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Lesson Five: What If The Girl Has A Boyfriend?

Updated on May 5, 2010

Sometimes when you are trying to pick up a girl, a bad thing happens.

This bad thing is called a boyfriend.

He may suddenly appear while you are laying some suave moves on the girl, or he may be waiting back at the girl's place.

In either case, he will surely: a. Threaten to strike you with a hard object; b. Strike you with a hard object.

You will not enjoy the experience.

There are two ways you can react: 1. Like John Wayne would react. 2. Like I would react.

What Would Chuck Norris Do?

If some hugely muscled, foul-breathed, bad-tempered boyfriend told Chuck Norris to get lost or get killed, Chuck would:

1. Put the boyfriend into orbit.

2. Jump up and down on the boyfriend's face, then put him into orbit.

3. First apologize to the girl, then jump up and down on the boyfriend's face and put him into orbit.

4. Try to be philosophical about it.

You may feel that to defend the honor of your manhood, you ought to do one of these things, too. So be it. Or you may want to do what I would do.

What Would I Do?

If some hugely-muscled, foul-breathed, bad-tempered boyfriend told me to get lost or get killed, I would:

1. Get lost.

2. Apologize like hell, then get lost.

3. Grovel, apologize like hell, then get lost.

4. Hit him when he wasn't looking.

And Thus Concludes Lesson Five

We are now half way through our ten part lesson which teaches a young lad how to be a Gentleman when he pursues the young lasses.

Next we learn: Ten Things You Should Never Say On Your First Date.

Here are the previous four lessons in case you missed them:

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