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What Lies Within You

Updated on November 17, 2015

You Only Live Once.

You Only Live Once, But If You Do It Correctly, Once Is Enough. So YOLO but don't forget that there is greatness within you. Don't sit on it waiting for the sun to come up, wishing upon a lucky star, praying that your chance will finally come. At this moment are you even sure that, what you are doing is the right thing or are you just kind of hoping you land the part? What minimal actions are you taking towards that Grand Finale? Who Are You? What Lies Within You.? I know for sure I still want to know more, you don't want to miss out, this as much a learning experience for me as it is for you so read on, if not... Your choice



As I sat down, getting rid of what was within me:- Chinese takeout, I couldn't help but consider that as I was gobbling down chunks of Fried rice, Crab-Rangoon and some Boneless Ribs, what was so delicious and mouth watery at the time what's the SECRET?...anyways it got me thinking which is ironic but in life, what do we really value the most? If we knew the greatness and potential that was within us, the videos beneath are a mere suggestion of what is out there, phenomenal artists with spectacular talents but do you think the guy juggling champagne bottles limited himself to the surrounding he was in, or the Violinists what if they had taken their race into consideration and let it stop them? A wise man once said 'Greatness is not this wonderful, esoteric, elusive, godlike feature that only the special among us will ever taste, it's something that truly exists in all of us.' - Will Smith.

We are as limited as our own thoughts allow us to be, so you sit down there and you say yes, this does make sense but I can't do anything, my parents won't allow me, or I have kids now, or it's just too late,,, that negative attrition, that's holding you back, yesterday, I witnessed my father at the age of 50 with 2kids, graduate college and it was a huge milestone, because it wasn't easy for him, with work and a 16 year old aspiring soccer player(Lil bro),bills, education and to top it all off his own personal life with my lovely mom, call it what you may but it took determination, guts, willingness to commit not to forget me... I know of a producer, well before he became what he is now, he had just graduated high school and his parents were all up on his case about getting a job and yes he did apply to all the places he could possibly think of, but none of the firms seemed to call him for interviews but his passion was always in making and producing videos, he would sit down and watch movies all day until his friend one day gave him a camera and that turned into a co-operation that today although busy can still allow him to sit down and watch movies as he edits them.

As we step into his office, you can tell he is a man on a mission, with a vision and consistency, sticking to what he wanted and not letting anybody or better yet himself, talk him out of what he had always dreamed of. I got the chance to sit down and ask what would make him stay in the office from Monday through Wednesday and not get tired or start stressing, he looked me dead in the eyeballs with a smile plastered on his face mind you in his late 20's and said 'Passion my Young Friend'. which at the moment got me confused but he later got to clarify what he meant, we all have a passion for something regardless of where we are in life, at some point in time be it when you were a little kid and wanted to be superman, an officer, cat woman, A lawyer, Musician, or just wanted to be like Dad and Mom..

We all had that one fantasy, that one thing we so dreadfully wish we had taken the time to nurture and let grow, minding others with kids now and have manifested the idea of building and going towards their dreams in them, we cant stop but think, what could have been.? To my fellow young adult friends out there, we are the only x-factors, do not let some pathetic low self-esteemed person, tell you that it is impossible because if we take a deeper meaning within that word, it means I Am POSSIBLE, I Am CAPABLE, I Am WORTH IT Heck, I Can DO IT, the "Secret" is simply YOU. I was the one who chose takeout food. So enough of reading this aha although thank you for getting this far but I need you now to get up, go into that closet, pick up that guitar your friends said you couldn't play, grab that ball the coach told you, you can't be a part of. That poem or story you wrote but now is all wrapped up in the trash, Share a Joke, do whatever you need to get you happy.. Oh and one final thing look in the MIRROR and SMILE because in that moment, (GREATNESS) that's what LIES WITHIN YOU.

Find the best motivational, life books and get a copy. Mine a book entitled Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill changed my way of not only thinking but also putting certain attributes into the right perspective. If you haven't got your hand on this copy, I would say do so and many more others provided on the links below. We live in a age whereby information is vital but knowledge is paramount. do not be ignorant to the substantial capability of truly, What lies within you.

This Is Our Land - EPIC

Lost For Words.! I listen to Eric Thomas At least every day, his story from when he started till where he is now When You Want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe...

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You being to smooth...When you take care of something good



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Life is too short you never know what can happen

You can't spend your whole lifetime taking into consideration what others think of you. When are you ever going to have time for yourself?

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