursted PTC Sites
1) Clixsense
2) Neobux
3) Grandbux

2 Emails Reading Jobs:
These jobs offer you to read emails. They will send paid emails in your inbox email or gmail but some sites do not send you to your inbox but you have to login your account in their sites everyday to read their emails. They will pay you 5/26 cent each email you read.
Here are some sites which offering emails reading jobs,
1) Emailcashpro
2) Paisalive
3) Matrixmails

3 Paid To Promote or PTP jobs:
This is a job which you have to promote your links or banners gave it to you, you have to promote in order to get paid. When people click your link or banners you will get poins and those poins will convert to money, they will pay you $1,00 for 1000 people click.
Here are some PTP trusted sites
1) AdsPtp
2) PTP24
3) FramePTP

4. Affilate Marketing:
This is a job which pay you and give commission to sell their items. They will give you a link when people buy those goods through your link you will get paid. What items are you going to sell and how much, they will pay you for helping them and promote their business,
You can be an affilate of
1) Amazon
2) ebay
3) Flipkart

5. Writing Stories:
If you are good in writing stories or event you can sell to the websites and you will get paid for it if they approve your stories.
You can sell on
1) ebay
2) Amazon
3) Yourstoryclub

6 Freelancher Jobs:
This is a job which you can do some micro jobs like filling forms, write content, writing complain, Data entry jobs etc, you will get paid according of your works and you must have typing speed to do these jobs.
Freelancher sites are,
1) Upwork
2) Toptal
3) Elance

7 Teach Online:
If you good at teaching you can teach online and be a teacher for student online and get paid.
Here are some sites which you can be a teacher online,
1) WizLQ
2) Much Enough
3 Learningfy

8. Survey Jobs:
Companies offers you a job to do some survey and complete some task you have to complete those task within a time given to you and if you pass you will earn $1,20 /$2,00 each survey you complete.
Here are some survey sites,
1) My Survey
2) Swagbucks
3) Vindale Research

9. Playing Games:
When you play games online also you will get paid but there are some games you have to purchase in order to play. You will earn by poins and those poins will convert to money.
1) GSN
2) CashDazzle
3) LalaLoot

10. Writing articles:
If you are good in writing skills you can write articles and get paid for it. You don't need to be perfect but your list must be interest to the readers
You can write for
1) Listverse
2) Hubpage
3) Iwriter

You might have supprise why this sites offers jobs for free, the reason is all the websites have this PPC (Per Paid Click) once you click in their sites or visit they will earn money the more people click their sites the more they will earn.


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