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What Makes a Properly Written User Manual Important?

Updated on February 25, 2016
User manuals should be written correctly to provide exhaustive information about products
User manuals should be written correctly to provide exhaustive information about products

What is the very first thing you do when you buy a new TV set, a microwave oven or any other home appliance? The answer to this question will be, probably, the same: prior to using a new device, the prevailing amount of customers carefully study the user manual to find out more about the product they have just purchased. This is the right decision, because if you don’t study the manual, you face the increased risk to break the appliance or get injured yourself. What you should know to avoid these problems is that a user manual should be written correctly. Why is this issue important? Let’s find that out below.

What is a User Manual?

A user manual is a document, which always comes with a product and enlists the most vital characteristics, description and application guidelines of this product. The document also informs customers about the potential dangers associated with the inappropriate usage of a product, the way it should be applied correctly and the precaution measures a user should follow in order to get the most out of the product’s usage. That is exactly why each customer should carefully study this document, even if he/she believes that he/she knows everything about it. The thing is that one and the same home appliance, for example, may feature diverse characteristics, which affect its usage and maintenance. It does not really matter whether you are going to opt for a vacuum cleaner, a washing machine, a digital camera or any other product, the usage of which seems quite easy, the device may still differ depending on a manufacturer. With that said, it definitely makes sense to look through the manual before using the appliance. Just make sure the user manual you have at your disposal is written correctly.

User manuals help save customers' time and prevent the unwanted problems
User manuals help save customers' time and prevent the unwanted problems

What Are the Benefits of a Properly Written User Manual?

All electronic devices differ from each other. And so do the user manuals. Some of them involve a few pages only and don’t provide the exhaustive information a user may need. Other manuals, on the contrary, look like real “books” with dozens of pages written in several languages and detailed guidelines on how to use the product properly. Some of the benefits of a correctly written manual are:

  • Limited Liability of a Manufacturer in Case of an Accident

If a user manual is written correctly, providing all the required product information, precautions and warnings, it will limit the legal liability of a manufacturer, protecting the company from serious consequences. This especially concerns those appliances and products, which pose danger to human health and life. These include high voltage appliances, powerful light sources, fire generators, heating devices, technical equipment, batteries, mechanical tools and what not. Apart from user manuals, these products should also come with special warning tags.

  • Time Saving Option

Products that come with detailed and informative user manuals help save the time and effort of customers and sellers. Customers will not have to waste hours looking for the info they need on the web, while sellers will not face the necessity to consult their clients answering the same questions time after time. Instead, they will be able to serve more customers, making them satisfied with the level of servicing and quality of products offered.

  • Improves the Image and Reputability of a Manufacturer

Credible and trustworthy manufacturers always take care of their clients and try to do everything possible to cater to all their needs and requirements. Properly written technical documentation that comes with a product is the major proof of this fact. Those manufacturers, which respect their customers and consider their time a priority, will not make them feel confused or stressed just because they don’t understand how to use their products. Instead, they will try their best effort to provide informative user manuals their customers will be able to use in case of necessity.

With lots of home appliances people use every day, it is not easy to keep all the user manuals in one place. Luckily, there are different websites, like, which offer printable manuals absolutely for free. Take your time to find the resource, which will meet your needs and preferences. Good luck!


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